Dr. Junnosuke Ri Alverez di Loneo. Alchemy M.D.
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Junnosuke in his lab
Doctor of Alchemy
The Healing Alchemist
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family All but daughter deceased (Haikia)
Status Alive
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'8"
Blood type O+
Age 47
Weight 124 lbs
Health Fair- Deteriorating
Affiliation Philosopher's Stone
Species Homunculus
Base of Operations Apartment in Paris, France; large lab in Germany
Weapons Unknown
Current Occupation Healing Alchemist
Fighting Style Alchemy
Partner None
Team None
Relatives None, All Deceased
Marital Status Widow

Powers and RestrictionsEdit

Elemental Manipulation and ReconstructionEdit

-Can completely change shape of earth, water, fire, wind and things that are made by them in a small area.

Life Force ManipulationEdit

The ability to manipulate the essence of Life, which is present in all living beings throughout the universe

••Must use Equivalent Exchange and Transmutation Circles••