Kanjo Goddess of Lightning
Puppet Goddess
The Silenced Thunder
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date {{{birth date}}}
Family Royal Family of Fey, Michiko
Status Active
Eye Color Electric Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height -
Blood type None
Age 19
Weight -
Health Poor (Disassembled Soul)
Affiliation Phoenix, Drake (Former)
Weapons Lightning, Life Energy
Species Fairy - Human - Spirit - Shapeshifter
Base of Operations Yosai
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Lightning Slayer of Phoenix
Current Occupation Goddess of Lightning
Abilities Electricity Manipulation, EMP Burst,
Fighting Style Lightning Step, Rolling Thunder
Partner Drake, Kanashimi (Former), None
Team Drake's Group (Former), Phoenix Avatars
Relatives Michiko(Sister)
Marital Status Single

Kaminori is the Kanjo Goddess of Lightning and Vitality, and was formerly two entities, but is now one. She is the result of forcibly fusing Kaminari and Noriko into one being, and lacks any identity due to the nature of her 'creation'.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Kaminori appears as a empty blue eyed fairy with long, curled blonde hair and long pointed ears, with strange markings designating her as one of the Kanjo Gods. She wears plain clothes except when manifesting Kaminari's soul.

She appears largely apathetic if not totally unresponsive, less than a doll, and nothing but a shadow of the two beings she once was.

History Edit

Kaminori was created when White VIII recaptured Noriko and after countless punishments, was forced to become this empty, hollow goddess. She now is but a pawn in Phoenix's schemes.

Powers Edit

Lightning Magic & Manipulation Edit

Life Energy Creation and Manipulation Edit

Spirit Goddess Physiology Edit

Titanic Strength Edit

Empty Mind Edit

Hollow Soul Edit

Elemental Creation Edit

Advanced Ninjutsu Edit

Advanced Kinjutsu Edit

Unnatural Song Edit

Death Magic Immunity Edit

Self Manipulation Resistance Edit

Electromagnetic Pulse Edit

Plasma Manipulation Edit

Soul Manipulation Edit

Void Soul Physiology Edit

Conceptual Powers Resistance Edit

Counterforce Edit

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