Angelius "Nanashi" Divinus
A sage? No, I follow a different path at this point.
Nameless Blade
Disciple of the Universe
The Sage of Graces
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Volmond(Brother), Nanairo(Sister)
Status Alive- Awakening
Eye Color Teal
Hair Color Ivory
Height -
Blood type  ???
Age 10,000+(20 physically)
Weight -
Health Great
Affiliation Phoenix(Former), Atlantis, Self, Trainees
Species  ???(Rapid evolution has created a new species of unknown aspects)
Base of Operations Yosai Fortress(Former), Atlantis
Weapons Azure Calibur "Hoarfrost", Dynamic Bit-Class Armaments, Monjū, Saturnus, Plutonian
Current Occupation Sage, Archknight
Fighting Style Jupiter's Edge, Shamshir
Partner None
Team None
Relatives Volmond, Nanairo
Marital Status Single

Nanashi is a former Lambda class Chaos Engine that was formerly a human with the exceedingly rare ability to to create sigils and draw objects into creation.


Nanashi was born in an unknown time period on Earth, possibly the future do to technological advances. He claims to have been the eldest child of his family and recalls that one of his brothers wanted to be a doctor before an accident...

With his memory fully restored, Nanashi remembers that incident that killed many in his family was perpetrated by one of his younger sisters under the influence of a manipulative figure. He remembers encountering said figure before being pushed down a flight of stairs and seeing the ceiling collapse upon him, but rather than dying he woke up in a blank area. He could not tell how much time had passed while he was in the featureless space, but he eventually came across a sword, old and tarnished. Curiosity overtaking him, Angelius pulled the sword from its resting place, unknowingly binding himself to it before it too vanished. As he continued to walk, he heard a voice, a voice telling him that him then self was but fleeting image in the reflection of his true self, but when he asked for elaboration he was instead presented with the image of a white haired being standing over a wasteland, having cast judgment down on the world. Confused he asked for more information, but the voice would never answer his questions, only state more and more cryptic phrases until he eventually found himself in the present, questions left unanswered.

While in the present, Nanashi made a living with his drawing skills and lived a quiet life. He began to adopt children in order to make their lives easier, something he worked towards diligently. It took him five years to notice that he had stopped externally aging.

Time went by and he let this knowledge seep in as he continued to care for his children. As more and more of them grew up and left his home, he grew more secluded and eventually disappeared from the public eye, only appearing at auctions and occasionally delivering remedies for the townspeople, something he had taken to doing at night to prevent people from growing suspicious of his "true nature". Eventually, this became harder as well, but before anything could be done, the invasion began.

Nanashi doesn't like discussing what happened during the invasion, but he sees it as one of his greatest failures.

Side StoryEdit

Awakening to One's True Self

The journey in which Nanashi learns the truth of himself on one level. His experiences after becoming a Chaos Engine briefly allowed him to realize that his purpose in the world was different, but in being different it required him to have much more strength and resolve than he did before. Thus he took to training himself until one day he chanced upon the First Sage, a man who knew of his true nature and taught him more of the path of sagacity then directed him to teach the path of sagacity to others to further his own understanding. To do this, Angelius chose to activate the Hanging Gardens and create a haven for those who wanted to learn while also keeping them safe. Little did he know that fate was transpiring against him.


Nanashi is rather quiet as of late, thinking more than speaking. He prefers solitude, but doesn't mind company so long as his company does not attempt to attack him. On that note, Nanashi strikes those identified as enemies down without hesitation should he not detect any form of sound or justifiable reason for their actions. Similarly, he will not harm those who do not deserve it, even if they attempt to cause him serious harm, opting to incapacitate them without touching a hair of their heads. He has become harder to read and harder to gauge, making him an enigma to many.


Shinwa DragonclawEdit

Nanashi dislikes White, but does not hate her. Having been freed from her control early on, he has made his opinion known very well. Tat being said he saw her as a benefactor of sorts before his departure and chose to provide some support. After undergoing his journey, Nanashi instead sees her in a more neutral light.


Nanashi wishes his younger brother would finally be true to himself as opposed to locking himself away behind a wall of masks. That being said he knows well why his brother does as he does, having read his memories when they fought.


Nanashi truly loves Abeni, but cannot express that to her, having been tasked to teach his artes to those far outside of her reach and having come to the conclusion that he isn't meant for happiness. Yet he still wishes that someday they'll be able to meet again.


Nanashi has snow white hair and teal eyes. He wears a silver robe with black lining over a silken shirt and jet black pants that taper at the knees. Silver clawed gauntlets adorn his arms and silver greaves with wing motifs adorn his legs. He carries his Azure Calibur across his waist now and wears strange gold bangles of no recognizable origin. He looks around twenty-two now and has a well toned figure as opposed to a nigh androgynous one, but is liable to shift every so often to an ethereal shorter form. Whether or not he has wings or Endless Scales can no longer be seen.


Monad Edit

Nanashi has awakened the ability to interact with souls on even the smallest of scales. This long replaced his ability to create fear in the hearts of many by simply appearing and now off sets his entire being in the perspective of others. On a tiny scale, it can manipulate the actions of others due to subtle attacks on the will and gentle persuasion. At full power, the ability rivals conceptual skills. Additionally, this ability allows him to modify and repair his own soul, making it effectively immortal, but vulnerable if left without a host. Abilities that attack the soul will now backfire when used against him.

Knowledge Consumption Edit

Nanashi can subsist off of knowledge or information rather than food. Due to the way he processes information, overloading his brain is impossible, no matter how much stimuli he receives.

Etheric Knowledge Edit

Nanashi is a holder of a private Ether Network, one that has been nurtured to the point of evolving into an Etheric Compendium, a rare evolutionary route that acts like a spell book of sorts in the way that it categorizes information and allows access to said information. Oddly combat oriented.

E.O.S. Compendium: Yggdra Edit

Geomancy Edit

Nanashi is in tune with the elements to the extent that they move at his behest. Rather than using this offensively or defensively, however, he uses this to further his understanding of the elements.

Technomancy Edit

Nanashi is a master of all things mechanical, to the point of being able to create, deconstruct or modify any form of machinery that he makes contact with, foreign and non.

Ether Manipulation Edit

Nanashi has mastered the first form of Ether and has access to its seconds and final stages, now capable of utilizing the full potential of each. He has an unlimited amount of Ether and can create more at will, but relies more on other abilities more often than not.

Spacial Manipulation Edit

Nanashi has master manipulating space to the point where doing so is second nature. This manifests in the form of his ability to interact with the Fourth Dimension.

Sigil Authority Edit

Nanashi is one of the very few beings to have full authority over Sigils, though he'd never state how he got the ability. For the most part, this ability is toyed around with, making minor adjustments to things or enchanting them, but can easily shift a battle's tides should he use any of the custom Sigils he created or even the most ancient of Sigils.

Divinity Edit

Nanashi formerly had divinity due to the angelic portion of his composition, but after his continued evolution, he gained natural divinity similar to a lesser God of Warding and sacred beast. This manifests in graceful movements and a calming aura in general, but also protects him from harm from beings that cannot level entire mountain ranges with simple actions passively. Actively using divinity grants him the status <Immortal Object - Bound>, preventing him from being harmed so long as he has energy reserves above a certain level but also prevents him from attacking directly.

4th-D Slip Edit

Allows Nanashi to phase through and evade nearly any attack thrown at him. It also allows him to rapidly cover distance by slipping in and out of the Fourth Dimension. Any attacks made from the Fourth Dimension will phase through the target unless they enter the current dimension at the last second.

4D Cut Edit

A compressed plane of 4D able to be released as a wave capable of "cutting" through objects intersected by it. In actuality, it bisects the space that they are inhabiting and, by expanding slightly, splits them on a mono-molecular level. Dangerous due to complete invisibility. Has since been modified into a sword technique that acts similar to a certain being's power...

4D Fold Edit

Allows Nanashi to fold a portion of the 4D Space up to eight times, initially returning attacks, but eventually draining all energy from them. Each fold make the area around him "colder," a sign that energy is being drained, and eventually halts time itself in theory as the energy, if any, devoted to keeping it flowing is drained as well.

4D ShuffleEdit

Allows Nanashi to "teleport" himself, others, objects, etc. around by rapidly shifting and distorting regular space and Fourth Dimensional space bubbles within a "fixed" area. Used more so to disorient others and remove advantages based on location or position. Coat related technique. Boosts and modifies effects of 4D Deal when used before it.

4D DealEdit

Allows Nanashi to nullify attacks by absorbing and storing them in 4D space, then release them at a later time. It should be noted that this applies to all types of attacks and not just projectiles, regardless of size. Can store twelve attacks before having to release them. If used after 4D Shuffle, the stored attacks gain several additional properties, the first being massively increased velocity and the second being a "bending" effect, but the others remain unknown. A technique modified for gauntlets and coats or cloaks.


Nanashi's signature skill, developed long before he became a Lambda. Essentially, it allows him to bring art works to life, whether they be pictures, sculptures, paintings, etc. On a more complex side, it allows him to directly modify the space around him with simple actions, to the point of completely rewriting the naturally given properties. The basic principle for the Mundus Code.

Sealed: Mundus Code Edit

The true form of Thema. Allows Nanashi to directly modify the space around him and with better precision than Thema. Can bring about the impossible and temporarily disrupt the Breaker and Killer-type Conceptual Abilities. Only Accessible in Arhat Mode or beyond.

Domain: SpeedEdit

Born from the speed of thought, perception and movement synchronized and layered, Nanashi has gained access to modified version of the Speed Gate that allows him to act and think as fast as he can process thoughts and actions based on internal speed records.

High SpeedEdit

Nanashi's standard speed, capable of breaching the sound barrier in quick instances. Denoted by Flash Strikes.

  • Flash Strike- A supersonic attack that mimics the iaido style of swordsmanship in appearance alone. Capable of delayed reaction and delayed activation attacks.

Super SpeedEdit

Nanashi's new high speed mode, akin to a light jog to him. Allows for near invisible movements at supersonic speeds. Denoted by green aura.

Hyper SpeedEdit

Nanashi's second high speed mode, akin to a brisk jog to him. Allows for ultrasonic movements and the traversal of all surfaces, solid and not. Denoted by blue and green lightning.

Restriction: Ultra SpeedEdit

Nanashi's first true speed mode, akin to slow run to him. Allows for movements similar to Blinking, Teleportation and Afterimage Strikes at the least. Nanashi's form becomes similar an iridescent energy being flickering like flames at the edges. This is the first step into the Realm of Speed, rendering notions of fast and slow irrelevant to him. All movements leave destruction in their wake, making getting close deadly.

Greater Restriction: Unlimited SpeedEdit

The Second Step into the Realm of Speed, akin to a casual stroll from his distorted perception of time. Thought and movement become one and everything slows to a crawl around him. Movements that break the fabric of space time are the same as taking a step, the aftermath visible long before anyone can react.

Ultimate Restriction: ????Edit

World Coding Edit

Nanashi can literally program the elements, nature, space and time to do certain things to an extent. This can easily change a battlefield from a simple plain into a hellish nightmare or a frozen wasteland.

  • Applies to his Monjū with a much greater effect.

Restriction: Singularity Laser Edit

Nanashi can program his bits to fire a swarm of lasers that coalesce into an artificial black hole that he can manipulate as he wishes.

Restriction: Advanced Bit Formation Edit

Nanashi can release the first of three restrictions on his Bits, allowing them to take on their advanced forms. His Advanced Bits react faster and are capable of causing a greater deal of damage than their standard form would allow.

  • Allows multiple MSLs to be active at once and allows the creation of an End-point Singularity.

Restriction: Final Bit Formation Edit

Nanashi is able to release the final form of his Bits, allowing for even greater destructive and special capabilities to be unleashed. These Bits react nigh instantly and follow no distinct patterns.

  • Allows for the destruction of immortals and the sealing of lesser deities and the usage of the Anti-Matter Disruptor Lasers.

Restriction: Infinity Bit Formation -Telos Version- Edit

Nanashi is able to release the true form of his Bits, maximizing his standard destructive power and allowing him to utilize more treacherous attacks with his Bits. These Bits act as fast as Nanashi can think, often times setting up several attack layers in the span of a second. 

  • Allows the use of Flicker, Slipstream and 4th-D Lasers as well as the Phlogiston Series Fission Lasers

Sealed: BaraqEdit

Original Lightning: BaraqijalEdit

Sealed: RoshaneeEdit

Original Nova: Brahmanda-AstraEdit

Sealed: QadarEdit

Original Gate: BreathEdit

Greater Restriction: Ragnarok Drive Edit

Formerly a transformation, but now a paradigm shift that allows him to destroy the indestructible and kill the immortal. He gains the ability to lock and bind the bodies and abilities of enemies and temporarily destroy their abilities and special traits that define them. In addition, he gains much greater control over fire, Light, Darkness, Earth and Lightning. Denoted by red sigils on his hands, ebony eyes and a grey Azure Calibur. Alternatively known as Hades Mode.

Greater Restriction: Fimbulvertr Drive Edit

Formerly a transformation, but now a paradigm shift that allows him to steal the "breath" from objects and beings, eroding away at them in a subtle, nearly imperceptible manner. In addition, he gains increased power over Ice, Water, Wind, Earth and Darkness and deals damage directly to the spirit and minds of his opponents. Denoted by glowing teal runes on his hands, snowy eyes and a teal Azure Calibur. Alternatively known as Poseidon Mode.

Ultimate Restriction: Yggdrasil DriveEdit


Sage Awakening: ArhatEdit

Nanashi synchronizes with the universe and is dressed in the clothes of a buddha. In this state he uses no weapons and releases a serene aura over a large area. He does not attack, only defense and counters in this state, but his power is almost limitless as long as he can maintain his concentration.

Returning WaveEdit

Nanashi flicks with his right hand, releasing a wave of energy that disarms and temporarily pacifies all adversaries.

Rewinding PushEdit

Nanashi pushs forward with both hands, creating a wall of white that returns all adversaries to their location before conflict began, minus all weapons they may have had.

Halting PalmEdit

Nanashi thrusts his left palm forward, negating all attacks aimed at him long before they arrive.

Cosmic ResonanceEdit

Nanashi becomes one with the elements around him, bestowing him with a multitude of benefits based on how long he synchonizes with them.

Elemental GateEdit

Nanashi taps into the Original form of all of the elements, granting him access to Serene World.

Grand PurificationEdit

Nanashi makes a circle with his palms before opening his eyes. Everything before his line of sight is purified of all ill-intent and bathed in the scalding light of creation.

  • Can be turned into the Gate of Negation, which nullifies all abilities, weapons and combative notions within the area that it effects at the very least.

Body and SoulEdit

A passive skill that restores Nanashi to his best condition upon transforming into the Arhat tier sage.

Serene WorldEdit

The skill of a greater sage, called by the power of old. Allows Nanashi to create a Personal Space in which all damage is nullified for the duration, then returned to the attacker(s).

Sagacious Way: PiercingEdit


Ascension: MahasattvaEdit

Ascension: Ad NirvanaEdit

Infinity CrashEdit

A punch with the power to potentially destroy several planets. Nanashi's counter to his brother's True Absolute Fist. A punch that shifts speed, momentum and distance into power for a single blow that smashes through defense and damages the unlucky fellow hit by it with Seithr flames and various Holy and Divine energies. Greater distance increases power exponentially. Close Range Version: Burst Flash Punch

  • Burst Flash Punch: A Flash Strike with a Fist type weapon. Faster than a bullet, with the power of a bullet train.

Infinity ClaspEdit

A Binding Technique that uses physical, spiritual, psychological and mental blockades to cease all functions of the target(s) by encasing them in Etherite Bark and Seithr.


Azure Calibur "Hoarfrost"Edit

A weapon both cursed and sealed. It takes the form of a black sword with a blue blade, but isn't a sword per se. Its true form has yet to be seen, but even in its sealed state it rivals the power of Caladbolg in its partially sealed state. The curse upon the weapon prevents multiple wielders of it, anyone who attempts to do so while its master still lives will be torn apart by the weapon. Currently in the hands of Solais.

Water God's FangEdit

A pristine fang from a serpent with the power of a great deity. Gifted to Nanashi as a replacement for the Azure Calibur.

Unnamed BangleEdit

A bizarre bangle with no known abilities or origin. Rather dull in terms of appearance.

Siegmund and SiegfriedEdit

A broadsword and longsword pair gifted to Nanashi by the first Sage. The first is surrounded by an aura akin to floating crystals while the second holds an aura akin to gold dust. Their abilities have yet to be seen.

Dynamic Bit-Class ArmamentsEdit

Mechanical constructs formed the moment Nanashi awoke. They take the form of floating sword shaped devices and have a variety of functions, ranging from offensive lasers to defensive shielding to hacking. They are a rather versatile armament, having the second most uses after his Monjū.


Ornate spheres manifested as an advanced form of his Custom Art Magick System: Thema. He can summon up to twelve Monjû at a time and can imbue them with various commands to carry out in a variety of ways. Common commands are Draw(Pull), Return(Push), Erase(Destroy), Stipple(Focus), Detail(Empower) and Clear(Protect), but far more can be used.


An ancient staff created by an advanced civilization long lost. Can manipulate Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Ice and Lightning. Defensive Counterpart to Plutonian.


An ancient sword created by an advanced civilization long lost. Can manipulate Light, Darkness, Space, Time, Matter and Energy to an extent. Offensive Counterpart to Saturnus.


Whether or not Nanashi can transform is unknown as of the present.



An elemental Sea Dragon comprised of the unity of the eight elements. Currently under orders to protect Yosai Fortress from destruction and intruders, but truly loyal to Nanashi.


Nanashi's true familiar, born from his shadow. Its true form and power are completely unknown.