Jackie Ventra is a former traveller and currently a Weapon for the M.C.C.P.

History Edit

None as of editing.

Personality Edit

Jackie has a calm expression but is very direct with people he meets and talks to. People take offense to his speech but his only comment is "The truth hurts sometimes" and he simply goes on with his life. He likes people who can understand his directness and in combat he's quiet and cocky always mocking his opponent's to get them angry. Jackie is easy to get along with once you know him but he is absolutely unpredictable.

Appearance Edit

Jackie has light black hair and a long face. He has a noticeably muscular build and wears a brown jacket that's fuzzy on the inside with two pockets on the outside for his hand and one on the inside where he puts his gum. He wears a black t-shirt and black jeans. His entire outfit is flexible and bends easily with his movements. He also wears a Weapons Vest  under his jacket. He wears black boots and fingerless gloves. He has red irises and they can change color from blue, green, purple, pink, or red.

Abilities and Skills Edit

Bloodsucking Edit

As all vampires can, Jackie can suck someone's blood. Jackie can heal himself through this tactic. He can also absorb blood in the surrounding area by inhaling it.

Hypnosis Edit

Jackie has the ability to manipulate the thoughts and actions of others if he can get a direct glance into their eyes.

Immunity Edit

Jackie has shown immunity to nearly every weakness a vampire would normally have. He can however be hurt by holy artifacts and weapons blessed by holy water and holy blood.

Intangibility Edit

An ability many vampires seem to have in common is the ability to pass through objects.

Physics Defiance Edit

Jackie can sometimes be seen sitting or walking on vertical surfaces, water, air, and on clouds.

Regeneration Edit

Jackie has the ability to regenerate at an extreme pace greatly exceeding any known regenerative abilities. He has survived being decapitated and being completely burned alive.

S-Cloning Edit

Jackie once met the famous Dracula and fought him in combat. After a fair loss, Dracula taught him the ability to create Shadow Clones of his opponents by manipulating the very shadows themselves. These clones prove to be the mirror of the person they copy and are an exact match in every way.

Shape-Shifting Edit

Jackie has the ability to become anything he puts his mind to.

Superhuman Accuracy Edit

Jackie uses two pistols and can shoot and kill anything within his sight even at great distances without looking. He also seems to have an unlimited amount of ammunition.

Superhuman Reflexes Edit

Jackie has proven that he can catch Shadowtag Bullets  with his hand.

Superhuman Speed Edit

Jackie is fast enough to dodge customized anti-aircraft bullets made to hit super sonic targets called "Shadowtag Bullets", specifically designed to kill him among other people and are fired from automatic weapons.

Superhuman Strength Edit

The extent of this ability is unknown. Jackie has easily smashed through titanium barriers and even broken diamond down to dust with his bare hands.

Supernatural Sense Edit

Jackie can sense supernatural

Teleportation Edit

Jackie has the ability to disappear and reappear wherever he feels like.

Weapons and Equipment Edit

Joan of Arc's Swords Edit

Short Swords formed ages ago, these were what gave him his Supernatural Strength. They are as strong as the wielder's will.

Hellzone PistolsEdit

Two fairly large Magnum four-barreled pistols with two settings: Normal and Hellfire. The pistol on normal by itself can shoot through titanium an create massive holes. On the Hellfire setting, they were powerful enough to leave lasting damage and the pistol rounds are massive and almost like giant fireballs.

Weapons Vest Edit

A vest hand crafted, it's a system of intertwined leather that can carry up to eight swords and twelve pistols but Jackie customized his to carry only four weapons in total, his two swords and pistols. This vest is also bullet-proof and protects Jackie from oncoming shells.

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