Jumbo is an expirament done by the Sect of Satan. He is a result of Satanic Alchemy. He is also serves as leader of the Mythos who reside in the Realm of Fantsy. He is a artificial hybrid of Man and Ptearosaur (Quetzacoatl).


During the events of the War Between Relams, Jumbo was just a mere soldier. During the war he was kidnapped by the Sect of Satan and was their first experiment of Satanic Alchemy. He was supposed to serve as the Guardian for the Sect, but it backfired and he attacked the Sect after the process was done. He broke his way out, but was shot done by the military believing he was a mytho. They tossed him into Fantsy and shielded the entrances with a long-lasting micro generator, sealing the mythos inside. Jumbo became one of the first inhabitants that was locked in the Realm of Fantasy and he apparently went insane. He soon discovered he had the ability to telepathically communicate with other Mythos and control the less intelligent ones.

After the entrances was shielded, Now renamed Downation, Jumbo felt an overwhelming feeling of abandonment. He made getting out of the realm his number one priority, and getting revenge on those who abandoned him second.


Jumbo has a rather vicious personality. He is extremely vengeful, He also has a hatred towards humans and the military (now currently the M.C.C.P) for locking him up, calling them "The Before", most likely since they forgot them and left them in pain.

Physical appearance

Jumbo is man, mixed with an quetzacoatl. He has the head of one and the wings of a quetzacoatl on his back. He is shirtless, but wears torn shorts. He has shackles on his wrists and anckles, all of them having about 4 chains on each shackle. He has the Pentagram symbol on his chest. He also appears to be thin, tall (7 ft.), and fragile, but retains some muscles, as shown he has a six pack and has muscles on his body, despite him having kind of skinny structure. His skin/fur is gray.

Powers and abilities

Psychic Communication

Jumbo can communicate with other Mythos through their minds; this lets him control the unintelligent ones and persuade the intelligent ones like Zane. He can also see into their minds using this power.

Supernatural Strength

Jumbo has proven himself to be a powerful Mytho with greatly enhanced strength. He is skilled at fighting. In battle he is a highly formidable opponent. His great strength is uncalculatable as he can lift any amount of debris.

Supernatural Durability

Like most Mythos, Jumbo is very damage-resistant, able to survive such weapons or being buried underground without any noticeable negative effect.

Supernatural Speed

Jumbo can move at mach speed when it comes to flight. This augments him to use his great strength with great speed making him more formidable. The fastest Jumbo has ever flown was at Mach 20.

Sonic Scream

Jumbo can emit enhanced destructive and deafening scream at a high amplitude.


Jumbo has a Pentagram imbued to his chest. This symbol augments his strength to match that of anyone he's fighting and allows him to be on par stronger beings on physical and spiritual levels. The pentagram allows Jumbo to negate barriers and restrictions. The most prominent of the pentagram's ability is that it can absorb spiritual properties. If Jumbo is looking to absorb anything, five balls of sparks will fly out of the five vertices of the star. Who or whatever the sparks hit will then burn a pentagram on them. Once this happens the victim's spirit begins to be absorbed into the pentagram. Once the spirit is absorbed, the consciousness of the victim is destroyed and the essence of it's spirit is left. Jumbo can then draw forth power that he has absorbed from his pentagram. The effects of the pentagram cannot be negated nor can it be gained by other means. If anyone or anything manage to obtain the pentagram through non-ritual means, their body will be consumed by an unquenchable fire that will destroy their body and/or consciousness until all but the spirit is left. The spirit will then be absorbed by the pentagram and the power will return to who or whatever the victim stole this ability from.

Anger Empowerment

Jumbo gains more strength from his great anger, though this could be seen as a passive ability since he is angry all the time.


  • Jumbo talks in the first person plural (for example, he says "we" or "us", instead of "I" or "me").
  • Jumbo is the only one in Downwation who isn't classified as a myth.