Lux R. Sigel
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The Variante Virus
The Shadow of MPD
Director of Madhouse
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Family -
Status Active
Eye Color Blue | Yellow
Hair Color Green
Height -
Blood type Unknown
Age Unknown
Weight -
Health -
Affiliation The Mythological Phenomena Department
Species Variante|Aetherborn
Base of Operations Madhouse Main Facility
Weapons Claws, Stinger, Gas, Teeth
Current Occupation Head Director of MPD
Fighting Style -
Partner -
Team -
Relatives -
Marital Status Single

Info Edit

Lux is a mysterious man who works as the second main director of The Mythological Phenomena Department, and little is known of him other than his involvement with the Madhouse project. Unknown to everyone but Issac Kurk, Lux is the source of the Variante Virus and was the one behind Clare Kurk's infection.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Lux possesses long light green hair and blue eyes, and wears a black suit with a white undershirt and tan tie. He also wears black pants and has very pale skin. He often possesses an air of mystery about him, and can easily comfort those around him with a gentle aura.

Lux on the surface appears very wise and cunning, but is rather forward in his approach in combat. Beneath his calm and otherwise unremarkable personality is a dark twisted persona who delights in suffering and anguish, as well as preying on those who are weaker than him. He enjoys trickery and subterfuge.

History Edit

Unknown. He has some form of arrangement with Issac in regards to Clare's condition.

Powers Edit

Gas Generation Edit

Poison Generation Edit

Tranquil Aura Edit

Lux's Tranquil Aura lowers the overall awareness of those surrounding him, making his presence seem peaceful and tranquil. It has the ability to pacify those who are agitated in any manner until they are either calmed or made apathetic for periods of time.

Heightened Awareness Edit

Lux has incredible awareness of his surroundings and is almost never caught off guard. He will usually detect a threat long before they are within a few miles of him.

Advanced Sensory Abilities Edit

Lux has heightened senses that allow him to detect targets from an absurdly far distance, allowing evasion and stalking of targets or threats with the greatest ease, almost as if he can read the minds of his enemies.

Infection Edit

Lux possesses a unique genome that causes those he stings to become infected by the Variante Virus. The infection is extremely difficult nigh impossible to cure.

Physiology Manipulation Edit

Lux can alter the genetic structure of a target he melds with, causing various mutations to occur. Can be used to 'create' new creatures entirely or utterly annihilate an enemy by turning his victim's body against them.

Chimera Creation Edit

As a side effect of his Infection ability, his victims become Chimeras over time, with the potential to become incredibly unstable, dangerous abominations. He can also cause this condition by binding himself to a victim and altering their genes.

Variante Creation Edit

His primary infection ability, causing those stung or bonded with him to become Variante. He prefers to do this to females.

Subjugation Aura Edit

Any Chimera or Variante created by him will obey his desires when he is within range. An advanced form of his Tranquil Aura, can be used on non minion creatures, but requires more effort.

Minion Creation Edit

Lux can turn other living beings into his minions through mind control or his various auras.

Possession Edit

Lux fills his enemy with his spirit, allowing him to control them.

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