Executing Purge.
Sanctified Archer
Agent of the Purge
Hunter of the Void
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Unknown
Status Active
Eye Color Bronze
Hair Color Cream/White
Height -
Blood type O-
Age Unknown
Weight -
Health Immaculate
Affiliation White
Species Unknown
Base of Operations Yosai Fortress
Weapons Abnormal Blades, Abnormal Bow
Current Occupation Serving White
Fighting Style -
Partner Vulkas Iradrek
Team -
Relatives -
Marital Status Single

A mysterious woman found in the depths of the ruins of Yosai Fortress, she is a powerful being, especially when threatened. She seems to have an ability to detect beings from the void and those infected by their touch, as well as being naturally able to purge said infection from those she touches.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Kyomu is a strange woman with a green cloak and robes, with a red undershirt. She possessed long braided cream colored hair with bronze and gold eyes, and appears physically delicate.

Kyomu is a reserved, but very powerful individual who once they decide something, is completely immobile in her decision and will never be swayed. She can be difficult to work with if she's made up her mind, even more so that she is incredibly blunt, requiring a great deal of respect for critical tongues in order to get along with her.

Powers Edit

Null Type Edit

A peculiar ability of Kyomu's, she appears to be strongly affiliated with Null, Void, and Nihil, with a very high resistance to their effects. To this end a few peculiarities are a side effect of the power she possesses:

She is immune to elemental magic and manipulation, as well as possessing no distinctive aura. This effectively makes those who would have advanced warning of her location due to aura and other similar senses useless at detecting her.

Merciless Strike Edit

Kyomu has little ability to stop fighting once she has started, in the sense that pleas for mercy are seemingly tuned out automatically. The only thing that can pull her from this zen like state is White's own authority over her.

Arrow Type: Edit

Kyomu has a vast range of unique 'Arrow Type' abilities, ranging from purification, stunning, banishment, time distortion, poison, and other such abilities. The set of abilities is diverse enough that most enemies would never be able to become familiar with her movestyles, even after countless encounters.

Enemy Scan Edit

Kyomu has the ability to 'scan' enemies, easily reading their weaknesses, traits, and behavioral patterns. This unfortunately also doubles as an extremely effective anti lying system on top of making her adversely aware of people's intentions, regardless of how much they wish to hide or control their body language.

Null Arts Edit

Kyomu has incredibly strong ties to Void oriented powers, and has access to multiple tiers of the Void power family tree.

Spirit Physiology Edit

Kyomu displays traits of a typical Echo Spirit in some cases, but the type and manner of powers related to them are currently unknown.

Samurai Arts Edit

Kyomu displays incredibly advanced mastery of the Samurai arts, including swordplay, archery, and horseriding.

Karma Manipulation Edit

Kyomu can influence the Karma of others as well as herself, to what extent isn't entirely clear.

Alternative Shift Edit

Kyomu's will has a direct impact on the state of reality around her, seemingly able to overrule challenges and limits placed on her at times. At its most minor scale, she can achieve herculean feats of strength and speed, while its most severe will see her transformed into a one man army capable of decimating even the strongest of adversaries by reducing their offenses to null and overriding their damage done to her.

This ability is purely based on her will, the greater the strength of her willpower, the stronger the desired effect becomes.

Dragon Phase Edit

She unleashes the primal fury of a dragon, gaining features and abilities akin to that of a dragon, her skin becomes like steel armor while her strength becomes terrifying to behold. The elements easily bend to her command, and she appears to fall into a monstrous rage that blocks mental manipulations of all kinds, reducing her damage by half, while incapable of being ailed by the wounds that stick.

Her powers most closely resemble White's in this Phase.

Kaiju Phase Edit

The colossal, legendary power of the Kaiju is hers to command, able to take on the characteristics of the various Kaiju class entities known to exist. She is able to induce a full Kaiju transformation upon herself and is able to control vast natural processes. Her defense is double the strength of the Dragon Phase, while losing the strength of the Dragon, she gains insidious regeneration abilities. She appears to be able to tap into the Conceptual Forces with this Phase.

It is unclear which Kaiju she takes after in this form, presumably one of the stronger ones in existence.

Titan Phase Edit

Automation Phase Edit

Tyrant Phase Edit

History Edit

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