Isa A. Lee
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family -
Status Active
Eye Color Silver
Hair Color Blue/Black
Height -
Blood type -
Age 21
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation The Mythological Phenomena Department
Species Hyperhuman
Base of Operations The MPD
Weapons -
Current Occupation Secondary Officer
Fighting Style -
Partner Simon | Arnak Rivikai
Team The Enforcers
Relatives -
Marital Status Single

Appearance and Personality Edit

Isa is a young adult with bluish black hair and silver eyes, wearing an official uniform of the Mythological Phenomena Department, and is often seen wearing a katana or some manner of sword at her waist.

Isa is a well mannered, calm, and generally pleasant person. She is quick to chide childish behavior and tends to be upset by inconsiderate actions, though Isa has learned how to hide her reactions extremely well. She has a firm sense of justice and is not easily tempted. She has an extremely low alcoholic tolerance due to her telepathic powers.

History Edit

Isa was born as a lab experiment to artificially create Hyperhumans by the M.P.D, and is one of their few experiments who not only is stable, but has a number of high quality powers. She was adopted by the Lee Family, who raised her as a normal girl, though at the same time, trained her into a being fully competent in her power. By age five, she could levitate a tractor trailer with ease. Once of age, Isa was made an official agent of M.P.D. and quickly proved her worth among them. Her skills were further harnessed until she could create psychic blades, barriers, and even seal demons. She is as of today one of their more potent members.

Powers Edit

Master PsychicEdit

Master Swordsman Edit

Diplomatic Edit

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