Kai Aquiano
"You've gotta enjoy life...I just enjoy taking it, too."
The Tempestuous Flame
Immortal Asshole
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown(Normal), Red(Awakened)
Hair Color Brown(Normal), Red(Awakened), Gold
Height 6'5"
Blood type  ?
Age Unknown(Physical Appearance: 24)
Weight 164 lbs
Health Exceptional
Affiliation Phoenix Feathers
Weapons Regalia Ignis Aur


Species Human/???
Base of Operations Phoenix Feathers
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Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
Current Occupation Mercenary, Mythos Hunter
Abilities Immortality, Fire Manipulation, Regalia
Fighting Style Wild Spark Dance
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Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single

Kai is a young man suffering from amnesia. He makes a living helping resolve issues both magical and mundane on earth through his shop, Phoenix Feathers.


Kai is a young man with short, messy, light brown that he often styles up, and hazel eyes. His usual casual outfit consists of a gray shirt and charcoal gray jeans, along with a red jacket with black lines decorating it to finish the outfit.


Kai is a curious and courteous man, somewhere deep, deep down inside. He likes to take risks, but he knows when he's taken on more than he can handle in a given situation, not that knowing will hold him back any. He is more than a bit cocky and has a smart mouth that doesn't often stop speaking without good reason. He likes meeting new people and believes in what few friends he has no matter what, displaying his loyalty to those close to him. Kai is an impassioned individual, and he is aware of this, so he tries to keeps his emotions in check when he can. Kai has instances where he reacts to a situation in an unnaturally calm manner without even noticing it, himself.



Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Fire ManipulationEdit

Kai can generate, form, and manipulate flames. He is also capable of absorbing fire to regenerate his energy reserves and heal his wounds.

Expert CombatantEdit