Iylessa Suzaku
"Now I'm really gonna kick your teeth in!"
The Harsh Phoenix
The Prodigal Phoenix Lady
The Knight of Inferno
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Unknown
Family Akua(Mother), Kukua(Aunt), Alisa(Sister), Corona(Niece), Regalia(Nephew)
Status Alive
Eye Color Turquoise, Violet
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height 176 Cm(Variable-Form dependent)
Blood type I-?
Age Unknown(Mid-late twenties)
Weight 35 Kg
Health Fantastic
Affiliation Neutral, Alexian
Species Phoenix(Imperial)-???
Base of Operations The Kingdom- The Dark Lady's Domain
Weapons Phoenix Ray, Plasma, Inferno, Wings of Suzaku "Incineration", Inferno Piercing
Current Occupation Knight
Fighting Style Imperial Phoenix Battle Dance, Knight of Inferno, Empress of Flame
Partner Alexian(Rival-Love Interest?)
Team None
Relatives Akua, Kokua, Alisa, Corona, Regalia
Marital Status Single?

Iylessa is the daughter of Akua and sister of Alisa. She is a good friend of Alexian's, but may want to be closer to him than that.


Born in the heavens, Iylessa almost immediately lost her mother, Akua, to a tragic accident following her birth. Up until she was ten years of age, she believed that Alisa, her older sister, was her mother and that the reason other phoenixes in her family kept a fair bit of distance from her was due to her less than beautiful appearance. She soon learned that Alisa was acting head of the family due to the loss of their mother and that the reason she was left to her own devices more often than not was due to Alisa fiercely guarding her from the others due to her... gift. It was then that she learned of the Eternal Flame, a fragment of her progenitor, that resided within her, having chosen her as its host shortly after her birth, and that it appeared to have fully bonded with her down to a monad level, unlike with other hosts who could barely withstand the "Will of Flame" housed in the ember. Alisa then explained that this alone made her worthy of succeeding the Line of Suzaku as its head, but due to her youth, such a decision was to be put off. It should be noted that Iylessa took this information rather well and stewed on it for the next four years before she inexplicably fled from the heavens, at least to all but her sister.

In actuality, she had decided to live her own life as she pleased, a decision fully in line with the Will of Flame, on Earth. It wasn't much later when Iylessa realized that she was not on the Earth that her sister and the other phoenixes spoke of often, instead in a fog laden wasteland of a world. Searching for someone else, anyone else, Iylessa came across a young man by the name of Alexian as he, too, ended up in the realm as a half living-half dead entity. Initially arguing, the appearance of Dullahan quickly made the unlikely duo bond in order to escape the fiend with their lives, though not without challenge. The two eventually arrived at an ebony fortress and, upon being spied by one of the knights protecting the fortress, were captured to be pitted in the colosseum beneath the fortress. The rather young duo managed to attain victory, in part due to Iylessa's swordsmanship under the influence of the Will of Flame in conjunction with Alexian's powerful, near wild, use of magic, until they were pitted against each other. Neither particularly wanting to fight, having grown accustomed to the other, the duo refused, even after many bribes and incentives were offered to them separately. In the end, the two were confined in the bowels of the castle until the lady of the fortress, simply known as the Dark Lady, set them free in exchange for their service in her army. Alexian initially refused, but Iylessa managed to convince the young man to do otherwise lest he remain imprisoned until the lady of the castle saw fit. It was this that eventually lead to Iylessa becoming the Knight of the Dark Lady.

For the first few years, neither was willing to serve the Dark Lady wholeheartedly, but gradually Iylessa came to know more and more about the Dark Lady, realizing that the mysterious woman had in fact destroyed the colosseum that they had been forced into and executed those who were gambling with the lives of those rightfully able to seek an audience with her. Due to this, Iylessa began to seek many audiences with their benefactor, in part to find a way for Alexian to get his freedom, in part to learn more about the mysterious Dark Lady. This drew the suspicion of many of the Dark Lady's knights, some preparing to persecute Iylessa for potentially wanting to assassinate their lady, up until the Dark Lady herself asked Iylessa to champion her cause in a singular conflict with the King of the Kingdom, more specifically his Inquisitor Knight. Agreeing, Iylessa was forced to train harder than she ever had in her life to be even a potential match for her opponent, slowly but surely awakening the power of the Eternal Flame within her. Not much later did Iylessa, backed by Alexian, encounter the Inquisitor Knight and their partner, the Artisan Knight, after which an intense two on two battle raged until neither side saw victory and retreated.

Expecting praise for repelling the enemy, Iylessa instead encountered the scorn of those who believed in her skills not. The Dark Lady, contrarily, believed that the duo had done well, awarding them their freedom. In spite of this, Iylessa chose to stay within the Dark Lady's castle, having found a place that she felt was correct in her heart.

Iylessa would stay here for years, unaffected by the flow of time in the castle she served, honing her swordsmanship into a wholly unique style as the Eternal Flame awakened more and more, eventually fully merging its own will with hers to release her dormant power as an Imperial Phoenix, though to an incomplete extent due to her youth. Eventually, Iylessa was granted a special council with the Dark Lady, where the mysterious imparted a portion of her being to Iylessa, granting her power over the Hunger and choosing her as her "voice". This, in turn, manifested itself as a second soul of sorts within Iylessa's soul, condensing the great power that had awakened in her down to a smaller scale and granted her insight towards her progenitor's swordsmanship and martial prowess. Without much need for coercion, Iylessa began to hone herself more, so that one day she could reach and surpass her great Ancestor.


Iylessa is harsh and frank, not detracting from the truth to appease another. She believes in strength and honor and will not fight an opponent without them engaging her first in single combat or her temper flaring. While not mean spirited, her words are caustic and piercing, qualities that only worsen as her temper gets out of control. She has a gentler side, but rarely shows it to anyone but her family and, on rare occasions, Alexian.


When not clad in the custom made black and red armor representing her allegiance to the Dark Lady, Iylessa is known to wear a skirt fitted with armored segments and an armored coat over a simple white blouse. She wears combat boots with black steel plating at the toes and fingerless gloves connecting to plated bracers. At her side is her heirloom sword, thought to be a katana when in actuality it is a straight sword, and below that rests what appears to be a tonfa on both sides. Her complexion is pale and dotted with freckles and her hair is a dark brown tied into a ponytail as opposed to red, black or ashen. Her eyes, like all Phoenixes from the Line of Suzaku, are blue, though occasionally they will darken to a violet eerily similar to her mother's eye color when channeling other incarnations of herself. She stands fairly tall, albeit somewhat shorter than her elder sister, but taller than her mother by over a head. As of late, she has chosen to wear a silver band on her ring finger.




The Dark LadyEdit

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Flame of SuzakuEdit

The flame of Suzaku, one of the Great Four long gone. Flames of all natures were wrought from this flame, now but an ember, but even still the bearers of such flames hold authority over all flames they've encountered, turning the ember into a roaring blaze. Untouched by fire, the bearers of this flame are capable or turning the world to ash should they lose themselves in their emotions. Lylessa's incarnation is less flame and more raw destructive power in the guise of flame. It burns and scorches, but it also can simple demolish objects and materials as designated by Iylessa.


Iylessa's flame, a flame of destruction. Rather than igniting and burning objects, it breaks them, shattering solid objects like glass, dispersing liquids and neutralizing gasses.


Iylessa's flame, a flame that generates extreme pressure, bringing it to extreme temperatures with that alone. The flame also simply eats through objects and sinks, growing hotter still as it does until it runs out of things to eat through.


Iylessa's flame, a flame closest to the original Flame of Suzaku. Embodying the properties of every flame Iylessa has encountered, this flame leaves nothing left of what it touches, but requires constant concentration else the flame breaks down into every individual flame type.

Power of the FourEdit

As the true heir to Suzaku, Iylessa can call upon the full power of Suzaku and temporarily unleash the power of the original flame, leaving nothing in its wake.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Phoenix RayEdit

Inferno PiercingEdit

Wings of Suzaku "Incineration"Edit



Imperial PhoenixEdit

Suzaku Incarnation(Incomplete)Edit

Infernal PhoenixEdit

Divine PhoenixEdit

Guardian of FireEdit




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