I'm not one to be underestimated.
The Eta Breserker
Self Proclaimed Hero
Corruption of Phoenix
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Family Eta Squad
Status Active
Eye Color Blue, Red
Hair Color White
Height -
Blood type F-
Age 15 (Human) 1 (CE)
Weight -
Health Excellent
Affiliation Phoenix
Weapons Toraiejjikamisori
Species CE (Archangel, Machine, Cyanican, Endlos, Spirit, Aetherborn)
Base of Operations Yosai Fortress
Quests Capture Noriko
Previous Occupation(s) None
Current Occupation Torrent's Aid, Capturing Noriko
Abilities Aura Manipulation, Element Manipulation
Fighting Style White Breserker, Red Rain, Black Tide, Skull Drive, Primitive
Partner Torrent
Team Phoenix, Eta Squad
Relatives Eta Squad
Marital Status Single

Kagerou is one of the main antagonists concerning the upcoming Phoenix War, one of the members of the elite group of Eta Class CEs, namely, Eta Squad. He has a strange personality in comparison with some CEs, that being he willingly fights for White, rather than resisting. He mentally deludes himself into believing he's the hero, though why this is unknown.

History Edit

Kagerou was created from the genetics of Drake Ryunexo, who is the genetic base of all Eta Classes. Kagerou was subjected to long torturous experiments to replicate the Primitive Mode that Drake is known for, driving him to madness, which ironically was the key to attaining the power. However, the newly discovered power also left White without a leash to control the CE properly, so she implanted an Artificial Consciousness that would deactivate on command or if the situation called for it to allow the use of Primitive.

His first deployment has been the Retrieval Operation, an operation started by White in an attempt to restore the full roster of Phoenix, to fully crush Earth in their second invasion.

Relationships Edit

Drake Edit

Kagerou both hates and admires Drake, which originally drove him to adopt his hero persona, as something to strive for. When he is looked down on by Drake, it ignites the black flames of his hate, which only causes his inner corruption to fester stronger. If Kagerou would ever kill his 'father' out of this hatred is unknown.

Torrent Edit

Kagerou takes great pleasure in toying with Torrent, calling him his side kick to deliberately aggravate him, he knows in reality he is the subordinate, but loves to toy with his superiors all the same. The two tend to bicker, though they work well together to complete their mission.

White Edit

Kagerou's actual feelings towards White are vague at best, but he willingly serves her. If this is loyalty or merely waiting for a chance to be free of his chains and lunge upon her like a lion, is unknown.

 Powers Edit

Aura Dragon Edit

A blood red dragonic aura, often with the appearance of boiling liquid blood. Can cause massive damage to enemies with little effort.

Archangel Physiology Edit

Machine Physiology Edit

Cyanic Physiology Edit

Endlos Physiology Edit

Spirit Physiology Edit

Element Control - All Edit

Telekinesis Edit

Telepathy Edit

Object Manipulation Edit

Discord Manipulation Edit

Mythologic Adaption Edit

Chaos Engine Mode Edit

Chaos Drive Edit

Primitive Mode Edit

An ability that he and Drake share, causing Kagerou to descend into absolute insanity and an unstoppable rampage.

Toraiejjikamisori Edit

Kagerou's specialty weapon. A greatsword with chainsaw blades along its edge, it can split into three broadswords with the blades floating around Kagerou in rings of spinning pain. Made from Elementium.