A quiet soul burning inside awakens...
Soul of the Flame
Fire Fox
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Crimson
Hair Color Black
Height -
Blood type O+
Age 22
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation Phoenix(Former), The Party
Weapons Firehawk, Katanas, Firebombs
Species Shapeshifter-Kitsune
Base of Operations Yosai Fortress(Former), The Slums/The Party
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Fire Master of Phoenix
Current Occupation Frontliner of The Party
Abilities Fire Manipulation, Fox Transformation, Explosion Manipulation, Fox Fire
Fighting Style Detonation Style, Wreath of Flames, All Out Blaze, Tactical Takedown, Bust Em' Up, Asian Martial Arts
Partner Kado
Team Phoenix(Former), The Frontliners
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single

Naomi is an ex Phoenix member now allied with The Party and Kado, close friends of the former Dark Slayer. She is a master of fire and is decently skilled in martial arts, though she is usually too soft to fight to the death, much less kill anyone.

Species: Shapeshifter-Yokai(Kitsune)

Her former sword's spirit was Saisei, the Fire Warlord, and currently is Firehawk.

Personality and Appearance

Naomi is a quiet girl with a good heart, but once roused, she reveals a feisty, loud spirit determined to protect those around her, and proves why she was once chosen to wield Fire Slayer.

Naomi has black hair and red eyes, and has a pair of fox ears and five tails, as per her nature as a kitsune. Her fur is black, but the tips of her tails are a pink, almost strawberry color. She wears a black shirt and jacket, with a brown skirt. She is always seen wearing Firehawk on her belt.


She was found when she was very young by White, and taken in to learn how to defend herself after she was bullied for having tails and fox ears by the human village which she was born in. White herself trained her in the martial arts and swordplay that Phoenix is known for, and despite not being the most independent minded member, she made up for it with her unique prowess and proved quite adept. After her private training, she was taken to the rest of the candidates and would live with them. At first she hid her identity, but it was first discovered by Kado when she was busy training in her section. He had been cleaning the rooftops of leaves, and had accidentally seen her in her kitsune form. To her surprise, he only smiled and the next day, had said nothing about her appearance. Because of this, the two became friends, both in some ways the runts of the group. While she eventually became on good terms with the others, they were never as close as she was with Kado.

When Kado disappeared, she was told he had attempted to betray them for power, and they failed to stop him from stealing Fire Slayer. She was brainwashed for a time by this, and was only corrected after a confrontation with Kado. He later brought her to the Party to be safe, after which she and one of their members, Reveryn later formed a relationship.


Fire Slayer - Firehawk

She has a large amount of control over fire, though not as specialized as the other members, but far more potent with fire than Kado.

Fire Emissary

She can create a clone of herself with fire, and at an opportune moment, can detonate it as a ball of fire or an explosion.


She can become a being composed of pure fire, but she must be careful to avoid water or be extinguished and suffer damage, and return to normal.

Fire Bomb

She can detonate large amounts of fire at a specific target, and can amplify the explosion by using anything with flammable materials, like cars.

Fire Immunity

She is immune to all heat and fires, she can even ignore magma for about ten minutes.

Fire Wave

She can create a massive wall of fire, burning everything in her path

Plasma Control

She can create plasma and use it to cut through even the toughest metal.


Kitsune - Tailed Mode

Naomi can take on her tailed form, granting her increased strength, speed, perception, hearing, and smell. She gains five tails and her eyes become orange-red and her pupils turn white, to show her Shapeshifter Heritage.

Kitsune - Full

Naomi can revert into a full Kitsune, becoming even faster and stronger. She can use all of her fire attacks in addition, and even can manage to utilize portions of her martial arts in this form as well.

Fire Phoenix Mode - Locked

Firehawk Mode

Naomi's replacement for Fire Phoenix Mode, she takes the form of a blazing eagle or hawk, of pure fire. The fires are too hot to extinguish with normal water.