Kādo Spiritwood
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The Dark Slayer
The Masked Vigilante
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Family Kyoshi(Father), White(Sister), Shinwa(Sister), Kuchi(Sister), Kake(Brother), Sabireta(Mother)
Status Deceased, turned into Roka
Eye Color Black (Normal), Gold (Happy), Red(Angry)
Hair Color Light Brown/Cream/Platinum Blone/Blonde
Height -
Blood type O-
Age 22 [Deceased]
Weight -
Health Deceased
Affiliation Phoenix, Azure(Former), The Junkyosha Party
Weapons Dark Slayer, Fire Slayer, Earth Slayer, Katanas
Species Shapeshifter, Spirit, Dragon(Not significant to powers)
Base of Operations Azure(Former), The Slums, Wilderness
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Dark Slayer of Phoenix, Leader of Azure
Current Occupation Frontliner of The Party
Abilities Intangibility, Transformation, Spiritual Forms
Fighting Style Asian Martial Arts, Street Fighting, Shadowstep
Partner Azula(Former), Dimrune, Naomi, Shinwa
Team Admonition, The Frontliners
Relatives Unnamed Father, White(Sister), Shinwa(Sister), Kuchi(Sister), Kake(Brother), Sabireta(Mother)
Marital Status Single

Kado, or properly Kādo, was the main protagonist of the Phoenix Invasion and Phoenix War Arcs, and was an active renegade seeking to bring down the organization Phoenix, and bring lasting peace between Fantasy and Earth, even if it cost him his life. His life had been full of turmoil and strife, full of betrayals and fighting. He was a Shapeshifter - Spirit hybrid.

Kado met his demise at the hands of Void God, who used this being to create a new avatar, Roka.


Kado was born to Sabireta and Kyoshi of the Dragonclaw and Spiritwood Clans, deep in the forests of East Flora. His life would remain relatively peaceful until the age of ten, when his memories were erased and he was taken by his sister White to serve Phoenix. He was trained in martial arts and the use of a Slayer, a weapon capable of overriding elemental immunity and slaying elements themselves.

When he turned fifteen however, he was betrayed by the organization, the trauma of having what seemed like family to him betray him caused him to awaken his spiritual powers prematurely and shattered his soul into three pieces, pieces that would become Ace and Neo as well as a reformatted version of himself. Once again nameless and reverted into a much younger version of himself, he would wander until finding the City of Azure, where he would meet the love of his life Azula, and create the organization Azure (Organization).

At some point after, he would regain his memories and strongly desired revenge, eventually getting his chance after the MCCP attacked Azure, and so struck out against both them and Phoenix. Eventually a battle between Kado and Phoenix ensued, only for Kado to be defeated and Azula transformed into a Chaos Engine, driving him to depression. Now he seeks to end this conflict once and for all to regain his honor and save those he cares about, all the while on the brink of being torn apart by his now awakened fragments, which seek independence.

Personality and Appearance

Kado is a shy, quiet individual who abhors conflict and believes those who actively seek it are fools. He realizes his own self worth and so never puts himself above others, to the point of causing harm to himself. He becomes colder toward those who wrong him however, taking time to give trust to those individuals once more. He was once fairly doom and gloom in personality, but now is more resigned and content with his lot in life, if not a tad sarcastic and snarky at times.

Kado appears as a masked make with black irises and white pupils, and mid length cream colored hair. He has a defined muscle tone, but is no means muscle bound or a heavy weight. He is implied to be more of a pretty boy, this and his shyness is part of why he hides his face. It is believed this is in part due to his birth as a Moon aligned child. He likes wearing white robes with black detail, and wears a black bodysuit underneath.



Azula is one of Kado's most cherished parts of his life, more so in absence than ever. He regrets not giving her the love she desired from him, and feels the only way he can ever seek forgiveness is by avenging her and setting her free from White's grasp. Only then, he feels he can find his own happiness.


Kado hates White with cold fury, for all the atrocities to man and myth alike she has committed, especially to him and Azula. He will stop at almost nothing to defeat her and make her pay for her crimes. White on the other hand, finds his efforts amusing and doesn't take him too seriously, openly mocking his efforts at times.

Shinwa Dragonclaw

Although Kado hates White, and Shinwa is part of her, he was willing to give her a chance to prove herself. Over the past few weeks, Kado has slowly warmed up to her, almost accepting her fully in his heart, and is willing to let her prove her worth and defeat her counterpart, White. They now almost have a sister and brother bond, like in Kado's long and distant past.


Early childhood friends, Kado deeply adores Naomi and wishes for the very best for her. At one point, they had a romantic interest in each other, but distance made the connection fade away for him. She however retained that connection, and it was this connection that White exploited to keep her in line. Kado cautiously approves of her relationship with Revyern, but if the elf hurts her feelings, he cannot promise to not strangle the elf with his own bow.


Kado owes the fact that he is not a complete nervous wreck to Noriko, and like Naomi, she was a childhood crush of his early on, but during their apprenticeship, she became more like a big sister to him, and as such the two became close friends. Kado was horrified to learn of Noriko's fate, and deep inside, murderous rage stirs in his heart as well as an abyss of grief.


Kado strongly disapproves of Obi and his behavior regarding leadership, but acknowledges the crazy fool has some manner of decency somewhere in his madness riddled mind. He begrudgingly respects him on some manners, but isn't quite afraid to let him have it if he truly feels Obi has gone too far. He finds this relationship the most aggravating to endure, especially for his care for Akami conflicting with his dislike of her 'father'.


Kado deeply admires and looks up to Akami, the halfdragon being a supportive anchor in his dark times. He is greatly concerned for her wellbeing despite her strength, as he knows the lengths White goes to hurt him and those he cares about. He wouldn't admit it to himself for fear of letting feelings from distracting his heart from his task, but he truly loves her.

Drake Ryunexo

Kado finds Drake to be one of the most infuriating and childish beings he has met, Obi just barely surpassing him. He doesn't understand the Cyanican's mind in the slightest, and almost cannot see how Noriko possibly fell in love with him. The one credit he gives Drake is that if Noriko could see good in him, he is worth giving the benefit of the doubt, and it is for her sake he sheathes his sword.

Neo and Ace

Kado distrusts Neo, and bickers with him constantly. Neo is not as forceful over taking over Kado, and almost is willing to help Kado whenever he is in trouble, informing him of the world's developments and occasionally commenting on sensitive topics for Kado. Kado is beginning to develop a soft spot for Ace, recognizing her as her own being. He wishes to make up for all of the hatred he gave her before, and will even let her roam in his body as a sign of trust.

Natural Abilities

Shapeshifting - Power Mimic

Kado is able to shapeshift into whatever forms he has seen, and is able to mimic said form's powers, though they pale severely to originals.

Supernatural Sight

Kado is able to see in night as he would the day, and can see farther and is more reactive to phenomena than human eyes. Supernatural darkness is nullified into ordinary darkness, essentially making it appear night to his eyes, rather than full blindness.

Pre Memory Loss Abilities

Legendary Kenjutsu

Trained for much of his life in the art of the sword, Kado's mastery of blades was at his peak nearly enough to make him White's equal.

Advanced Ninjutsu

Kado along with other members of Phoenix, have learned various martial arts and skills, some relying on advanced senses to accomplish.

Supernatural Speed

Kado's training enabled him to fight at speeds far greater than the average enemy, his speed is commendable, but does not yet exceed the speed of sound, doubles for his reflexes.

Supernatural Strength

Kado's long training enabled him to be far stronger than even most Shapeshifters are normally capable of being, if this is attributable to his dragon heritage is unknown.

Supernatural Endurance

Long abusive training sessions has given Kado extreme pain tolerance and the ability to outright ignore some manners of damage. A normal human will struggle to do significant damage even with melee weapons, save for blades.

Chi Manipulation

Advanced Stealth

Slayer Abilities

His weapons, the Slayers, grant him supernatural properties over the elements they control, allowing for a great variety of techniques and abilities.

Esoteric Darkness Manipulation

Esoteric Flame Manipulation

Esoteric Earth Manipulation

Element Immunity Nullification

Immunity in all forms does not apply to attacks generated by a Slayer or its wielder, making such defenses worthless, allowing fire to damage fire, or an normally immune entity to be left with a crippling vulnerability to one of the most basic forms of nature. Also causes significant damage boosts to elemental based beings or beings who use elemental magic within the Slayer's presence.

Cowardice Inducement

Users of the elements or elementals themselves find themselves facing a crippling fear of the Slayer's blade, and they will naturally seek to avoid being consumed.

Spiritual Powers

Kado, being a rare hybrid of Positive and Negative Spiritual powers, has incredible potential and abilities beyond his normal kin.

Spiritual Link: The World

A rare spiritual ability, tied to Kado's positive spirit. Allows him to control Creation, Destruction, and Manipulation powers at will. Creation pulls new things into existence, and can be used to create weapons, living things, and even elements and energy. Destruction removes things from existence, while Manipulation controls all things via atoms and energy.

Current Level: Awakening

Positive Forces Manipulation

Negative Forces Manipulation

Spiritual Link: Retsagar

A rare spiritual ability tied to Kado's negative spirit. Kado's understanding of an enemy increases in combat constantly, allowing him to see weaknesses of the mind, body, and spirit. This information can then be used to maximize damage to armor, shields, barriers, and the body. A highlighted weakness due to Retsagar will deal tremendous damage to the victim as compared to when Retsagar is inactive.

Magnum Pulse

A fast, intense bolt of negative energy that destroys whatever it touches, leaving a vacuum which collapses into a large explosion of pure pressure, allowing for long range combat.

Negative Battery

The more negative energy in the area, the more stamina Kado has. Direct hits deal less damage if negative intent is behind the blow.


Kado can disrupt and sever the connection a person has between them and their negative emotions, leaving them unable to feel aggression, hate, or anger. 

Damage Transferal

Kado stores damage within himself, causing his defenses to drop to zero. All damage is increased, but the more units of damage accumulated, upon the technique's release, the enemy is returned double the damage, while Kado is healed for triple.

Balance Embodiment

Kado's status as a Balance Spirit is currently unstable, though should he choose to, he can balance his two sides into perfect harmony, and can exercise it upon the world around him to various degrees.

Weapons and Equipment

Dark Slayer

Fire Slayer

Earth Slayer




Twin Katana blades

Choke Bombs

Smoke Bombs

Fire Bombs


EMP Emitter


Positive Spirit Form

Negative Spirit Form

Balance Spirit Form

Phoenix Mode Forms (Fire, Dark, Earth)


Kādo means Card in Japanese, his name was given to him by Hiroshi, his master, while they were playing a card. Kādo's technical full name is Ace Kādo Spiritwood, named after the Ace Card, which is his favorite playing card. He was given this name because his original incarnation in the series was meant to be a masked vigilante prankster, with a more light hearted spin.

Kado and the core concept of Phoenix was developed over a span of about three to five days, with a massive amount of lore being added further down the line.

Kado was inspired by various games and anime characters, such as Raiden from Metal Gear Rising, and the final boss theme from the game, 'It Has To Be This Way', and the Phoenix concept was created vaguely from a loose combination of Bleach and Final Fantasy 13's music, particular songs inspiring the organization and its specific tones include Fighting Fate, and Born Anew. Kado started out as a very heroic oriented character aiming to defeat the injustice toward the innocents of the world, but as his world collapse around him, he was forced into a period of darkness, and now is seeking redemption.

Kado, White, and Shinwa all share a main color of White for their clothing, with Black details, detailing the duality of Light and Darkness.

Kado's unofficial themes are It Has To Be This Way, Metamorphosis and Metamorphosis Life Theory Mix, both created by Blue Stahli.

Kado's real name is Iiltai, meaning 'Silent Lilly'. It is the first time an Echotean term has been coined. The choice of this name has to do with Kado's affinity with feminine energy over masculine energy, represented by the moon and the sun. It is an old traditional naming system of the imperial line.