Jonas Isacariot McVienel is a Werepyre bounty hunter. A sadistic, egotistic, intelligent, bada*** bounty hunter that works for the M.C.C.P


He has lived before the time of the M.C.C.P's founding and one of their first successful experiments. He had excelled in all of his given missions and has taken down the strongest of beings that excel beyond his own ability. He has trained in over 40 different combat styles and is possibly the greatest strategist in history since Robert E. Lee. His childhood is under wraps for now, but it is reported that he has went on several blood rages before the M.C.C.P found him. He appears to have ties with Demgel and who he was before the lost of his memories and he also seems to know about Lucime as well before she blood raged.


Personality He acts immature, if not arrogant on the outside and will often times taunt his opponents according to how they act or according to their pat. On the inside despite the fact he is the strongest weapon the M.C.C.P have, he doesn't underestimate his opponents. Anyone he is sent to kill serves as a potential threat to him. He is calm and always patient. (possibly because he is eternal.) He is an overall a good man, but feels the need to do his job and doesnt question anything about it.


Weapon Ultima or Jim


He is appears to be 28 year-old tall man. He has light-dirty blonde hair. He has a a distinct white face. He wears a black trench coat and a black tank top under it. He speaks in a western/country accent.

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