I assure you, you are far too presumptuous.
Princess of Fey
Royal Thunder
Lightning Breaker
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Royal Family of Fey, Noriko
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height -
Blood type AB+
Age 28
Weight -
Health Excellent
Affiliation Echo
Weapons Scattering Wing
Species Shapeshifter Fairy
Base of Operations Moonlight Shire, New Vince
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation Heiress of the Fey
Abilities Lightning Manipulation, Illusions, Charm Magic
Fighting Style Disarming Thunder, Wave of Grace
Partner -
Team -
Relatives Noriko(Sister)
Marital Status Single, being courted

Info Edit

Michiko is the princess of the Southwestern village of Moonlight Shire, and serves as its clan ambassador for when the family is too busy to represent the village. She is an adept magic user, particularly in lightning style techniques. She searches for something that her family has lost a long time ago.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Michiko dresses in white and blue royal dresses, and has long blonde hair and electric blue eyes. She carries with her a unique blade created for her, the Scattering Wing. She has translucent gold wings, which can only be seen in direct sunlight.

Michiko is a elegant person, and often carries herself as thus in public. She does not respect personal boundaries, and does get in people's faces at times. She speaks fluently and in many tongues, and can easily learn new ones by listening carefully to speech patterns. She has a secret hyperactive side, which becomes apparent in casual scenes where the public eye cannot observe her. She loves to travel and explore, very much a free spirit and does what she pleases, though she minds the rules enough to avoid trouble from her parents.

She has a certain phrase she will sometimes say if others take words out of her mouth or misunderstands something she says or does, namely 'I assure you, you are far too presumptuous.'

History Edit

Michiko is one of the main princesses in line for positions of power, born toward the middle of the pack, but still one of the elder children of the Moonlight Clan. She was raised from an early age in diplomacy and etiquette, and when her younger sisters Haruko and Noriko were born, she doted over them as she helped her parents and siblings educated the children. When Phoenix came to claim a disciple from the family, she like the rest of the family was distraught when they ended up choosing Noriko.

From that day she spent time looking into where Noriko had disappeared to, serving as a diplomat to New Vince while carrying out her mission.

Relationships Edit

Drake Ryunexo Edit

A subject of great importance to the Moonlight Family, Michiko finds Drake both endlessly aggravating and yet endearing, caring about him like family, though showing it less than some of her other siblings. She is critical and harsh on him for his short comings, but means well for his sake. The relationship between the two is frayed after she decided to save her sister from Phoenix.

Noriko and Family Edit

Michiko is incredibly dedicated to her family, proactively fighting for their sake in the battlefield and in the diplomatic arena. Those who hurt them will likely answer to Michikio, and she will not let them off, not even for a moment. It is Noriko's fate that drives her to stop Phoenix and to aid Kado however possible.

Powers Edit

Charm Magic Edit

Can charm other beings with magic, among her many abilities is a Charm Kiss which places the subject under her control/desire and allows her to tell them or make them do something she pleases, upon kissing them again they will carry out the order, though this is but one method of bewitching others.

Esocentric Lightning Manipulation Edit

Thunder Fairy Form Edit

Wing Manifestation Edit

Lightning Magic Edit

Werelight Edit

Illusion Edit

Invisibility Edit

Mind Read/Mind Speech Edit

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