Kimahara Ryuga
What did you learn?
Darkaria's White Dragon
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date January 1
Family Kohaku Ryuga (older twin brother)

Unknown Father Unknown Mother(Deceased)

Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Pink
Height 5'4
Blood type AB
Age 21
Weight {{{weight}}}
Health Healthy
Affiliation Darkaria Army
Weapons Gapped Katana, Gapped Kunai
Species Dragonian
Base of Operations Darkaria Kingdom
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Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
Current Occupation 15 Darkaria Knights No. 8, Darkaria's Dragonian Squad Lieutenant
Abilities Super Strength, Super Speed, Fire Element, Wind Element, Light Element, Barrier Magic, Expert Swordsmanship, Enhanced Senses, Time Magic
Fighting Style Swordplay, Demon's Wrath, Dragon's Rage
Partner Kohaku Ryuga, Aku Ryuzetzu, Orenii Ryuhifu, Hisui Rryusukeru
Team 15 Darkaria Knights, Darkaria's Dragonian Squad
Relatives Kohaku Ryuga(Older Twin Brother)

Granny(Adopted Mother) Unknown Father Numerous Adopted Siblings

Marital Status Single

History Edit

Along with her brother Kohaku, they were both orphaned at a young age. During a time of desperation, a man approached them with promise of food and shelter, though they soon find out the man is apparently a fallen angel who loves to find torture victims. During the time of being tortured, Kimahara apparently developed an alternate personality to cope with the pain. After more years of torture, the man decided to rape her, but Kohaku, at his breaking point, made a deal with a demon king named Tsubaki, who had been watching the whole time, for power to save her, in exchange they both become Tsubaki's servants. After being rescued, Kohaku explained to the alternate Kimahara what had happened, though he didn't know that it was the alternate Kimahara. Due to this, the alternate Kimahara hates Tsubaki. They we're both shadow traveled to the Darkaria Kingdom where they both swore loyalty to Tsubaki, and were branded on the back of their necks with Tsubaki's family brand, signifying ownership. Due to feeling indebted to Tsubaki, Kimahara alongside her brother decided to become one of the 15 Darkaria Knights, the elites of the Darkaria army. After years of training, Kimahara became strong enough to become No.8 of the knights.


She has calf long pink hair with a large ahoge on the top of her head. Has large red eyes, a slim figure with a rather large bust. She wears a sleeveless, pink kimono with detached sleeves with large golden zippers at the end. Under it she wears a black quarter sleeved shirt. She wears a pink skirt with a large golden zipper on the right side. She also wears a red obi tied into a butterfly with golden rings on the tails. Under the skirt she wears maroon tights and knee high black high heeled boots. She wears a gapped katana kept in a pink sheath attached to a red rope over her shoulder. When fighting she'll untie the red rope in at the end of her sheath, then wrap it around swords hilt and guard to prevent from falling out of the sheath.


She is generally a very sweet girl who hates violence, but if she needs to, she will fight. She cares a lot about her brother, so much in fact that she's willing to sacrifice her own life for him. She also goes as far to stop him from teasing Tsubaki so much, due to seeing how ferocious Tsubaki can be if he's pushed to far. She's very respectful, even towards her enemies , like fallen angels even though despite the fact that one of them tortured her and her brother for years. Of course due to the torture, she's developed a split personality that will come out when she's in danger as a means of protection. Her split personality is almost the complete opposite of her original personality. This one loves to fight, is merciless, also has a bitter attitude towards Tsubaki like her brother, and despises fallen angels like him as well. Though she still loves her brother despite her change in attitude, and also cares for her true personality despite writing her off as weak, cause she knows if the other dies, she'll die too.

Abilites and Skills Edit

Super Human Strength Edit

She is able to create massive craters with a single punch and/or kick, and able to cut through almost anything.

Super Human Speed Edit

In a flash of pink to anyone, she is able to cut and/or hit up to ten people in a split second.

Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability Edit

Kimahara's physical durability is extremely high, allowing her to take numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects.

Enhanced Endurance Edit

Kimahara can operate on a low power setting, allowing her to operate for an extended amount of time. She can hold her breath for longer periods of time, remain calm through stressful or painful situations, tolerate extreme hunger, unbearable thirst, and strong urges to sleep. 

Expert Swordsmanship Edit

Her sword skill is above average, being able to hold her own against even seasoned sword users.

Fire Magic Edit

She uses this element combined with her sword to unleash a powerful blast attack called 'Dragon's Blast' by concentrating fire inside her sword and thrusting it forward at the opponent. She can also create fireballs and explosions.

Wind Magic Edit

She uses this element combined with her sword to unleash a powerful cutting attack called 'Dragon's Slash' by concentrating wind inside her sword and swinging it at the opponent in a slashing movement. She can also create tornadoes.

Light Magic Edit

She uses this element combined with her sword to unleash a powerful flurry attack called 'Dragon's Bite' by controlling light inside her sword and thrusting it forward at her opponents at inhuman speeds. She can also create flashes of light that blind opponents.

Time Magic Edit

She mostly uses this for healing to reverse any visible damage, even revive those who died by injury.

Barrier Magic Edit

She uses this magic to protect her and other people she is healing in the middle of a battle. It's only weakness is if someone knows the easy way to get inside one, which only a few people know.

Enhanced Senses Edit

Her eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell far exceeds almost any other creature.

Dragon Eye Edit

An eye technique unique to her Dragonian clan. This allows her to see farther than she normally can, see weaknesses in techniques such as barriers, and see through lies. Down side is she needs to keep her eyes wide open without blinking.

Transformation Edit

She's able to transform into her True Form: White Dragon, which gives her abilities and powers a huge boost. She can only use this when her seal restrictions are removed.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Her main weapon is a gapped katana with a red hilt, and golden butterfly shaped guard inside a red sheath, held over her shoulder by a red rope. She also carries gapped kunai hidden in her sleeves. She also carries poisons, and sleeping powder bombs.

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