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Spirit of ValourEdit

Kalin was one of two beings created in an alternate dimension, one made of black and white, where time stood still, and the laws of nature were skewed. His birth was part of an experiment by two "divine" entities, who wanted to determine the strength of good and evil. The two entities raised Kalin and their other "child", Rose, in two different environments. Kalin was led down the path of light,trained to be a guardian of good, and Rose was led down the road to darkness, fostering desire for power and destruction within herself. Both were infused with the power of absolute good and evil, giving them the powers over life and the void, and trained them to be great warriors. Although they were created to be polar opposites, Kalin and Rose found support within one another, which eventually led to love.

Two Become OneEdit

Eventually, the time came when the two entities decided to conclude their experiment. The two forced Kalin and Rose to fight each other to the death. Although the pair were hesitant to harm one another, they had no choice in the end. The two brought all of their respective power to bear on one another, and in the end, Rose stood over Kalin, prepared to strike the final blow. However, despite her parents orders to kill him, Rose refused to take the life of the one she loved. Instead, Rose decided to find another way, smiling at Kalin before erasing herself from the world, and scattering her essence to the wind. This surprised the two deities, as they had made Rose to be completely self serving, but her final act showed that she was capable of making sacrifices for the sake of others. What happened next, however, was truly astonishing: Rose's dark essence fused with Kalin's light essence, leaving the two deities without an answer, but with more questions than ever.

Afraid of the Dark...Edit

The pair of deities banished Kalin-still distraught over the loss of the one he loved and unable to take out his anger on his creators-and sent him to find his own path, with the hope that he alone would answer their question with the mark he left on the world.

Upon arriving in this dimension, Kalin buried all memory of his old life. With no money, and no place to stay, Kalin became a wanderer. He quickly came to realize that he was not normal. His powers began to manifest themselves, His ability to heal preventing starvation from killing him, and his magic reacting to the presence of danger. Not long after he discovered these powers, Kalin came to believe that he was a monster, and attempted to end his life. Jumping from the roof of a building, he closed his eyes. When next he opened them, he was sitting on the sidewalk, unharmed, with a letter addressed to him.The message was simple:

Don't do it again...

-Kisses, from your lovely Rose

From there, Kalin decided that he would stop feeling sorry for himself, and make use of what he had. For the next few years, he began to take on the occasional odd job, using his abilities to earn money, food, and a warm place to sleep.

 The PresentEdit

Personality Edit

Before being banished to this dimension, Kalin was a calm, kindhearted individual; He was always willing to help others, despite any personal cost.  He was noble, strong willed, and fearless. After Rose gave her life for him and their essences fused, Kalin gained many emotions that he had never experienced. Without his memories, he could no longer ignore the presence of his less honorable feelings, and while not always willing to explore them, he is not the saint he once was. In fact, he's become a bit of a cocky young man with a bit of an attitude.

When around his loved ones, his attitude drops almost completely, and he does everything he can to keep a smile on everyone's face.

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Skills and Abilities Edit

Supernatural ConditionEdit

Master Level Healing FactorEdit

Supernatural SwordsmanshipEdit

Nether Manipulation/EmbodimentEdit

Kalin can manipulate the energy of death and destruction, and the void. This enhances his natural destructive capabilities, and as a result of beung formed of nether energy, his soul cannot be destroyed by most normal means.

Dark ManipulationEdit

Kalin can control, absorb, and manipulate the various aspects of darkness. 

Dark Energy ManipulationEdit

Kalin can create and Manipulate Dark energy. 

Abyss- Kalin creates a dense ball of dark matter energy which draws in enemies as it develops into a mini black hole. using this in tandem with Extinction, he can destroy even the strongest of enemies.

Extinction- Kalin creates a vortex of dark energy which, when fired, becomes a blast capable of blotting out the sky.

Aether Embodiment/ManipulationEdit

Light ManipulationEdit

Kalin can control, absorb, and manipulate the various aspects of light, using it to perform attacks. 

Meteor- Kalin charges himself full of light energy, increasing his speed to nearly untraceable speeds
Celestia- Kalin fires a wave of spears made of light energy at his opponent.

Twilight Manipulation- Kalin can control and manipulate Twilight energy, the energy balanced between light and dark.

Dark Star- Kalin fires off a wave of Twilight energy at his opponent.
Altaris- Kalin creates a ball of dark energy with small lights within it. He then launches the ball at his opponent with  massive explosive force.

Fire Energy- Kalin can create and manipulate Fire energy 

Burning Wing- Kalin channels fire energy into his arms, and slams into the opponent, in a charge or lariat tackle.
Flames of Rebuke- Kalin uses fire and light to dispel all aspects of darkness, malice, and evil with his attack.
Hellfire- Using darkness and fire, Kalin's attack causes intense pain on the target as it destroys their form as well as corrupts their souls.
Twilight Gates- Kalin is capable of accessing the Twilight dimension, the "flipped" version of the world that lies between the realms of light and dark. From there, he can access all the realms that exist in the universe and outside of it.

Equipment Edit

Kalin uses swords most often in combat, although he has experience in many fighting styles, and is willing to use other weapons at his disposal when the need arises.

The Muramasa Blade

There was once a great blacksmith who bound a piece of his soul to his greatest blade, making the wielder peerless in strength, but slowly driving them mad in the process. Kalin discovered this sword during his travels and was nearly driven to madness himself. However, with both his own will and Rose's in his mind, he was able to suppress the blade's insanity. Kalin now carries this weapon, although he only uses it in desperate situations. The blade is black and exudes an ominous aura. Many of its abilities have reduced in strength over the years, but the Muramasa Blade has one special property that has always remained: the blade can slice through any material, regardless of density or durability. Its true form is...

Dual Mail

Kalin's clothes are made of a special material only found in his home dimension. These clothes actually begin as pair of shapeless masses, one black, one white. When one uses them, however, the masses take the form of whatever the user decides to wear. The clothing made from these are extremely durable, acting as a form of armor, despite the durability of a comparable clothing piece(I.e. A t-shirt can't normally deflect bullets). These clothes can continue to change form for the user indefinitely, and can become any clothing piece they desire.

Forms Edit

Phoenix FormEdit

Kalin uses the Phoenix style of Fire magic to amplify his strength and speed. This power once belonged to Rose, but became his when her essence fused with him. It contains 4 stages:

Stage 1Edit

Kalin uses fire magic to summon a construct made of aura. This construct takes the form of a woman around Kalin's age. It acts as his partner, supporting his attacks. This form changes with the inclusion of light or dark energy.

Alternate Stage 1 Edit

Kalin summons a giant Phoenix that can protect him from the air, as well as allow him to fly without exerting a continuous flow of his own energy.

Stage 2Edit


Stage 3Edit


Stage 4Edit


Twilight FormEdit

Kalin gained this form after Rose's essence joined with him. He became a being of both pure light and pure darkness, and this form exemplifies this. Both halves of Kalin's energy become one. In this form, the strength of his Aether and Nether energies becomes greater, and his control over Twilight becomes amplified.

Quicksilver FormEdit

This is Kalin's original form. Being a creature of absolute good, Kalin has control over the element of Aether that surpasses even the strongest of beings. When using this form, Kalin's dark nature is suppressed, and he becomes unable to access the powers of Twilight. In exchange, he becomes a being of unparalleled speed that uses its strength to protect the innocent and punish the wicked.

Avenger FormEdit

This form is Kalin's most common tactic of combat. It's basic capabilities involve coating his body and weapons in Nether energy, increasing their destructive capabilities. It's true form is most often used whenever Kalin loses control of himself and his dark energy, whether by accident, or by the influence of Rose's spirit. Kalin becomes an avatar of rage, losing all access to light energy, and becoming unable to access the power of twilight. In exchange, however, Kalin becomes a force capable of destroying everything and everyone in his way. Can evolve into the Embodiment of Evil.

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