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Time is moving forward... I suggest you do the same.
The Light Prince
The Solar Dragon
Kanjō God of Light
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date {{{birth date}}}
Family Kukyo, Azayakana, Kanjō Gods
Status Sealed, Alive
Eye Color Lavender
Hair Color White
Height -
Blood type None
Age 1000-2000
Weight 0
Health Well
Affiliation Phoenix, Kanjō Gods
Weapons Light, Heavenly Light Spear
Species Human(Former) Spirit, Dragon
Base of Operations Yosai Fortress
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation Kanjō God of Light
Abilities Light Magic
Fighting Style Flashing Heaven Light, Solar Wind, Screaming Stars
Partner -
Team Kanjō Gods
Relatives Kukyo, Kuria, Kanjō Gods, Azayakana
Marital Status Formerly Married

Kagayaki is a Light Spirit-Elemental-Dragon hybrid born during the Age of Neo-

Babylon. One of eight legendary spirit-elemental beings from that era, Kagayaki is the eldest born of the Elemental Warlords, save for Kukyo, his mother. He and his kin were one revered as Gods on Echo, though in recent years they have been locked away in the Elemental Slayers, weapons capable of slaying the elements.

Appearance and Personality

Kagayaki normally appears as a 18 year old boy with white hair and lavender eyes, often wearing white robes. He is usually very kind to others, but has a secret wrath that if unleashed can prove fatal to those around him. He is usually very open to others and will always hear their problems, regardless of his own.


Kagayaki was born in Babylon to Kukyo, his mortal mother, as part of an undocumented experiment on the part of  Nebuchadnezzar II to create a line of kings that would be immortal and eternal, like Kukyo. However, the experiments all failed (to Nebuchadnezzar's knowledge), and as punishment for failing them, Kukyo was forced to watch each of her children including Kagayaki die. However, they secretly all inherited a form of Kukyo's immortality, and were reborn as spirits instead. After this, they waited to be reunited with their mother again.

Many years later, Kukyo eventually commited suicide, becoming a Spirit like them, waking up to see Babylon mysteriously in ruins. They then departed the world of Earth, and eventually settled upon Echo, where they gave birth to the Shapeshifter, Elemental, and Spirit races of Echo. Eventually, Kukyo rediscovered the world of Earth, and opened a portal that would become known as Azure Gate, from which the Warlords assaulted Earth, at the same time as the Fantasy War. Eventually the eight were defeated, and sealed within the eight Slayers of Phoenix's blades, where their power slumbers still, but their wills endure.


Absolute Light - Kagayaki at full strength is almost unparalleled with the powers of Light, capable of limitless use of the element.

Immortal - Kagayaki cannot be permanently killed. His existence is tied to all positivity in the universe, as long as positive emotions exist, so will Kagayaki.

Vision of Light - Kagayaki can see any being who is touched by the light. He even has limited visions of the future at times.

Spirituality - Kagayaki is a spirit, unable to be harmed by physical means in his true form. In his concealed form, it would be no different then simply cutting a piece of clothing.

Spirit Hands - Tendrils of spiritual power that allow a spirit to manipulate the environment around them. Has almost endless uses.

Spirit Weapon - Kagayaki wields a blazing sword of pure light that can cut any material object with no resistance, only a spiritually charged/magical blade with certain properties can counter this sword.

Devour Soul - Kagayaki is capable, as is any spirit, of devouring other spirits and souls. The action is usually the same as death, only no afterlife, unless the spirit shows mercy and releases the soul.

Light Travel - Kagayaki is not limited to most physical planes, and can almost instantly appear in a location with light. This is not affected by the time of day. Only supernatural darkness can prevent this ability. He may also take anyone he chooses with him. Instantaneous.


Normal Form - Appears as a white haired 18 year old boy with lavender eyes. He has above average strength in this form.

Spirit Form (1st) - He appears as a more divine being, with light blue markings indicating his Positive Spirit alignment. His strength is monstrous in this stage, and all of his powers are augmented by his spirituality, and cannot be physically touched. All energy attacks must be consistent of at least half his being's equivalent in this stage to affect him.

Spirit Form (Dragon) Kagayaki takes the form of a titanic dragon made of pure light. In this stage only a being with the power of a god has a chance to defeat him, as his powers are made otherworldly.