Lillia Shearheart
Maiden of the Dark Ash
Reincarnation of Destruction
The Black Hearted Witch
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date 11/30
Family None, Aeon(Adoptive Parent)
Status Alive
Eye Color Red, Black(Belial), Gold(Mephisto)
Hair Color White-Grey, Black and Gold(Belial), Vermilion(Mephisto)
Height 185 Cm
Blood type Unverified
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Health Immaculate
Affiliation Neutral
Species Aetherae-Demon
Base of Operations Unknown
Weapons Femme Fatal, Nero Angelo, Neo Angelus, Asura Deva, Cursed Blade of Severance "Apollyon", Vile Blade of the End "Samael"
Current Occupation Medium
Fighting Style EBON, HAOS, Art of the Harbinger, Art of Ruination
Partner Shion(Rival-Love Interest?)
Team Dark Blade, Disciple
Relatives None, All Deceased
Marital Status Single?

Lillia is Aeon's main apprentice, besides Dark Prynce. She is one of the two remaining Aetherae and holds vast, untouched, potential like her rival.


Early Life and Awakening

Elizalette Lilliana Althera was born as the daughter of a noblewoman on Aethera, but was separated from her family before she could develop as a child when the majority of Aethera's population was killed by a monstrous being. Unable to understand or cope with the situation, Elizalette entered a comatose-like state that allowed her to recover from her traumatic experience.

Years later, Elizalette awoke on a planet ruled by powerful, but kind, amazon-like women, who adopted her as one of them and taught her their ways over the course of sixteen years. After learning and adapting extremely quickly to the ways Tsihka and environment of Vassir, Elizalette dropped her original name and renamed herself Lillia.

Differences and Revelations

As the years went by, Lillia noticed that she was aging much slower than the rest of the Tsihka and that her prowess with weapons was surpassing even that of her masters, which caused many rumors to spread about her. This only worsened when Lillia used magic during a hunting expedition to slay a rampant beast that was above the skill level of her peers. After being attacked by a group of jealous Tsihka and coven of witches called the Darcmund, Lillia deides to find answers about her origin and spoke with the woman who raised her. After being told that she was from the stars by her adoptive mother, Lillia was then told to find a being called the Aeonid in order to find her answers by the leader of the Tsihka. 

The Aeonid Encounter

Lillia met the Aeonid, an ethereal wolf that called itself Aeon, fairly quickly and was challenged to a game of wits by it. Winning the game, Lillia asked her questions only to be answered with more questions by the Aeonid. Angry, Lillia challenged the Aeonid and won the battle only to realize that the Aeonid was not fighting at its full power afterwards and demand a rematch with it at full power. The being did not comply and instead offered to assist her for a short while, insisting that she would need it in the near future.

Loss and Gain

Lillia returns to Tsihka with the Aeonid only to find them at war with the Darcmund and losing. She does her best to turn the tides of the battle, only to find that the remaining Tsihka consider her to be an enemy as well. This breaks Lillia's heart and causes her to become filled with hatred and resentment towards all things. This, in turn, unleashes a great amount of darkness into the world and merges her with the souls of countless Wraiths, Lesser Demons, Greater Demons and Mephistopheles, Lord of Carnage and Damnation, which causes Lillia to go on a rampage that nearly decimates both the Tsihka and the Darcmund until the Aeonid intervenes and chooses to reveal its true form and some of its power to stop her. A grueling battle follows and the Aeonid, having held back to not kill Lillia or destroy Vassir, finally defeats the possessed Lillia and leaves the world it its fate in order to watch over the young woman as if she were his own child.

Several days pass before Lillia awakens from her slumber and finds herself on another planet called Earth with the Aeonid. She is told her situation and is told two predictions of her future: The first being that she experiences much darkness over her lifetime and becomes bitter, cruel and judgmental, which leads to her becoming a being that's only purpose is to destroy all darkness which causes the Omniverse to collapse because it is no longer balanced. The second prediction being that she will be forced to coexist with the many dark souls residing within, but ultimately end up with her own body and soul from being ripped apart by a series of internal power struggles and the slow loss of her sanity. Lillia takes both of the outcomes badly and prepares to condemn herself to either fate when the Aeonid gives her a third choice: to follow it, the Aeonid, and gain control over the many souls residing within her and gain their power at some cost. Finding this path to be the most beneficial path, she agrees and becomes the Aeonid's apprentice, not fully realizing that she had met one of the most whimsical and powerful beings in and out of existence and the person who would always consider her to be family.

The Incident

Several millennia passed and Lillia, having stopped aging because of her condition, stayed with the Aeonid, who she now knew as Aeon, and finally gained dominion of all of the souls within her, save Mephistopheles and Belial, a demon who was of equal power to the Lord of Carnage and Damnation. She continued to try to subdue the two, but ultimately grew weary of her vain efforts so she decided to use a weapon known for its power and adaptability in order to aid her cause: Ragnarok, the Sword of Twilight. Lillia asked Aeon to use the sword only for him to refuse with passion, stating that the sword was much more than she thought it was. Irked, Lillia chose to ignore her mentor's warning and, while Aeon was away for oddly diplomatic business, located the sword and picked it up. Immediately the souls within her went berserk, causing Lillia much pain that worsened when her own power followed suit, but she was unable to discard the weapon. Soon thereafter, Lillia succumbed to the sword's power and was forced deep into her own subconscious, a place filled with her darkest wishes and most vile desires, where the darkness within her and a viler, eldritch darkness began to tempt her.

Unable to resist, Lillia was forced to see all of the work she had put into mastering the souls within her crumble and was unable to stop her body from carrying out many atrocious actions. During this time, Mephistopheles and Belial, unaffected by Ragnarok's dark influence, appeared to Lillia and offered her a deal: They would help her regain control of her body, subdue the rampaging souls within her, obey her and force Ragnarok out of her mind in exchange for her own power being given to the pair. Seeing no other option, Lillia agreed to terms of the deal and forges a pact with the Arch Demon and The Lord of Carnage and Damnation, sealing away her own power in exchange for a massive power boost. With this new power, Lillia managed to regain control of her body from the rampant spirits, demons and, with the aid of Mephistopheles and Belial, Ragnarok just before Aeon returns from his diplomatic work. Ashamed of her foolishness and disobedience, Lillia confesses her actions to Aeon, who forgave her and eexplained the reason he wanted no one else to wield Ragnarok: the sword was a god-like demonic being that had been turned into a sword by a group of six heroes, who had once bore its power, and still tried to corrupt those who wielded it in its current state. He then made Lillia promise not to touch the sword again, before telling her to try and master her shared power.


Lillia is quiet and keeps to herself when not among those she considers her peers. Otherwise she is blunt and to the point, occasionally arrogant and headstrong and, a fraction of the time, soft and comforting. Shion is her body pillow, always has been, always will be.


Lillia is pale with paler hair. Her eyes range from blue to blood red to gold with black sclera depending on whose power she is channeling at the time. Formerly a wearer of a combat dress, Lillia now wears more traditional "witch attire", though with her modifications she looks more akin to a witch hunter. She carries around at least six swords, a staff, a bell and a leather bound book, but is known to be a hand to hand combat master.





Dark Prynce



Abilities and Skills

Spirit Manipulation

Demon Manipulation

Dark Arts



Blood Magic

Celestial Magic

Eldritch Magic(Sealed)

Nether Manipulation

Emotion Manipulation

Spirit Magic

Demon Magic

Symbol Creation(Sealed)

Chaotic Dance of a Thousand Petals

Blossoming Storm of the Infinite Spiral

Heart Thief

Abyssal Depths

Gears of Calamity

Weapons and Equipment

Femme Fatal

Nero Angelo

Neo Angelus

Asura Deva

Cursed Blade of Severance "Apollyon"

Vile Blade of the End "Samael"


Mephisto Soul

Belial Soul

Demon Lord Soul

Ragnarok Soul

Demonic Beast

Incorruptus Mode

Imperator Mode

Final Mode

Catastrophe Mode