Have you seen Toa Sien anywhere? No? Get lost.
The Last Sienite
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Active
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Height -
Blood type A+
Age 32
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation Himself, Wind Clan
Species Shapeshifter - Elf
Base of Operations Skykeep
Weapons Wind Slayer
Current Occupation Courier
Fighting Style Wolfcaller
Partner None
Team None
Relatives Unclear
Marital Status Single

Kōzui is a Shapeshifter - Elf who works for the Wind Elemental Clan as a courier of sorts. How this arrangement was reached is unknown.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Kozui is a black haired half elf with green eyes, and wears a white shirt with black pants, preferring a simple, uncaring style of fashion as his line of work requires long hard journeys between Elemental Clans. He is well built and very fast, skilled with blades from fighting marauders.

Kozui is very impatient and single minded, focused on the task at hand and literally nothing else. He has an extreme tunnel vision in this regard, his speed is the only saving grace he has to protect him from this flaw. While not cocky, he judges largely by appearance and not by actual potential.

History Edit

Nothing is really known about him amongst the Elemental Clans, save for him originating like many Shapeshifters, in the East Flora. He spends his days journeying to and fro the various cities and capitals of the tribes.

Powers Edit

Esocentric Wind Manipulation Edit

Wind Magic Edit

Elven Prowess Edit

Elven Magic Edit

Blade Proficiency Edit

Bow Proficiency Edit

Absurd Endurance Edit

Supersonic Speed Edit

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