I'm Hungry.
Grassland Wanderer
The Eternally Hungry One
Hunter of the Goddess Tree
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Unknown
Family None
Status Active
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Light Brown
Height Short
Blood type AB+
Age 8 Months
Weight Very Light
Health Very Healthy
Affiliation Whoever Has Food
Species Forest Aculi
Base of Operations Grasslands, Forest
Weapons Club, Staff
Current Occupation Being Hungry
Fighting Style Whacking Things with Sticks
Feeding Partner Rhokal
Team None
Relatives None
Marital Status Open

Moba is a relatively young Aculi who normally lives in the Forest, but occasionally hunts in the Grasslands, or the Mountains if she dares feel adventurous. She is obsessed with food yet it seems physically impossible to make her gain more than a certain amount of weight from overeating. She is slightly childish and may occasionally throw a tantrum out of frustration.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

She is a young Aculi with light brown hair and tan fur and skin, native to the Forests, thus making her rather short and nimble. She appears to have patches of purple furs as a form of primitive garments covering her body.

Moba is a curious, adventurous, but most importantly, always hungry girl who becomes easily frustrated with complex tasks, and is rather simple minded. She is the opposite of a scholar in that she is smart in practical ways, but not books smarts, and any who dare teach her such things will get a quicker headache than she ever will. She feels longing to fuse with her other half, but has not been able to find it, and seemingly mistakes this sensation for an eternal hunger.



Earth MagicEdit

Moba has a low level control over the earth, and can manipulate rocks into various shapes and formations in defense and offense.

Water MagicEdit

Moba can manipulate water in basic ways for defense and offense.

Light HealingEdit

Moba can heal light wounds.


Moba has a distinctive ability to consume something entirely, and absorb an aspect of it for brief periods of time. Effectively a dimensional prison, but does not last very long as it takes immense energy to trap things inside rather than digest normally.

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