"Welp. Looks like shit has gone downhill."
The New Age Kaiju
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Family -
Status Active
Eye Color Neon-Green
Hair Color Black
Blood type O-
Age 21
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation None
Species Kaiju (Former Human)
Base of Operations Earth
Weapons None
Current Occupation Surviving
Fighting Style None
Partner None
Team None
Relatives -
Marital Status Single

Mordecai is among the countless humans who survived the incident that devastated Earth, and was turned into a Kaiju in the process. He has taken his new life, and abilities rather well, surprisingly.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Mordecai is a 22 year old man with medium length black hair, which he usually wears in a somewhat high and thick pony tail, with his bangs still hanging down from the pony tail. He wears a neon green sleeveless hoodie that is always zipped open, over a black button up shirt and a black tie. He prefers to wear baggy grey cargo pants with lots of pockets, and rather high boots that have the ends of his pants tucked in. He wears black gloves that don't cover his fingers, and black and neon green goggles that he wears on his forehead. He also has three small silver earrings on one of his ears, going along the ridge.

Mordecai has an extremely playful outlook on life, and enjoys meddling and messing around with various things, whether that be people or objects. Because of this he is rather manipulative to people that aren't close to him, and will use them to usually get whatever he wants. He is always easily bored, and will usually jump from thing to thing. He takes responsibility for a lot of things, usually refusing to let anyone help him with his problems. He is very egotistical, particularly because he believes that this new life he has been given was god sent. He is rather intelligent, but generally uses his intelligence for questionable actions, resorting to cunning to resolve a job very often. Despite all this, he finds himself very insecure and alone in the world. He is extremely protective of the people close to him, and will usually do anything he can to help. If he were to open up, deep down could be seen a true terror of whats to come, as he is afraid of what is going to happen to him and Mariel. But of course, he would never let this show in anyway, shape, or form.

Relationships Edit

Mariel Edit

As Mariel's roommate, Mordecai does his best to not piss her off or annoy her. However, he does like to mess with her occasionally, saying its all in good fun. He allows her to handle the paperwork of everything purely because even though he'd be capable of it, he'd rather spend his time doing something way less boring. Because of this, he prefers to do the physical work around the house. Even though Mariel shares a drastically different mindset from himself, he still considers her a good friend and a good shoulder to rely on. Despite Mariel's wishes to ignore what has happened to them, Mordecai pushes that they should experiment with their new abilities.

History Edit

Mordecai had once majored in forensic justice, wanting to become a forensic scientist after his time as a student. However, as cause of the incident his old life has been ripped away from him. Despite the severity of this, Mordecai urges that the best should be made of this new life, refusing to look back on all that was lost.

Powers Edit

Human Turned Kaiju Physiology Edit

The incident transformed Mordecai into a Kaiju. Because of this his physical abilities are immensely increased, particularly his strength and stamina. He is capable of transforming between various types of his Kaiju form, be it a partial transformation, a hybridized transformation, or a complete transformation. As a Kaiju, he has given an affinity for the element of electricity, which is green in color when used by him. With each transformation his destructive power increases, along with his physical attributes. Because of being a Kaiju, he has Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Stamina, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Endurance, Enhanced Instincts, and Enhanced Senses. Like all Kaiju's, he now has a form of a healing factor that is centered around his metabolism. He can speed up his metabolism to heal rapidly, however healing extremely fast gives him a softer tissue. If he takes the time to regenerate slowly, the tissue grown will be hard, dense, and armor-like.

Electricity Manipulation Edit

Mordecai has been given an affinity for electricity, which he has some control over due to practicing it often. He uses it for trivial tasks often, but would love a challenge to test how far he can push his abilities.

Inner Power Edit

Mordecai, like the other new myths, feels a strange sensation that travels throughout his entire body. This sensation gives the Myth's their new powers, and with experimentation can give them more at the cost of possible mutations and changes, both physical and mental. Mordecai feels a need to draw out this power into something special, even though part of him says to do otherwise.

Object Transformation [Locked]Edit

With his Inner Power, Mordecai appears to be able to turn various objects of varying sizes into similar objects with similar zies. This can be very liberal regarding its limits, and also very strict. He is capable of turning a car into a tank, but the tank would not be able to fire, as he cannot create ammunition, unless he had something of similar size and or variety. 

Forms Edit

Kaiju Form -Partial- Edit

Kaiju Form -Incomplete- Edit

Kaiju Form -Colossal- Edit

Mordecai's complete colossal form shows that he is of the Amphibious class. His scales and armor resembles that of a crocodile, with his arms and legs slightly webbed and an aquatic looking tail. He has a large head and maw with gigantic teeth. His entire body is a jet black, except for a neon green underbelly, with his eyes and mouth being green as well. His standard size is around fourty meters, but he is capable of doubling his size to 80 meters if he has enough energy, which he can build up by storing electricity and heat.

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