The Legion of Phazon is a massive army of various races, ruled by the Emperor of Phazon and Master of the Great Legions, Phazorus Aythmus Rezfarda.

They have the desire to rule all realms with an iron fist. Their base of operations is the Grand Fortress of Phazacropolis, a gigantic fortress in the large capital city of Phazon, Phazorus' homeworld.


Emperor and GeneralsEdit

  • Phazorus Rezfarda
  • Cato Legolias
  • Dracorex
  • Ryloth Onyx


  • Yaridovich Ylfordt
  • Typhoon Huyabusa
  • Zero Huyabusa
  • Devosta Huyabusa
  • Equilatrium

Royal GuardEdit

Bounty HuntersEdit

  • October Vivaldi
  • Tambourine Okoros
  • Xiao Xenoreavus
  • Merecoid Terminus
  • Avion Barracova
  • Ecruteak LaAmour
  • Ilum Svenak
  • Lievre Scabrad
  • Megetzit Dracone
  • Trassk Gyure
  • Shelled Divros
  • Fives Djoern
  • Mojaw Acern
  • SlyRazor
  • Ajorn Ricodo
  • Coroze Reipar
  • September Vivaldi
  • Helix Guunary
  • Olyfenix Gabrieli


  • Vircon
  • Sixas
  • Calitis Monroe
  • Dairuga


  • Grand Fortress of Phazacropolis
  • Northern Earth Base
  • Southern Earth Base
  • Onslaught (Flagship)

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