The Eta Prototype
The Redemption
Liberated Angel
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Drake, Eta Squad
Status Active
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Red with White Tips
Height -
Blood type F+
Age 17
Weight -
Health Excellent
Affiliation Neutral
Weapons -
Species 'Perfect Chimera' (Former CE)
Base of Operations None
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Eta Redemption Unit
Current Occupation Adventuring
Abilities Healing, Restoration
Fighting Style -
Partner Drake, Noriko
Team -
Relatives Drake (Genetic Descendant)
Marital Status Single

Kanashimi is a former Chaos Engine, the first of her kind to be free of Phoenix's control. Descended from Drake.

Appearance and Personality

A tall youthful being appearing female with red hair, and white highlights, and three gold stripes pointed at the end are present on the left cheek.

Kanashimi is a very odd individual, taking after her 'father' of sorts, she has a very dangerous attitude at times. She can be very abrasive at times to those who don't know her. She does have a soft side, but she doesn't show it very often, except when in the presence of her adoptive father Drake.

When she isn't being her usual self, she can be a good friend, but her contact with people has been limited thus far, limiting her to a tiny circle of people close to her. She has a shy side as well, feeling embarrassed over anything she considers girly (romance, dresses, flowers, and the like). Pushing her too far in these areas can trigger a rather violent outburst.

Kanashimi idolizes Drake as a mercenary, wishing to become one herself, though her intentions as a mercenary seem to be more focused on doing good deeds for others, rather than simply money. Kanashimi loves to compete with others.


Kanashimi was originally a human by the name of Shimo, born into a rather wealthy family. However, this caused her to be hated by the poor students of the local school she attended, constant abuse and violence was directed at her. Despite this, she never once asked for an intervention from either staff or her parents, nor the authorities for that matter. Her life as a human came to an end when Phoenix invaded Earth, while her tormentors got revenge on her for a police bust from her parents. The invaders took Kanashimi, but slaughtered her tormentors and fellow students.

She was later reborn as a Chaos Engine by White VIII, the first Eta CE to be created, their prototype. She was in service until her life was ended by Daikeim when she went berserk due to him touching her Primary CE. She was later revived by Drake Ryunexo, and ever since, has been adventuring by his side.


Drake Ryunexo

Kanashimi looks up to Drake like her own father, though she is eager to have a go with him, challenging him off and on to contests. He is one of the few people she is ever soft with, and has been slightly changing in manner due to his influence over the past few months. She loves him dearly, even idolizing his line of work, a mercenary. They have butted heads over this topic many times.


Kanashimi is friendly towards Noriko, though before Drake and Noriko became partners, she would always tease them about being lovebirds. The two girls are more or less friends and hold each other in good standard. They tend to bicker on occasion, as well as joke around with each other.


The first person she met outside of Yosai, Kanashimi has an interesting outlook toward Daikeim. She holds some manner of sentiment for when they had first met, but that experience is also marred by the fact that he killed her, Kanashimi is likely to still hold a manner of resentment over this conflicted past.


Kanashimi has grown to like the Archangel to some extent, she also has rubbed off on Kanashimi in some ways, Kanashimi thanks to her is slightly more mature and more readily likely to criticize Drake when he gets into trouble that he gets himself into. The two are now sort of friends.


Enhanced Condition or Supernatural Condition

Enhanced Combat

Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability

Enhanced Strength

Weapon Manifestation

Wing Manifestation/Elemental Wings Manifestation

Fire Magic/Manipulation

Light Magic/Manipulation

Ice Magic/Manipulation

Frostfire Magic/Manipulation

Fire - Ice Negation

Fire - Ice Resistance

Fire - Ice Conversion

Fire - Ice Healing/Regeneration


Aether Manipulation

Sub powers include Healing at advanced stages, advanced level of Creation, and minor forms of Astral manipulation and Mysticism.


Allows for the creation of beings and objects.


Allows the restoration of damaged objects and beings to their proper state, prior to receiving damage.


Kanashimi can regenerate herself or another via this power. For herself, she can heal from the majority of wounds with little effort.


Can bring back to life anything to its original state prior to destruction within the recent span of two days.

Aura Dragon

Can manifest a black aura dragon to enhance power and speed.

Mythologic Adaption

Allows Kanashimi to gain abilities seen in battle from her enemies.


Hi no Hansha

Kanashimi's Divine Instrument Form, meaning 'Reflection of Fire'. It has three parts.

Imperial Shield

Kanashimi wields a powerful shield, which at full power serves as a spacial shield, making physical attacks worthless.

Archon's Rite

A powerful sword composed of Aether and Fire, the blade is designed especially to damage enemies with armor, its damage increasing with the power and effectiveness of armors, effectively nullifying them. Undead type enemies such as vampires will be made mortal and smited by the fury of its flames. Unholy beings receive more damage than normal enemies. Possibly composed of fire from Heaven itself.

Hansha no Tsūka

The main part of her form, Kanashimi becomes a burning symbol of divine power, coupled with her heritage as an Endlos and Aetherborn, it is the strongest form of protection in her arsenal. Meaning Reflection's Passing, it deflects energy attacks, and will automatically smite evil beings who physically touch her. This form also counters corruptive energy, making her a dangerous enemy to contend with for unholy beings. The form can be further upgraded, though the next stage of power is locked.

Hi no Hansha II [Locked]

Kanashimi's second stage of the Hi no Hansha. Previously described abilities are augmented.

Hi no Hansha III [Locked]

Second to last stage of the Hi no Hansha. Combines the awakening requirements for both previous stages for almost godly defenses.

Full Bloom Hi no Hansha [Locked]

True Form of Hi no Hansha.



Younger Kanashimi


Kanashimi as Shimo

Img20160401 12322517

Kanashimi Full Body