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No you can't pet my tail, perv.
Transmogrified Fox
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family -
Status Active
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height -
Blood type AB+
Age 21
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation None
Species Kitsune (Former Human)
Base of Operations Earth
Weapons None
Current Occupation Surviving
Fighting Style None
Partner None
Team None
Relatives -
Marital Status Single

Mariel is one of the survivors of the mysterious incident that has rocked Earth, but in the process was turned into a Myth, a Kitsune, and now like others who have lost humanity, are struggling to come to grips with their new reality. In addition to a new form, she appears to have developed strange, unnatural powers...

Appearance and Personality Edit

Mariel is a 22 year old with black hair and fur, kitsune ears and tail, and often wears jackets with an undershirt, showing skin despite her lack of noticeable features. She wears white boots and shorts, with long black stockings. She loves scarves and usually has a massive collection to wear every day.

Mariel can be described as a crusty old man in spirit, vulgar and crude, easily irritated and outspoken in attitude. She is deeply afraid of what she has become and what strange powers now lurk inside her, unwilling to experiment out of fear of what could come of doing so. She is a couch potato by nature, unwilling to do much in the way of work. She however is fairly intelligent, in manners such as math, science, and other logistical applications, lacking much in the way of physical talents. She is obsessed with watching football for some reason.

Relationships Edit

Mordecai Edit

Mordecai is her roommate in the apartment the two share. While the apartment belongs to Mordecai, he usually defaults to her for budget and tax related issues, while he handles more of the physical labor. The two are by and large opposites in mentality, but generally respect their differences. However, Mariel is deathly afraid of what they have become, and feels as though the power inside them may not be a blessing, but a curse.

History Edit

Mariel studied extensively as a math student prior to the Collapse Incident, and worked at a sweets shop to pay for her tuition. However, after the incident, she and Mordecai have been thrust into a dangerous new world, and she is deathly afraid, without the shelter of the apartment, she is vulnerable and without the comforts of home, something that proves often a severe detriment to her mind.

Powers Edit

Human Turned Kitsune Physiology Edit

Mariel has recently been turned from a human into a Kitsune of Japanese lore, and over the course of her life, is expected to become more and more Kitsune and less and less human. This gradual process will eventually bear forth increasingly super human abilities, though at present she is limited to a set of abilities and human strength and capacities.

Fox Fire Edit

The mysterious power flowing within Mariel can lead to her emitting this strange fire as a countermeasure to immediate threats, but she lacks control over its use due to these situations.

Fox Agility Edit

Mariel has increased agility as a result of her new physiology, enabling her to run at default speeds of 28 miles an hour, but she is now capable of 38 at top speed.

Enhanced Hearing Edit

Mariel can now hear like a fox, able to hear things far better and from greater distances than the human ear.

Inner Power Edit

The source of Mariel's deep anxiety, it is felt as a faint rippling sensation throughout her body, a similar force resides in Mordecai and all others who have been turned into Myths. It is the source of the newly created Myth's powers, but what it actually is isn't known. Mariel feels uneasy about it, and so restricts use and experimentation with it, afraid of what may result of extended use of this energy within. This power differs from the power of ordinary Myths, and may enable the bearer to surpass other Myths born naturally of the same species, bearing fruit to powers that even the myths would define as abnormal.

Fox Form [Locked] Edit

If Mariel begins to embrace her new form and identity, she will begin to have access to this form. This form is notably stronger and more resilient than humans, providing a possible alternative to fighting in human form.

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