Kokua Suzaku
"C'mon Legna, you've got to smile... Even when I'm gone."
Phoenix Princess
Guardian Phoenix
The Black Phoenix
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Unknown
Family Akua(Sister), Alisa(Niece), Iylessa(Niece), Yusuke(Alternate Universe Son), Ensui(Alternate Universe Daughter), Volmond(Former Husband)
Status Deceased-???
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height Variable
Blood type I
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Health -
Affiliation Neutral, Good
Species Phoenix(Imperial)
Base of Operations Heaven(Former), Atlantis(Former)
Weapons Phoenix Flare, Plasma, Bones of Suzaku "Blaze"
Current Occupation None
Fighting Style Imperial Phoenix Battle Dance
Partner Volmond(Former)
Team None
Relatives Akua, Alisa, Kokua, Ensui, Yusuke
Marital Status None

Kokua was a Guardian Phoenix and wife to Volmond before his encounter with the Lord of Inverse. Her death is what caused his descent into darkness.


Kokua was born to the Suzaku family, the second daughter and middle child of five. There is little to say about her youth as she was sheltered and taught the ways of her family and its creed. It wasn't until her twenties when she was allowed to see the outside world, albeit as form of service during a shortage of Guardian Angels at the time. Her task generally consisted of watching over her charge, a young man who dreamed of becoming a doctor, and ensuring that he remained safe from unnecessary harm over the course of four years. It wasn't until an unnatural fire killed the majority of his family that Kokua was forced to take a more active role in protecting her charge, descending from the heavens to directly combat those who attempted to harm him from afar in the guise of a storm brewing within the artificial continent. Her role only grew more direct as the danger the young man faced grew more intense, to the point where she had to directly make herself known to him in order to save him from a near fatal attempt on his life. She succeeded, but not without causing a slow degradation of the fabric of her being due to having infused a rather large quantity of her essence into him to heal a mortal wound.

Keeping this from him, Kokua chose to accompany the young man as a guardian and a teacher of sorts, showing him how to defend himself and keeping him from growing bitter at the hand he had been dealt with near endless optimism and a calm demeanor. This kept up for years, with the doctor maturing into a positive individual and gentle spirited man until the lack of essence began to take a visible toll on Kokua. Confined to bed, the phoenix did her best to keep the young man in high spirits, but her words rang hollow as he frantically searched for a way to cure this sudden "illness" she had developed, only to find that he himself held some responsibility for her condition, thus prompting the doctor to search for a way to return the essence he had been given. Several months later, the doctor managed to undo the damage to Kokua by channeling a fragment of the Great Mana, the lifeblood of magic, and transferring it to her, though in such a way that he nearly ripped away his own essence.

Angered by this, though grateful to him for returning to her what was hers, Kokua berated the doctor for the danger that he put himself in. This in turn lead to an argument that resulted in their separation as Kokua deemed the doctor now fit to defend himself, it simply coincided with the time in which a host for the Eternal Flame, a fragment of the First Phoenix, was to be chosen. Originally wanting no part in this, Kokua was forced into the role as the host for ember by the patriarchs of the great Phoenix Families, though not without dissent from the few who believed her time on the earth had tainted her and thus made her unworthy of succession. This rather quickly turned into a bloody war between the Phoenixes, with the Suzaku, Fenix and Garuda families facing the many minor phoenix families over the validity of their chosen heir.

It wasn't until the angels intervened that the conflict came to a halt, allowing the three great families to prepare Kokua for her role, at least until Akua, Kokua's eldest sibling and heir to the Suzaku family, appeared with the young doctor to test the purity of her heart. Seeing only the budding of feelings and a faint trace of the doctor's essence imposed upon Kokua's soul, Akua was able to deduce that while Kokua was a fit host for the Eternal Flame, her desire to be otherwise would bring about disaster as opposed to a tainted vessel who would cause the pure ember to alight with maleficence. Warning the patriach's of the this Akua and Kokua hoped to find a person of equal stature to be the host of the Eternal Flame, but as easily as this was accepted by the leaders of the great families, the minor families grew even more outraged, at first at what appeared to be a lazy decision from their leaders and then at the presence of a human within their sacred ground. And as the day of inheritance came to be, the crimson wings of war dyed black the sky as they rose anew until a rather strange thing happened.

The doctor, the human detested by the minor families, hosted the Eternal Flame in the stead of Kokua, if only for some hours. Such a thing was simply unheard of, a non-phoenix bearing the Eternal Flame for more than the briefest of instances before turning to ash, halting the conflict long enough for the ember to pass from the, now near death, doctor to a host it deemed truly fitting: The newborn child of Akua, Iylessa. Taken aback, the minor phoenix families discarded their weapons and asked for the forgiveness of the great phoenix families, who in turn turned to Kokua. Not wishing to be cruel, Kokua allowed the rebelling phoenixes to go unpunished beyond reconstructing the areas damaged by their conflict and totally discarding any weapon that was used to harm the well being of any other person, resolving the issue. Then came the topic of the doctor, then under treatment, whom Akua was rather certain that Kokua felt some attraction to up until her admittance. Upon learning that the doctor felt the same or rather similar about her, the two courted each other while he remained under treatment from the serious external and internal injuries hosting Eternal Flame had given him, gradually growing more at home with each other until the two were betrothed not much later.

Less than a month later, the two were a happy married couple, having settled down in a small house in a remote village where they were known as the Miracle Doctor and his Blessed Wife by the local folk. Near the start of the next year, Kokua was pregnant with the doctor's child, but before anything could come of that, the rose tinted world they had lived in was shattered.



Kokua was known for her aloof personality when working, but her amazing generosity and kindness when she had free time. More realistic and down to earth than her elder sister, Akua, Kokua still dreamed big.


Kokua had waist length dark hair with an almost invisible tinge of violet and pale blue eyes with a hint of grey. Her complexion was fair and her skin mostly unblemished, save for calloused handles from wielding a sword and a thin scar across her left shoulder. She often wore a simple black dress, or many variations of it, often with violet or blue frills. She carried a straight longsword with her, but at one time carried around a buckler and shortsword as well.

As phoenix, she had primarily black plumage, with blue and violet primary and secondary flight feathers and natural metallic armor that formed around her. Her flame, in its true form, was identical to the void of space in appearance, blazing hotter than the brightest of lights and capable of theoretically igniting the sun, as is common among the flames of the Suzaku, Fenix and Garuda families. Within her heart was the Flame of Purity.




Abilities and SkillsEdit

Flame of SuzakuEdit

The flame of Suzaku, one of the Great Four long gone. Flames of all natures were wrought from this flame, now but an ember, but even still the bearers of such flames hold authority over all flames they've encountered, turning the ember into a roaring blaze. Untouched by fire, the bearers of this flame are capable or turning the world to ash should they lose themselves in their emotions. Kokua's flame was a gentle flame, one that soothed and healed, but could also turn things to ash in an instant.

Zero NovaEdit

Kokua's flame, a flame that cancelled out the power of others. A dull purple flame that simply counteracted the abilities of others when they attempt to cause another harm. Less of a flame and more of a concept.


Kokua's flame, a flame that transcended the boundary of fire for a brief moment. A flame with the properties of a galaxy rather than fire itself, but only at its conception before it quickly ignited and burnt out. In theory a flame close to the Original Flame of Suzaku,


Kokua's flame, a flame that could repair worlds. A flame that did not burn, but instead reversed damage wrought as it passed, restoring things to their peak, regardless of their condition prior to making contact with the flame. A flame conceived with the last of her life force...

Calming AuraEdit

Kokua possessed an aura that pacified and calmed others around her when near. While not wide spread or large in size, those within range would never lose their tempers so long as Kokua maintained her own.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Phoenix FlareEdit

Bones of Suzaku "Blaze"Edit



Imperial PhoenixEdit

Dark PhoenixEdit

Suzaku Incarnation(Imperfect)Edit



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