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Fiery Naki
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date {{{birth date}}}
Family Nageki, Deceased Family
Status Alive
Eye Color Green, Iridescent
Hair Color Blond, Iridescent
Height -
Blood type Ether
Age 18
Weight -
Health Fair
Affiliation Volmond, Shinwa (Former) Five Heroes
Weapons Naki's Spear, Daggers
Species Human(Former), Etherite
Base of Operations Volmond's Domain (Former) None
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Homeless, Experiment, Volmond and Shinwa's Companion
Current Occupation Traveling with the Heroes
Abilities Exceed Nexus, Teleportation, Shadow Matrix
Fighting Style none
Partner Janpu(Familiar)
Team -
Relatives Nageki(Brother)
Marital Status Single

Naki is a test subject Etherite created after a forced conversion from human into her current being. She devotedly follows Volmond and Shinwa, her creators, determined to repay them for giving her a new life, even though at first she hated her transformation. She has been reborn on Jairis, part of the Lucioverse, and is currently on a quest with the Five Heroes, investigating mysterious happenings, while also trying to remember who she is and what her purpose is in life.

History Edit

Naki was born in Boston, to a large family of seventeen members. For many years, she and her family struggled to find the needed necessities to survive, living a tough life. This would be the norm for her life, until the attacks from Phoenix began, and in the chaos, her entire family save for her brother, Nageki, was killed. Unknown to her, she was the first to be struck down, and in fact would have died with her body were it not for the intervention of Eien, who transported Naki's soul into a exact replica. Sometime afterwards, Naki was changed into an Etherite, a long extinct species for the purpose of creating a new generation of Chaos Engines, and later on brought to live with Volmond and Shinwa. At some point she started attending a school run by Anira, making friends (and enemies) amongst the inhabitants. However her time would come to an end, and she was reincarnated into a separate universe, where her new adventure begins.

Naki is currently traveling with the Five Heroes.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Naki has had many changes in appearance and in personality over the course of her life, and she is slowly maturing as a person, though her progress is constantly impeded by road blocks.

As a human, she possessed blonde hair and green eyes, with a underweight build. Her first Etherite form had iridescent hair and iridescent eyes, her form fleshed out and filled to give her a more healthy and average form for her age, greatly increasing her looks. Her second form came at a time when she began to have self confidence and became more battle hardened as a person, resolved to never lose a friend because she abandoned them. It possessed brown and blonde hair, with a reduced iridescent gleam, with much more prominent green eyes. Toward the end of her days with Anira's School, she fell into a dark phase in which her hair and eyes grew coal black, a reflection of her older persona as a human, grim and empty, triggered by self doubt and her friends beginning to feel distant to her.

As she is now, she possesses iridescent hair and green eyes, with whisker like scales that grow from her cheeks. She wears leather and plate armor, and always carries a few weapons of choice, such as daggers and shortswords. She retains her signature spear from her old life.

Unlike her past life, she is not as experienced, and lacks the drive to succeed like she once had. With people she is comfortable with, she is a kind and friendly person, trying her best to be a good friend to others. Those she is less familiar with, she appears more awkward and unsure of herself, wishing to break the ice but not aware how. She possesses a burning desire to learn, and when deliberately kept out of the know, she becomes frustrated.

She possesses the opinion that people who are aware of things but remain cryptic are idiots who waste people's time, firmly believing their knowledge should actually be shared, not only being more helpful, but saving a lot of frustration and time. She wishes strongly to be able to contribute to her fellows, but faced with the severe difference in power, she feels pathetic and nothing more than extra baggage.

Naki is very fond of books, and wishes to have a personal collection at some point. She currently finds herself frustrated at the lack of understanding, of herself, her past, and the world she lives in, and is determined to find her place in life, no matter how long she must look.

Powers Edit

Elemental Magic Edit

Exceed Nexus Edit

Shadow Matrix Edit

Ether Manipulation Edit

Teleportation Edit

Hypercompetence Edit

Ether Weapon Formation Edit

Advanced Information Absorption Edit

Etheric Knowledge Access(Limited) Edit

Awakening Access(Limited) Edit

Elemental Knowledge Edit

Magical Knowledge Edit

Incomplete Alchemical Knowledge Edit

"Nature Programming " Edit

Aether Understanding Edit

Nether Understanding Edit

Incomplete Symbol and Sigil Knowledge Edit

Elnove Edit

A spell which causes a micro supernova.

Schwarzwelt Edit

A spell which creates a micro contained, controllable singularity.

Familiars Edit

Janpu Edit

A coiled shadow humanoid that follows Naki around, he has three forms and uses.

Coiled Serpent Edit

A form where Janpu appears in the shape of a spiral and either possesses Naki's shadow or wraps around her. Can fetch and return objects as well as cause paralysis in people whose shadows he occupies.

Raging Behemoth Edit

Janpu enters a rage and his humanoid half grows larger and incredibly bulky, with eight spider legs that lets him traverse terrain effortlessly, even hang upside down. He has insane strength but has poor listening skills, but will never attack Naki.

Second Skin Edit

Janpu envelops Naki like armor and completely encases her in his sturdy shadowy form, rendering any weapon useless, and is immune to explosive attacks.

Jue and Nue Edit

A snake like familiar that can either create any tool or any weapon from the snake's mouths, Jue being the snake of Weapon Summoning and Nue the Tool Summoner. Their respective marks appear on Naki's hands, and she merely has to hold out her hand and speak their name to engage their use.