Kohaku Ryuga
Can't see my bullet? Let me give you a closer look.
Darkaria's Black Bullet Dragon
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date January 1
Family Kimahara Ryuga (younger twin sister)

Unknown Father Unknown Mother(Deceased) Hotaru Ryuhikari(Cousin) Byakurai Ryuhikari(Cousin)

Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Pink/Black
Height 5'6
Blood type A
Age 21
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Health Healthy
Affiliation Darkaria Kingdom, 15 Darkaria Knights, Kohaku's Three Dragons, Darkaria's Dragonian Squad
Weapons Draco Knight(four guns), Gapped Knife, Red Scarfs
Species Dragonian
Base of Operations Darkaria Kingdom
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Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
Current Occupation 15 Darkaria Knights No.5, Darkaria's Dragonian Squad Leader
Abilities Super Human strength, Super Human speed, Wind Magic, Lightning Magic, Fire Magic, Light Magic, Transformation, Enhanced Senses, Gunslinger, Weapon Fusion, Dragon Eye, Power Perception, Cloth Manipulation, Projectil Manipulation
Fighting Style Four gun style, Demons Wrath, Dragons Rage
Partner Kimahara Ryuga, Aku Ryuzetsu, Hisui Ryusukeru, Orenii Ryuhifu
Team 15 Darkaria Knights, Kohaku's Three Dragon's, Darkaria's Dragonian Squad
Relatives Kimahara Ryuga(younger sister)

Granny(Adopted Mother) Unknown Father Other Adopted Siblings

Marital Status Single


Along with his sister Kimahara, they were both orphaned at a young age. During a time of desperation, a man approached them with promise of food and shelter, though they soon find out that the man is a fallen angel who loves to find torture victims. During the years of torture, Kohaku was able to withstand what this fallen angel would do to him, unlike Kimahara who had developed an alternate personality to cope with it, without Kohaku's knowledge of it. After more years of torture, the fallen angel decided to rape Kimahara, which brought Kohaku to his breaking point.

So he begged for someone to give him power to save her before it's to late. Apparently this whole time, a demon had been watching this, the lord of Darkaria Tsubaki. After being brought to his subconscious, he meets Tsubaki, in which he explains what he has been doing all this time. Because of this, Kohaku becomes very ticked at Tsubaki. Despite this, he decided to leave the matter alone for now due to the circumstances so he asks once more for power. Tsubaki agreed to grant Kohaku power, in return both he and Kimahara become his servants.

In desperation Kohaku took the offer. He managed to escape his bindings and killed the fallen angel before he had gotten far and saved his sister, as well as explaining what had happened to her, though at this point he realised something different about Kimahara, but decided not to deal with it at the moment. After this they were shadow teleported to the Darkaria Kingdom where Kohaku and Kimahara swore loyalty, and branded on the back of their necks with Tsubaki's family brand, signifying ownership. Due to feeling indebted to Tsubaki, Kohaku and his sister decided to become one of the 15 Darkaria Knights, the elites of the Darkaria army.

After years of training, Kohaku became strong enough to become the new No.5 of the 15 Darkaria Knights.


He has waist long, spiky black hair with the top looking like ears. Has pink bangs with a small ahoge. Has somewhat narrow red eyes with red markings. Wears a black, with blue lines, body suit that helps regulate his body temperature. Over it he wears a orange finger less, midriff jacket with a large golden zipper and white fur collar. Attached to the shoulders are ankle long red belts with large golden rings in the middle. Wears tight grey pants held by a red belt. They're tucked under thigh high dark and light orange colored socks with large golden zipper on each. They're tucked under high heeled black buckled boots.


Kohaku loves fighting and has a hate to lose attitude. He also tends to be foul mouthed and has a somewhat bitter and disrespectful attitude. Especially towards Tsubaki due to the fact that he spent years watching them getting tortured but didn't do anything about it. So Kohaku tends to tease him a lot, though after an incident when he pushed it to far, he's learned to keep it on the low. Despite this he does have respect for others, especially Tsubaki, but is to prideful to admit it. He does have a sense of honor in which he won't attack anyone weaker, a child, or already down for the count. Though this doesn't apply to fallen angels to which he despises with a passion, so much so he wouldn't even bat an eyelash before shooting one. He does care about Kimahara a lot due to all they've been through. Also he tries to prevent Kimahara from partaking in any battles so she won't get hurt, also as a way to keep her alternate personality in check because he feels weak when he can't protect her when it comes out. He also despise martyrs, cause he believes that if they're willing to die in battle then it means they're giving up on everything they've accomplished in life. He also despises those who try to sympathize with him and Kimahara about their time being tortured, and those who try to get him and Kimahara to believe in God. He's also uncomfortable around semi-nude, and completely nude women.

Abilities and Skills

Super Human Strength

Super Human Speed

Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability

Enhanced Endurance

Enhanced Senses

Expert Gunslinger

Expert Closecombat

Expert Swordsmanship

Projectile Manipulation

Construct Creation

Space Magic

Wind Magic/Manipulation/Martial Arts

Fire Magic/Manipulation/Martial Arts

Light Magic/Manipulation/Martial Arts

Lightning Magic/Manipulation/Martial Arts

Weapon Fusion and Transformation

Power Perception

Dragon's Eye's

Dragon's Roar

Cloth Manipulation



Weapons and Equipment

His four guns the Draco Knights, a hidden gapped knife, and the two scarves hanging off of his shoulder.