...I miss my sister...
The King Lambda
The Fledgling
Sage's Acolyte
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Family Naki (Sister)
Status Active
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blond
Height -
Blood type Ether
Age 13
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation None
Species Chaos Engine
Base of Operations Atlantis
Weapons None
Current Occupation Learning
Fighting Style None
Partner - None
Team None
Relatives Naki (Sister)
Marital Status Single

Nageki is one of the youngest Chaos Engines in existence, a mere 13 years old. He is the younger brother to Naki.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Nageki has short blonde hair and green eyes, both of which gleam with iridescent colors, and his skin shines like gold in light, with fine downy scales. He wears comfortable clothes, though needs ones tailored to his multiarmed form, as he bears more than one set of arms. Upon his forehead is a mysterious third eye tattoo that seems to possess unique powers.

Nageki is a quiet child but possesses a great capacity to learn, enhanced by his Etherite heritage. He is very emotional, more so than his sister, in fact being parted from her causes deep anxiety for him. He doesn't deal well with change and prefers routine to chaotic affairs. The more he can be absorbed in his activities and less he has to think about the darker parts of his life, the better. He is kind, but has a brat's edge due to his life as an urchin on the streets.

History Edit

Nageki grew up in the streets of Boston, a street rat, but was always in the presence of his sister Naki, who virtually raised him due to the extent of his family making his parents unable to care for him. Despite this, he never begrudged his family. As a member of the family, he and Naki constantly searched and hunted for food, even stealing sometimes for their survival. Their lowly lives were changed forever however when Phoenix came, and killed their whole family. Nageki and Naki would be taken away, unknowningly doomed to have their humanity stolen from them, with Naki being turned into an Etherite, and Nageki infused with Nanashi's dna in order to transform him into a Lambda, the youngest of CEs at that time.

Relationships Edit

Naki Edit

Naki is very much the rock of Nageki's soul, he finds life difficult without her presence, having been a part of his life since the beginning, practically raised by his sister. He has severe attachment issues regarding her and cannot bare long separation from her. Her presence helps calm and focus his mind, and makes him feel at peace.

Volmond Edit

Nageki doesn't particularly like the Doctor, as he tries to ascribe how the boy feels as opposed to truly baring empathy. He finds the Doctor's words rich with irony, given his empty existence. The boy would have less of a problem with him if he actually reached out and tried a human approach to others, rather than analyzing them.

Nanashi Edit

Nageki seems to mildly like Nanashi, though this is offset by Nanashi being the one who put Nageki into his current situation. The opportunity to learn and grow may eventually offset this conflict within Nageki however, something that Nanashi seems to be doing a good job of. He thinks Volmond should take better cues from his brother and follow his example.

Powers Edit

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