Isaac Kurk
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Come a little closer. A little more. There you go. I'M DEAF IN ONE EAR. CAN YOU TELL?!
The Deaf Man
Head Administrator of the MPD
One Man Juggernaut
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Family Clare Kurk (Cousin)| Isaac Kurk Sr. (Father)
Status Active
Eye Color Golden Brown
Hair Color Blond
Height -
Blood type AB
Age 45
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation The Mythological Phenomena Department
Species Hyperhuman
Base of Operations The MPD
Weapons Bare Hands
Current Occupation ead Administrator of the MPD
Fighting Style Eye for an Eye
Partner -
Team The Enforcers
Relatives Clare Kurk | His Father
Marital Status Single

History Edit

Issac Kurk belongs to a wealthy political family, the Kurks, known for taking the side of history's most controversial topics, such as Universal Rights and Anti Segregation policies. Their wealth comes from incredible political, economical, and militaristic insight that makes it difficult for even the well versed opponents of Mythic Rights to attack them.

Issac Kurk takes a more neutral tone compared to the rest of his kin, preferring to take a neutral road in his outlook. A born genius, he has always displayed unusual intellect for his age, learning advanced mathematical, scientific, and theoretical practices at only seven years of age. His IQ is not measurable. He graduated at the top of his class when he was fourteen. Since he was twenty, he has been leading MPD. He has been known to be able to manipulate energy, but he has not let on how long or where he acquired this power.

Powers Edit

Energy Manipulation Edit

Issac can manipulate to fullest capacity any energy he has seen previously, though this requires practice, he is most known for his deadly manipulation of Kinetic Energy.

Hyper Intelligence Edit

Issac has an incredible intelligence, and prefers to solve problems with intelligent thought, rather than violence.

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