Leonardius Nevite
Come here. I'll kick you right in the face.
The Dishonorable Junior Officer
The Numbskull
One Who Never Listens
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Family Unknown, Deceased.
Status Active
Eye Color Golden
Hair Color Blond
Height -
Blood type O-
Age 13
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation The Mythological Phenomena Department
Species Lion Nekomata
Base of Operations The MPD
Weapons Claws, Fangs, Barehands
Current Occupation Dishonorable Junior Officer
Fighting Style Rough and Tumble
Partner -
Team The Enforcers
Relatives Unknown, Deceased
Marital Status Single

Leonardius Nevite, or just Leo, is a Nekomata who works for The Mythological Phenomena Department, and is one of the low ranking Enforcers.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Leo is a rather short individual considering his age, and has blonde hair and golden cat eyes and brownish cat ears on the top of his head. While small, he is very well built and can easily crush a car. He wears a ragged brown cloak and a turquoise shirt.

Leo is incredibly antagonistic to generally everyone, as he detests being in the MPD. It's not known if he has a soft side to him or if he is perpetually aggressive to those around him.

History Edit

Leonardius Nevite grew up with a clan of Nekomata in the plain country of the United States region, who loved fighting to the extreme. They escaped capture for many generations, until finally the M.C.C.P along with multiple agencies took them out. Leo escaped, and survived on his own for many years until being caught by Issac Kurk, who Leo only obeys because Issac vastly outclasses him, and he knows he wouldn't get away. He still makes a point at his defiance by refusing to obey orders unless forced to, hence his low rank of Dishonorable Junior Officer. Some of the others make jokes about this by suggesting a 'Leo' rank just for him.

Powers Edit

Superhuman Strength Edit

Superhuman Endurance Edit

Uncontrollable Fury Edit

Animal Transformation - Lion, Tabby Cat Edit

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