Koruda Rivenstat
"I live for my lady. And you will too."
The Cursed Eta
Captain of the Dragonguard
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family -
Status Absorbed into Roka | Deceased
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Silver
Height -
Blood type -
Age 24
Weight -
Health - Absorbed into Roka | Deceased
Affiliation Phoenix
Species Chaos Engine (Eta)
Base of Operations Yosai Fortress
Weapons -
Current Occupation Eta Knight
Fighting Style -
Partner -
Team Eta Knights
Relatives -
Marital Status Single

Koruda was a recently converted Chaos Engine, formerly a shapeshifter who was a captain of White's personal guard, the Dragonguard, and served as one of the Eta Knights, and was eager to serve once more the one woman she respected and adored above any other. She met her end facing a corrupted Kado, one of the first souls fused with him to create Roka, Void God's most powerful avatar in creation.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Koruda prior to transformation was rather petite and short, but otherwise was unchanged. She currently stands at slightly higher height than average, but would have been far taller if that was her norm. She has cream brown/ silver hair, and distinct purple eyes, which are light colored, in line with typical shapeshifters. She also has a yellow colored dragon tattoo across her body.

Koruda is incredibly dedicated to White, almost in a fanatical manner. She has a manner of sophistication to her speech, but also has a bit of a problem looking down on others. She is very analytical and perceptive, and possesses a similar habit and silver tongue to that of White herself.

Her comrades in the guard would note that Koruda was in fact a lot more tame and less fanatic in her past, in fact very humble and shy. It appears to them that the extensive modifications White performed on Koruda have mentally altered her as well. Some would go on to suggest the two now look strangely similar in some fashion.

History Edit

Koruda was born into the life of a Phoenix member, born in the walls of Yosai itself, born to a female soldier of the army. However, not being wanted by her mother, she was thrown out and left to die, however the child was brought into the central tower upon her discovery, and when she was old enough, she was trained by arguably her new family, White and her staff, until the day came she could swear herself to her master's protection.

Sometime later, White began augmenting special members of her guard with her own DNA to cause dragonic mutations to enhance them, and she quickly noted Koruda responded incredibly to the treatment, and she and a few others became the primary candidates for White's chosen elite Captains to lead the Dragonguard.

She recently has been absorbed by ???.

Powers Edit

Anti-Psychic Presence Edit

Kōrudā acts as a heavy dampener to any Psychic in range of her ability, effectively making it impossible to use any form of mental power in an enemy's arsenal.

Limited Vocifery Edit

Kōrudā has the ability to make any statement true, though she cannot grant herself infinite power or remove her own power's limits. She can however freely tamper with reality as she sees fit, though this power's potential is currently low due to lack of use. Requires concentration and time to deploy.

She has to watch what she says, and can only enact this power if she is deliberately meaning to use it.

Misfortune Inducement Edit

Kōrudā can Jinx or otherwise impede an enemy with various misfortunes and even weaken the competence of an enemy to a near fatal level if they are exposed to her influence long enough.

False Empowerment Edit

Kōrudā is made stronger in the presence of lies and falsehoods, and is adept at both. When secrecy and lies are flourishing, so is she.

Light Manipulation Edit

Sonic Manipulation Edit

Beast Manipulation Edit

Kōrudā can control any being that bears the form or semblance of a beast, granting her dangerous powers over even some sentient creatures.

Cowardice Inducement Edit

Kōrudā can instill fear into the strong and the brave, and make whole armies fall to pieces.

Fire Manipulation Edit

Divinity Edit

Barrier Manipulation Edit

Kōrudā can erect various barriers of various natures to obstruct her enemy.

Living Stigma Edit

Kōrudā is a living curse to anyone who intends her harm, harming her or otherwise coming in contact with her blood is akin to a death sentence or possibly worse.

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