Jonothan "5x5" Waltz is a Variante-Nymph hybrid who was once leader of the M.C.C.P's most refined squads: Domino Squad. He suffered from family trauma as an infant and it later put stress on his mind to keep himself from entirely slipping into insanity and fantasy, causing him to be schizophrenic . He suffered even more trauma from his years in The M.C.C.P.


5x5 is handsome young male who is well built for his age. He has cyan-colored hair and light yellow eyes. He wears standardized leather M.C.C.P jumpsuit tier. He has a blue flower tatoo on the left side of his chest and has 3 connected tulip flowers on his back. The one on the left is dark cyan. The one on the right is cadet blue. The on in the center is teal.


5x5 is mostly friendly to others, but is rather alienated from his fellow agents, so he often wants to stay distant from others. He is always trying to feel good about some things. (only does this when he's near the verge of depression). 5x5 will always offers his help to whoever needs it and will be willing to do tasks too great for himself. 5x5 is also forgiving and understanding as he displays this as he constantly tries to talk down his free-myth brethren. This later brings him to a depressional state, due to most of these attempts not working and he is forced to bring his brethren in, where they are experimented on. He also seems to be scared and confused on the inside as he feels his life doesn't make sense and he doesn't know what he's supposed to do. His memories begin to deteriorate after this, making him even more confused to the point (This is what 6x6 calls a Purgatorial Flux).


Like most of the children born at The M.C.C.P he was genetically constructed through two individuals DNA and genes. The process however was disrupted and it caused him to loose some parts of his temporal lobe. (via schizophrenia and Purgatorial Flux). After he was 'born', his mother wanted a better life for him, not the one she was doomed to have. Seco on the other hand wanted him to stay at the facility and learn a few things. 5x5's mother knew 5x5 would be unhappy at the facility, just as she was and also feared that 5x5 would just be another weapon to be used to capture and torment the free-myths. These opinions put a wedge between Seco's and his wife's marriage. At the age of 5, 5x5 left with his mother to live away from Seco and his 4 year-old brother, Gobble. For a an entire year, he spent is life in tranquility with his mother, though some days she would have to go back to work back at the facility. This made 5x5 dependent on his mother to the point he needed her to guide his actions and every time she went to got to work, he would start having a mental breakdown and start hallucinating. This gave his mother leaninacy with her job to only work on certain hours. 5x5's mother decided to resign for her job. The instant she entered the facility, 5x5 started having a mental breakdown that was so bad that flooded the entire facility. Her mother was found dead.

After Her

After 5x5's mother died, Seco took custody over 5x5 and he lived the remainder of his years at the facility. He was constantly mocked by some of the other younger weapons over the loss of his mother, mostly calling him a 'baby' or a 'mama's boy'. He would immediately retaliate and lash out at whoever mentioned her, but would soon be dog-piled and beaten by the other youngsters. He was also tormented by his brother Gobble for being so soft.