The Planet Mars has been inhabited by mutible ailen life forms. It is now a lot like China and very busy. Ony 20% of it is livable though, and that 20% is well used...

Prodigy Take Down (A.H. storyline) {RP} Edit

{Prodigy is hiding in a Bar on South Mars, a city that has verry little houses to fit as many as possible}

*Cargo Ship breaks through window, slides through bar.*

*A.H. gets out of ship's back entrance*

Prodigy: Not your WORST landing brother *smirks*

A.H.: ... *Pulls out rifle*

Bartender: HEY! Don't Y'all ever read signs round here? NO GU-

Prodigy: *Pulls out pistol, shoots bartender* Now, I guess you came here for me? Unless you wanted a beer?

A.H.: ... [Yes]

Barmaid: Hey! Get OUT of here if y'all gonna fight!

Prodigy: Alright, Alright. I know when I've overstayed my welcome. Now... What to do about the ship.... *Pulls out button*

*Everyone evacuates, being showed out by A.H.*

Prodigy: This'll be fun... *Presses button, blows up bar*

*Bar falls, bringing down the hotel below and the landing dock above, killing thousands of people*

A.H.: *Jumps among rubble that is falling, slowly making his way to Prodigy* [Asshole...]

Prodigy: Maybe next time brother? *Dropship hovers above him with rope ladder hanging beside Prodigy.*

A.H.: [NO!] *Shoots dropship's engine, making it fall over 50% of the city*

{A.H. finds Prodigy in a metal room}

Prodigy: Oooh no you don't *Pulls out pistol, shoots A.H. in head*

A.H.: *Wipes scratch off* [You must be punished for your crimes against this univers and the entire Multi-Verse]

Prodigy: Yea, rig-

{A.H. punches into Prodigy's helmet, breaking the glass and un-fixing the nose he broke 2 years ago...}

Prodigy: Heh... Funny... No...?

A.H.: [You're dead]

Prodigy: Not... Yet.... Dumbass.... *Punches button to saferoom, making the entire thing fly strait upwards, troughing everyone inside around the room itself*

A.H.: *Turns on Magnetic charge in boots* [You should've let me take you the-]

Prodigy: *Uses a full streangth punch and breaks A.H.'s rib cage* Try me, brother.

{THOOM} {THOOM} *Rockets are fired at the saferoom*

Mar's Police Chief: (Stand down! I repeat! Stand DOWN!)

{THOOM} *Dropship comes and picks up Prodigy*

Prodigy: THIS time I've left *Smirks*

Mars' Sparring Arena (RP) Edit

Rules: No KILLING, No Throwing Things In From Crowd, No Birthday Parties, No DIEING...

Arena 1: Edit

Arena 2: Edit

The Planet Bomb Threat (Mars storyline) {RP} Edit

Prodigy has seaked the help of Jonas and the M.C.C.P to use a Planet Bomb on Mars, where his brother was living, to start the destruction of this universe. The last part Jonas didn't figure out until the end...

Prodigy: The bomb...I finally have it! *is looking at the bomb* Now, I can get rid of my nuisance brother.

Jonas: Do ya' really need a bom' to destroy ya' bruder'? Overkill, much?

Prodigy: I have proven to have lack in some areas he exceeds me in. This bomb is very necessary. Soon he will be at my mercy!

Jonas: Sure thing, guy.

A.H: [You two shal pay for your crimes. Repent against the M.C.C.P and be killed faster.]

Jonas: Da fuck does that even mean?

Prodigy: Some brother. Snce when do machines show give warning? They just kill! *launches himself at A.H*

Jonas: This dude looks like Robocop and Daft Punk with a mix of a Halo Spartan.

A.H: *Easily beats Prodigy and knocks him out* [Jonas, I am asking for you to turn away from evil. If that bomb launches, the entire Universe will eventually implode. Please join me in taking the Mythical Creature Containment Program down. This company will end you and this world.] *Holds out hand* [Come with me, please...]

Jonas: Yea, yea sure. *gives A.H. the bomb*

A.H: *Takes bomb* [Thank you. But you should come with me. The corporation will be mad that this bomb was taken. And you know that they are the "BAD guys". I have a small understanding of right and wrong, but I know we will have to fight in th future... And I wish to make friends instead of make enemies...]

The bomb is beeping

Jonas: Do you hear somthing?

A.H: [Prodigy set the timer and stole your ship... You REALLY shouldn't leave the keys in there...] *Looks at bomb* [Yea... There isn't really a failsafe or anything, so this universe is scraped. You will have to contain it somehow (By the way: It's magic-proof. People tried that once.) So, want to repent before you die and let everything you worked hard for gets blown up?]

Jonas: No... I set the bomb off. You bruder' is still there.

Prodigy: *groaning*

A.H: [Then where did the giant ship behind you go?] *Beep* [And you know the M.C.C.P, you, H.O.L.E, Prodigy and I are all as good as dead?] *Loads bomb on Cargo Ship* [Do me a favor and take Prodigy to your leaders...] *Gets in Cargo ship, and lifts off* [Great, let's race to deep space before this thing kills Earth...]

Jonas: *watches A.H. leave* He didn't have to do all dat'. I put a bom' restrictor on it. *turns toward his ship that lands*

Prodigy: *stretches his hands out to Jonas* Take me to your masters. I will not stop until A.H. is destroyed! Your technology with my H.O.L.E engineering, i'll be unstoppable beyond comprehension.

Jonas: You think im gonna turn you inta a god? Man for a robot you sure are dumb.

Prodigy: Take me back.

Jonas: What makes you think im taking you with me?

Prodigy: You must! We are partners!

Jonas: No. Im just the help and seeing you didn't need help getting yer' ass whooped, my work here is done. I'll be sending you the bill, preferably in cash. *walks toward his ship*

Prodigy: *grabs hold of Jonas' leg*You can't do this.

Jonas: *yaks his leg away* Can.*kicks Prodigy in the side hard enough to shatter it*


Jonas: Am. *stomps on Prodigy's face forcing it into the ground*

Prodigy: *unconsieous*

Jonas: *smokes a Blu cigarette* Try to 'be back' from that. *enter his ship and heads off towards Earth leaving Prodigy stranded*

A.H: *Cloaking Deviced' the bomb and himself to get aboard Jonas' ship* [You will pay for my ship - *Punch in nose* - You WILL pay for this planet and universes' destruction - *Punch in jaw* - And although I hate him, you will pay for disrespecting my brother - *Punch in gut* - And, last but not least, I ain't no robot.] *Pulls out pistol and last bullet, loads gun, and shoots through Jonas' skull*

Jonas: *the bullets is forced out of his skull and his head heals* Little known fact, Domehead: Don't pick a fight ya' can't win. *grabs A.H.'s arms and pull them off and starts throwing critical blows at A.H.* *ship sarts playing "How you like me now?"*

A.H: [Yea? Don't fall for idotic holograms next time.] *Jumps out of ship as it starts going down due to power failure*

Jonas: *pulls out a his pohne and dials a few numbers. He then is teleported back into the facility* Man I hate machines.*walks towards his quarters*

A.H: *lands ship in deep space, exploding the bomb a safe distance away from any planets. Sets up telepathic comm to M.C.C.P's Director* [Mr. Director, it has come to my attention you have Jonas at your facility. Please tell him Artificial Human said this: "I ain't no robot dipshit". Thank you for your time.] *Breaks comm*

The Administrator: It's The Administrator.

A.H: I appologize, ma'am, for the wrong name. But I DO want you to know H.O.L.E, you, and all the other corporations who think I'll just sit by an watch you kill everything we know are WRONG. I WILL take you down. I WILL murder my brother. And I WILL come for you. I just wanted to know, when can we have coffe?]

The Administrator:...I am a male. And I would like to see you try. your are of flesh and technology, something man grows good at creating everyday. And like every machine, it has a weak point and doing this will give us time to find it. If you want somone to have coffee with, it's Jonas.

A.H: I am no Machine like you say. I am an Alien/Human Hybrid. Genetics, not tech. My suit is of technology. So will you dipshit's stop calling me a Macine? You're ass will be Jonas' hat one day, and July 19th would be a nice day to have coffee with him! Good day shit!

Coffee with Jonas and A.H. (Guest-starring Ameno Uzumi) {RP}Edit

  • Coffe shop on Mars*

Ammo: *Lands 'Voyager' on roof of the shop* Can I come with you?

A.H: [Did I say you couldn't?]

Ammo: YAY!!!!

Jonas: *wlaks through the front door.* How the f*ck is it even possible to have a coffee shopt on Mars? *looks at A.H.* Oh, its you, the "Im not a machine* guy.

Ammo: Hey! He is-

A.H: [*Cuts Ammo off* Jonas. Welcome to the Shoppe. Care for a drink?]

Ammo: I'm a minor, I can't drink so...

A.H: [Mars has no laws against that. Only one beer though.]

Jonas: *sigh* Sure thing. Black Coffee, no cream. *looks at Ammo* Nice Chinese stripper ya' got here.

A.H: [Japanese. And she is no stripper, she is under my protection. *Looks at Ammo* Told ya that outfit was a bad one...]

Ammo: Is not!

A.H: [*waves at waitress and wispers at Jonas* SHE may be a skank... Three beers and a cocktail please. Thank you.]

Jonas: So you live here or some shit?

A.H: [Yes. I have no home or money. The only thing I do is hunt the scum of this universe - *takes helmet off, revealing a VERRY scared human head that is bald, then drinks a beer* - like you.]

Ammo: OOOOHHHH! It's about to go down!

A.H: [Ammo, wait in the ship, get it started too.]

Ammo: Okay.... *Takes beer*

Jonas: Holy hellicious,man. What happened to your face! Oh look ma' coffee. *takes a sip of his coffee* Mmmm, coffee on Mars tastes great. I mean i hunt down scum, but not scum of the universe. so are you like Robocop of space or somethin'?

A.H: [I don't know who "Robocop" is, but he seems nice. I just like to kill, and help. This does both. But I'd like to hire you for a... Job of sorts...]

Jonas: Just like yer' bruder? *takes another sip of his coffee*

A.H: [No. I would like to free Ameno of this worlds 'Chains', so to speak. Mythos have no freedom on Mars. I need help fixing that.]

Jonas: Mostly I shouldn't be involved in other-worldly affairs...*sips his coffee again*

A.H: [20 grand for the job. Take it or leave it scumbag.]

Jonas: Well harsh. If you also let me bang yer' stripper ya' got yerself a deal.

A.H: [Here are the details: You and I break into the Mars Command Center For Worldly Affairs, get this chip *Pulls chip out of helmet* into the mainframe. From there my suit's computer will complete the tasks needed to free the Mythos on Mars. Then we must get it out of the Diaframe.]

Jonas: Ok, but you still didn't say anythin' about lettin' me bang yer' stripper if I help ya' do this.

A.H: [If you do that, I WILL kill you while you are on top of her. You WILL NOT BANG HER. GOT IT?!]

Jonas: No deal then. Life ain't worth if I can't get pleasure out of it.

A.H: [I know a strip club three blocks down if your interested in THAT. You ain't banging my pilot. Well, unless she COMES TO YOU AND ASKS. But the you'll say 'No thanks' like a good scumbag, RIGHT?!]

Jonas: I don't know, lets ask here. Hey Chinese lady,may I ask ya' sometin'?

Ammo: *Yells from roof* No I will not have sex with you. And I'm Japanese!

Jonas: Ah shit, well atleast there's a strip club here. Better be no Martians though. Alright I'll help ya'.

A.H: *Punches Jonas' nose in* [That's for even think of Ammo like that. Lets go. We need to go 3 klicks to the north-northwest.]

Jonas: *rubs hoes nose* Hey, that's what women are there for, right?

A.H: [No. They are for whatever they want to do. This one is for that. Ammo isn't.]

Ammo: I used to work here... Hey Syndra! *Hugs worker* What's up?

Syndra: Nothing, just doing my job.

Random creep: Syndraaaa, I need a hugaaaaa.

Syndra: Gotta go, bye.

Ammo: Bye. Hey, Jonas?

Jonas: Yea Ammo-sama, trying to speak your language, but I have a feeling I'm failing epically, so i'll just stop. Yea what is it?

Ammo: Would you like to... uh... Go "Out" sometime?

A.H: [Nobody listens...]

Jonas: Hm, don't see why nott. Gotta make sure I don't aboard the Gay-Train, am I right?

Ammo: *Wispering to self: Yes! Finnaly got Jonas to say yes!* So, uh, after this mission at the Tavern?

A.H: [Don't have sex though.]

Jonas: Ah shit. Ok, and haven't I seen you somewhere before though?

Ammo: I used to be your partner at the M.C.C.P... Yea... You forgot though, didn't you? ...

Jonas: Sorry...I was abit...amnesiac...they stick me in cryo when I'm no longer needed.

Ammo: You poor thing! *Hugs Jason (Full-On)*

A.H: [*sigh* (Sarcasm:) No! Don't!

Jonas: This feeling...I have never felt this before in a long time...

Ammo: Is it.. Love?

A.H: [I'm leaving. Meet me at the ship while still a virgin(ish)...] *Leaves note in cockpit: "My fight, stay out of it (On Earth)"*

Jonas: Hold up, im comin'. *follows A.H.*

Ammo: Aww... Eh, I'll come.

A.H: *Already flying upwards in space to Earth with jetpacks* [If I die, whatever "Go" is real, keep those two safe...]

Ammo: *Reaches ship's cockpit* Awww.... He left to Earth without us... Wait, what's on Eaarth that he wouldn't want you or me to go to?

Jonas: I'm a Werepyre, not a telepath. In my case in can be anything. But dont worry, I gotta teleportation device that takes me back instantly to the facility. Wanna go there?

Ammo: Okay!

Both are teleported to The M.C.C.P., lots of people are rebuilding due to the recent intrusion

Jonas: Home sweet home, I suppose.

Ammo: *Looks at disection table* It's beutiful! *Huge grin*

Jonas: Huh. Since when did we have that? I swear The Admin does some weird things. Wanna say hi to The Admin?

Ammo: Shure! Who is that again?

Jonas: You don't know The Admin? Crap. Come on, he's a few corridors down. *Both walk down a few corridors until the y reache a door that says "The Administrator". Jonas opens it and knocks* Rise and shine, Dark'n'Shady

The Administrator: I see you brought a geisha with you.

Jonas: Hey, I deserve some love too, right?

The Administrator: As long as it doesn't intervene with you doing your job.

Jonas: Hey Admin, do you know who this chick is anyway? She says she used to work for us.

The Administrator: Her face seems rather familiar.

Ammo: I'm Ameno Uzumi, sir. I ran away when you guys treated my people badly - the Mythos... Nice to see you again! *Grins*

The Administrator: Oh...yes...I remember now...You were the 1st mytho agent who fled out control because of your consciousness. You were also the one who didn't always regulate by our rules.

Ammo: *Grin grows* I like blowing things up and cutting animals heads off, then putting their heads on a platter and sending them to you every once in a while...

Jonas: Ooooohhhh, so that was you? I thought it was The Admin's way of expressing his gratitude to me, cause he gave me all of them.

The Administrator: I have more important things to handle. You two must leave.

Jonas: Sure thing, Admin. Let's go. *leaves the office*

Ammo: Have a nice day! *Follows Jonas* Sooo... Where are we going to hide from the patrols tonight?

Jonas: I have room not so for from here, but were gonna have to clean the animal heads out my room first. *smirks*

Ammo: I have a pocket teleporter for trash that I used to send them here! We could use that! *Smiles* And Artsies said not to go to a room alone with you...

Jonas: Yea, but he said a room. He didn't say anything about a hotel room. Epic smartness.

Ammo: You are soo cool... *Stares at Jonas* Oh, sorry... *Looks away*

Jonas: Heh, who can deny this awesomeness? but yea sure, I can use you teleporter to clean my room anyways.

Ammo: ... *Cleans room, sits on bed* So, what now?

Jonas: Well that was quick. *sits on bed* I guess we can start with talkin' about our lives.

Ammo: ........ Well... I was an orphan until I was 13 and became a merc. Then I came here until I was 15. Since then I've worked as a stripper, a waitress, and a barmaid. I've also been in and out of jail. All on Mars.

Jonas: Well, I'm guessing your the best thing that's ever happened to it.

Ammo: Aww... You're the BEST thing that has happened to it. Other than the time you tried to blow it up...

Jonas: I still put a bomb restrictor on it. Besides, it would've been the best explosion ever...of all time.

Ammo: With me in it... So, your turn about the lives story.

Jonas: My father was the true king of the vampires and my mother was werewolf princess. Mother died because both of their species found out about them. My mother died and my father was exiled when he was beaten by Dracula. I was left to fend for myself. I often associated myself with gangs. I was the best fighter there was, up until I joined a gang of werewols lead by the Alpha Werewolf. I took orders from him for a few years until I decided to finally call my own shots. I went full Werepyreon his ass and killed him in 5 minutes. After that I wandered about the place until the M.C.C.P found me and took me in. I was trained to be their best weapon and and handle missions that are beyond human expertise. If I am not needed they stick me in cryostasis a long with the other hybrids.

Ammo: Why cryostasis? When you're in there I'll be all alone again...

Jonas: I've been alone all my life. You managed this far without help from me or anyone else.

Ammo: Yea... but I LIKE people, and all I got so far is you and Art...

Jonas: Y'know, when I was a boy I could trust 3 people: Me, Myself, and I. But I never knew atleast one person who cared this much for me.

Ammo: Well, now you do. *Smiles, then goes for hug*

Jonas: *sort of hugs back as he still unfamiliar with such a feeling*

Ammo: *Pats back* Eh, you'll get it one day... *Smiles*

Jonas: *gently smiles*

A.H: *Over comm* [Y'all coming or what?] *Loud bang is heard down the hall followed by screams* [Just follow the screams and lead me to the car lovebirds.]

Jonas: The hell is he doing now?

Ammo: I dunno... *Looks in hall* He seems to be standing on top of corpses...

A.H: [The car is where?]

Jonas: *looks down the hall way and sees dead corpses* the fuck,man! Why did you kill'em? and we don't have cars here, what the fuck is wrong with you? Who the fuck would drive cars all the way out here in the forest?

A.H: [I'm talking about the 'Voyager' dumbass... Still don't see what she sees in you... *looks at Ammo*]

Jonas: Still didn't have to kill all these guys. And it's parked outside, didn't you see it before you came in here?

A.H: [Been here longer than you've been off Mars. Got my stuff out... You took my genes last time from the last time I fought you, didn't you? Asshole.]

Ammo: I like him, so he is no asshole! *grabs Jonas' hand*

A.H: [*Sigh* Lovebirds, TMI, and stop the public display of affection! Dragon Kid321 is annoyed enough!] (4th wall break)

Jonas: Holy crap you can do it too? So I'm not crazy.

A.H: [Yea, I see through reality... Let's get back to the story]

Jonas: What was that story again?

A.H: [We were leaving in my ship. Going to Mars, and freeing Mythos. Then I pay you your 20 grand, and you two can go do whatever. You guys aren't in deubt or getting paid at that point. I will warn you though I am going to take M.C.C.P down in flames one day.]

Jonas: Ok, I'm on board with the 20 grand and datin'  my future wife, but I'm not on board with you destroying the facility.

The Administrator: Neither and am I.

Jonas:....Oh shit...

Ammo: Future... Wife? YAY!!!!!!!!!!

A.H: [Oh yay. The gay guy in charge. What, he gonna keep HIDING behind a merc and pansy soldgers?]

Ammo: Hey! WHat's wrong with mercs? *Sticks tounge out.*

A.H: [*sigh* Well, I'm completely down on this. I get thrown out of a facility for breaking through their bathroom and killing their soldgers. The I have to pay 20 grand to another guy. Also, I LOST MY RIDE AND MY PILOT.]

The Administrator: *just stares at A.H.* Your right. I think it is about time i stopped hiding my soldiers. And start handling things myself.

Jonas: No, no,. You don't need to do that Admin.

The Administrator: Oh, but I believe I do. After all, you know what they say, "Never send a fool to do another man's job"

A.H: [See? I'm not the only one who thinks you're a fool Jonas! I knew it!]

Jonas: Well that's pretty hurtful.

The Administrator: Not as painful as the beating this fool is going to get. *continues to stare at A.H.*

A.H: [Staring contest? Cool. *Starts hovering Jetpack* Computer? Do me a favor? Hack the rooms and shut me in. Seperate Jonas and Ammo from us using the Lockdown Sequence. I'm prolly going to die, so Computer you must leave the suit. Thanks. *Flies toward the Administrator, punches his skull until a crack is heard throughout the compound, then retreats. He notices his broken hand...* What did they make you? A monster? A man?]

The Administrator: *is unaffected* Neither, but something much worst. *literally starts A.H. apart, limb-from-limb, bit-by-bit, and he is literally eating A.H. and swallows every part of his body* Been a while since I've eaten anyone. Or anything.

  • Knives and Bullets startflying from the stomach of The Administrator, making his midsection bust apart. Leaving only a robot inside.*

A.H: [Bo Mother Fucker! *Cuts The Administrator's head of, shooting it over and over. He then flies out and away from the Facility* Try digestion THAT dipshit!]

The Administrator: *regenerated* Atleast he's up and out of here. *the doors opened up* Continue your job, Jonas. *wlak past Jonas an Ammo*

  • The Administrator's office blows up*

Tape recorder in Jonas' hotel room: "Suck it M.C.C.P!!!!!!!! And that was for the Pilot."

Jonas: I'm guessing he was jealous. So what now? 

Ammo: I don't know... He made a fool of you, so we could hunt him down and kill him in our free time? That would be fun? *Smiles and kisses Jonas' cheek. Then re-enlists In the M.C.C.P and gets a room next to Jonas at the Hotel.*

Jonas: Are you really gonna kill your partner that just like that? For the sake of having fun?

Ammo: He wasn't my partner, and A.H is like the soul threat to you guys! He beat the Administrator up and left! He didn't know about the regen though I don't think. Plus, he hacked M.C.C.P computers!

Jonas: I didn't think you cared that much about us. *smirks*

Ammo: I DON'T care about the M.C.C.P, I care about you and I care about money. This gives me money. And you may get a raise for bringing A.H's head to Adminies. Okay? *Smiles*

Jonas: I really don't care much about the money cause I don't get paid anyway, but you are startin' to be the best thing that's happened to me.

Ammo: You've been the best thing that has ever happened to me. *Kisses Jonas and Closes door*

{Author's note: Now it's three hours later, and I'll leave the stuff they did up to your imagination ::D}

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