Kake Spiritwood
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Fun and games... that's all it is, Brother. Fun and games.
Fate's Wager
The Pursuer
The Roadblock
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Family Kado (Brother), Shinwa (Sister), White (Sister), Kuchi(Sister), Kyoshi(Father), Sabireta (Mother)
Status Active
Eye Color Yellow-Gold
Hair Color Silver
Height -
Blood type None
Age 67
Weight 0
Health Excellent
Affiliation Self
Weapons Dark Slayer, Recoil
Species Shapeshifter - Spirit
Base of Operations Upnation
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation Pursuing Kado, Shinwa
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Info Edit

Kake is the older brother of Kado, who seems to be pursuing Kado and Shinwa for unknown reasons, presumably to knock sense into them and bring them home. He has also acquired the Dark Slayer. He has an uncanny ability to get in the way of plans, either hindering them or outright grinding them to an absolute halt.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Kake is a young man in appearance that has silver hair and yellow-gold eyes, also bearing a distinct red Spirit Brand on his face. The whites of his eyes are pure black, like most Negative Spirits. He wears a black cloak with blue details on it, usually to avoid people from noticing his strange appearance. He wears black boots reinforced with steel, which he enjoys using to kick people in combat.

Kake is a rather pleasant person, but suffers from heavy amounts of aggression due to his nature as an Aggression Spirit. Despite his flaws he has proven to be more knowledgeable and wise to things around him to some degree, possessing the wisdom of an older brother. He looks down on those who fantasize about power, or for that matter, beings of great power who look down on those weaker than them and abuse their power, once this has become apparent to him, any civility he may possess is discarded for cold steel.

History Edit

Kake lived with his extensive family in a remote village controlled by the Dragonclaw and Spiritwood clans, which live together. At some point, Shinwa deserted the village to join Phoenix, which did not bother him until he had learned of the details of what that entailed. Before he knew it though, Shinwa returned for Kado, which drew forth Kake's wrath. In an attempt to draw her to her senses, he engaged her in a fight, which would have killed him were it not for his Spiritual Awakening. Reborn as a Negative Spirit, he swore to track Shinwa and Kado down, and punish her thoroughly for being so foolish, then bring them back home.

His trail has lead him close to Yosai.... and he has mysteriously picked up a clone of the Dark Slayer.

Powers Edit

Negative Forces Manipulation Edit

Esocentric Darkness Manipulation Edit

Spiritual Link: The Obstructor Edit

Kake's power is linked to Aggression and Arrogance, this specific spiritual power grants the ability to obstruct the flow of battle and the objective of an enemy. Upon activation, any objective or target being sought after is nigh impossible to reach, making it a severe detriment to offensives and defensives.

Its effectiveness scales with the power level of an enemy, as well as the level of arrogant behavior, making it effectively the kryptonite of arrogant, powerful characters, while selfless and weaker characters may experience the least amount of obstruction, if any at all.

May not apply to himself, and therefore provides him no protection against the frustrated enemy, as its primary objective is to attack selfish and arrogant enemies.

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