Where the light ends and the dark begins, there is a wanderer. Neither Beast nor Vessel, they walk a precarious line as the schism dividing the two, yet keeping their roles intertwined enough create the great triangle where sky, land and sea become one.


Following one's dreams is an aspiration many people have. Actually following them, however, lead to the Lady of the White Mask coming across many places where the Beast and Vessel once stood and remembering their actions, having been with them in the past. At the same time, remembering would be the incorrect term, for the Lady of the White Mask stood not with either of them at the moment these 'memories' were born, instead reading their essence in hopes of truly remembering her own past and the truth behind the immovable white mask. In that regard, the Lady of the White Mask is a blank slate yet a full vessel containing memories of others rather than their own, and yet from this she does not suffer.


The lady is known for her mask the color of white marble. Aside from being fairly tall, the lady's appearance is near wholly obscured by a heavy garb resembling a cloak, a mantle and a poncho lacking in both ornamentation and color. The occasional glimpse of porcelain flesh and silvered hair may be seen when the garb is adjusted, but otherwise little is known of her true appearance.


A blank slate in terms of their past, the Lady of the White Mask may be, but not of self. Armed with a sharp tongue and quick wits, the lady flows through conversations with ease. Despite lacking a full sense of 'self,' the lady is a brilliant practitioner of the arts and sciences, equally talented in both, which is to say both dance between her fingers like marbles.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Would that the lady reveal her secrets unto the world as she wander the in-between. Alas the lady doth hide her strength well.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Obfuscated by her garb, what the lady carries are known not.

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