Kon Sugimori
Let's see if you can outsmart me.
No. 7
Darkaria's Magic Genius
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date September 17
Family Aoiuma Sugimori(Foster Father)

Numerous Foster Siblings

Status Alive
Eye Color Orange
Hair Color Orange
Height 5'5
Blood type O
Age 22
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Health Healthy
Affiliation 15 Darkaria Knights, Darkaria Library, Darkaria Kingdom
Weapons Okama
Species Human
Base of Operations Darkaria Kingdom
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Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
Current Occupation Darkaria Library
Abilities Super Human Speed, Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability, Enhanced Endurance, Alchemy, Fire Magic/Manipulation, Water Magic/Manipulation, Wind Magic/Manipulation, Lightning Magic/Manipulation, Earth Magic/Manipulation, Light Magic/Manipulation, Dark Magic/Manipulation, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Transformation, Barrier Magic
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Partner Sosuke Amagai, Thoth
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Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single


Kon was outcasted and made fun of as kid due to his magic power, so people keep calling him a witch. He always ignored these taunts and would always go to the town library to read the books. After people noticed this, they began calling him 'bookworm', which actually began to bother him. One day, a bunch of children came and made fun of by calling him bookworm over and over, then one of them grabbed the book he was reading and began ripping it to pieces. This made Kon angry and in a flash released a lot of magic power in the form of all seven elements that destroyed the library and injured the children.

With no choice, Kon ran from the village and ended up at a large city. He came across a larger library than the one in his old town, and would always live their in the attic. He found a section in the library about magic and all other things associated with it. He began teaching himself with these books at night in the attic. After a while, he was caught by Aoiuma, in which Kon thought he was going to through him out, but the kirin offered to train him himself and live in a better home. Kon took his offer and was trained in all sorts of magic as well as other subjects with other students, who didn't ridicule him for being a 'bookworm'. His power and intelligence made his foster father recommend him to Tsubaki Watanuki of Darkaria to become one of the 15 Darkaria Knights, both of which approved.

After passing a few tests and beating the few current Knights at that time he became No.7 of the 15 Darkaria Knights. He afterwards became friends with Sósuke Amagai due to their foster parents connection.


Kon has orange hair and orange eyes, and wears black rimmed glasses. He also wears an orange and light orange cloak with two zippers on the front. Underneath he wears a black and white body suit and a brown book bag to hold his books, specifically Thoth.


Kon has a cool, calm and nonchalant type of personality. He also has a high level of intelligence that earned him his nickname. He is an avid book lover and has read almost every book ever written, also because of this he's usually called 'bookworm' which always result in him hitting someone with book regardless what they try to do defend themselves from it. He's close friends with Sosuke so he gets along with him well, but usually gets in a comedic argument when Sosuke gets something wrong. He's always calm in a fight and able to come up with plans and backup plans with different variations which usually always succeed.


Super Human Speed

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability

Enhanced Endurance

Enhanced Senses

Expert Close Combat

Fire Magic/Manipulation/Martial Arts

Water Magic/Manipulation/Martial Arts

Wind Magic/Manipulation/Martial Arts

Lightning Magic/Manipulation/Martial Arts

Earth Magic/Manipulation/Martial Arts

Light Magic/Manipulation/Martial Arts

Dark Magic/Manipulation/Martial Arts





Barrier Magic

Gravity Manipulation

Construct Creation


Kon usually carries Thoth with him who can summon various weapons for him. He also utilizes energy hardened blades in his True Form.