Personality/ Appearance Edit

Kenji wants to harm every being in existance, driven to expert insanity by his well-toned powers. He is willing to do anything to reach his goal of destroying the humans that took his life away. This ambition does not make Kenji unthoughtful, no, just the opposite. He is very tactical and sees the world in black and white.

Kenji appears as a man in his mid-twenties with a dark cloth over his eyes and a trench coat exposing his built, yet skinny, front. He always wears skinny jeans that go past his heels. On his feet are black Vans.

Powers Edit

•Mental Projection

The power to project your imagination holographically without the use of technology.

•Mental Barrier Creation/Destruction

The power to create and remove the mental barriers in the minds of others.

•Mental Attacks

The ability to release/use mental powers to various attacks.


Power to mentally receive and/or transmit information.


he power to manipulate objects with the mind.

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