Kuria Raito (Kukyo)
I shall transcend the dark and become a light!
Goddess of Darkness
Dark Phoenix
The Despairing Goddess
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Age of Neo Babylon
Family Kanjō Gods(Children, Nephews)
Status Deceased | Absorbed into Roka
Eye Color Red(Formerly), Bronze, Gold
Hair Color White(Spirit Form), Black (Normal)
Height -
Blood type O-
Age 7000
Weight -
Health Deceased
Affiliation Kanjō Gods, Echo
Weapons Daggers of Suppression
Species Human, Spirit(Remnant)
Base of Operations Echo
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Kanjō God of Darkness
Current Occupation None
Abilities Minor Spirituality
Fighting Style None
Partner 5x5
Team Kanjō Gods, Minor Kanjō Gods
Relatives Kanjō Gods
Marital Status Single

Kuria Raito(formerly Kukyo), was a black winged human, and formerly a spirit. She has played a hand in multiple events, including the war between Reality and Fantasy, and even took sides for the defense of Earth against Van Valeric, in which battle she lost her spirit powers. She and Kado were fused as one to form Roka, the most powerful avatar of Void God.

Appearance and Personality

Kuria appears as a young human of around 18-20 years, but her real age is around 1000-2000 years of age, yet has not aged since her first death. She has long black hair flowing down to her waist, and surreal bronze or gold eyes, usually seen in a white or black dress. Kuria has often displayed resolve to accomplish something, no matter what cost, and is rarely detered from a goal or objective. She is kind to those she cares about, though she is rather stern towards anyone she deems 'foolish'. She is rarely scared of anything, as she has lived through many thousands of years of suffering, her mental fortitude is almost unbreakable, though she has a weakness for those who suffer from tragic lives.


Kuria, originally named Kukyo, was born in the age of Neo-Babylon in a small village, seemingly born with the unique ability to take away other's negative energy, soon leaving the entirity of the village at peace. However, it was not to last, as various nations learned of this miracle and sought to control it, eventually leading to Kukyo's capture at the hands of the Babylonians. She was forced to bear several children, none of which were deemed appropriate for a 'goddess's children', and were executed for not sharing her potential for immortality. After many years, at the age of 20, she commited suicide by self strangluation using her own chains.

She was reborn as a Spirit with vast ranging powers over darkness which gave her godlike powers, incluidng limited future sight, immortality, and various other 'divine' capabilities. At some point, she rediscovered Earth and opened a gateway to invade the world. Eventually her seven Elemental Warlords, her own children, were sealed away, and she too eventually fell and was sealed in Dark Slayer.

She was recently saved from being devoured by Void God thanks to Van Valeric, who removed the Curse of Pain that tortured her all those years ago. She no longer exists, due to the events of the Omega RP, and as of Heirs of the Void, has become the entity Roka.


5x5 (Jonothan Waltz)

Kuria/Kukyo secretly grew to love Jonothan, but decided that he needed to find a place for himself, and arranged for him to meet the Spirits of the North. Upon realizing that Jonothan and Shiroi, his spirit guide showed strong signs of love, she decided to allow them to live their own lives, deciding to sacrifice her own happiness so she could bless two broken souls with happiness. Upon meeting Future 5x5, she was determined to show him the salvation she believed she had found for herself, and possibly even learn to love again.

Shiroi Kiri

Shiroi is a descendant of Kukyo, who she learned of during her rule as the Warlord of Darkness, and took her in to stay with her and try to ease Shiroi's heart from recent losses. She almost looks at Shiroi as a daughter.


Spiritual Power - Minor

Kuria's spiritual power is now very weak, and takes the form of her black wings. She is capable of channeling limited amounts of spiritual acts, such as spiritual healing, and minor barriers. It also seems to possess limited control over dark and light energies as well.