Inga Kankei
All for the sake of power...
The Witch of Causality
Dread Witch
The Equalizer
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Active
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Pink
Height -
Blood type O+
Age 815
Weight -
Health Outstanding
Affiliation Antagonist
Weapons Withering Staff
Species Human (Witch)
Base of Operations Unknown
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation Stealing souls
Abilities Causality Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Element Magic
Fighting Style -
Partner None
Team -
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single


Inga is a mysterious witch who collects the souls of fey and any high energy souls she can acquire for mysterious purposes. Her power is feared by all of the fey of Echo, for the extent of her powers is truly legendary.

Appearance and Personality

Inga is a mysterious person with long pink hair, and eyes that change color on a whim, usually pink or purple. She wears a rather large witch hat, underneath is a white hood with purple detail, on top is a set of thick battle armor, the reason she wears both armor and robes is not known, but she has once remarked that the reason she wears a witch's hat is to be deliberately let people make fun of the stereotype, only for them later to sincerely regret it.

Igna is a calm, collected individual who answers only to herself and lacks a concrete moral center, having been forced away from her parents and forced to kill to survive to such an extent she can no longer feel remorse and has adopted a sanctimonious attitude toward her actions, believing her actions necessary in light of her powers and the potential risk to humanity they pose. She is willing to kill or otherwise commit heinous acts in the name of remaining free from the influence of those she deems a threat.


Inga is the youngest child of three, sister to Exima and Obidiah Stormman. She was separated at a early age from the brothers on account of her abnormal appearance- -pink hair and eyes. It was later discovered after a bully from her private school pushed her off a skyscraper that she possessed the power of Causality- -all traces of the accident left no impact on her, and she merely laid on the street unharmed.

However, a deadly and sinister consequence of this power came to light- -it left her in a coma for several months, having nearly drained her entire being in the process. Once the government heard of her remarkable power, they began a hunt for what they considered not only a means to end the war against Mythic kind, but to control humanity as a whole with her power.

Upon finding her, the government at first tried coaxing cooperation from her mother, but once they grew tired of her playing dumb, threatened severe action against her. Unaware that Inga was listening in, they continued harassing her mother. These events lead Inga toward fleeing for the sake of protecting her mother as well as herself, leaving her mother heartbroken.

She would never see her mother again.

For a time she fought in the Fantasy - Reality War, but soon began to flee to Echo once the government began to catch up with her. It was after fleeing into Echo when a final confrontation between the US Government and Inga took place, one which sealed Inga's future as a killer and the foundation of her belief that it is her moral obligation to keep herself out of humanity and myth's hands for the sake of everything that exists.

She allied herself with some of the darker beings of Echo, and learned much of their secrets, learning especially from The Black King and his allies, and would spend the next 800 years in isolation while occasionally lending aid to various forces. She was instrumental in the path that Eien would lead in his own future, by stealing the souls of his children and his sister Kio.

After some time, she returned to Earth to see if she could find her mother, unaware of the true length of time that had passed, only to be threatened by the Agencies, reigniting her disposition and concreting her beliefs. She was eventually captured and forced to conceive several children, but was finally rescued by her brother Exima. After a final battle with Eien, her collected souls were scattered, and she disappeared, captured by the The New Order of Beowulf.


Power of Causality [Currently Unusable]

Transcendent Magic

Inga has studied magic unrelentingly over the past eight hundred years, and while not exactly longer a training session than others, the quality of learning as opposed to quantity of spells learned more than makes her just as capable of some of the more seasoned casters of the world, if not more so. Besides merely having access to rare, even thought to be extinct magics, she may be able to channel magic in a way that lends to the creation of entirely new spells and abilities outside the known schools that exist, making her entirely unpredictable.

Schools of Magic:

  • Transmutation
  • Evocation
  • Necromancy
  • Elemental
  • Spatial - Temporal
  • Demonic
  • Holy
  • Soul
  • Launghist - [Diablos, Tyr, Imperidor, Conqueror, Deceiver, Vanquisher, Myriad]
  • Witchcraft
  • Healing
  • Possibly more, few have observed her full range of talents.

Superhuman Strength

Inga modified herself long ago to possess immense physical strength

Superhuman Resilience

Inga does not take damage like most humans, while killshots can still cause her fatal harm, anything less will not impact her nearly as well as many would hope.



Eien's sworn enemy, Inga holds his sister Kio hostage. The two are bitter enemies, though Inga cares little of his opinion, much less anyone's.


Due to Inga's soul gathering, Inga has made enemies with the Positive Spirits, who have long attempted to hunt her down.

The Black King

There is said to be rumors that Inga is an agent of the Black King, working for him in some manner.


Inga has a ruthless hatred of the M.C.C.P. and all of the Agencies. They have long been attempting to track her down, and she has so far thwarted their attempt to capture her. Should she be antagonized by them, she will unleash her wrath upon them.


She regards her children with both contempt and yet tender love, unable to properly understand her own feelings for them.

The New Order of Beowulf

She regards the organization rather like the Agencies, but perhaps has an even deeper level of animosity toward them, considering them blind practitioners of justice who cannot see beyond their own self righteous ways. She almost treats the group with a personal grudge for some reason.

It is unknown why she has tolerated their presence, given her incredibly active retaliations toward other groups she despises, but it should be assumed she will only tolerate them to a minor extent.



Her form she takes when not wishing to attract attention, used to great effect when she wishes to not alert the masses to her presence.

Dread Witch

Her most famous, and currently only observed form. A emerald flame surrounds Inga and she takes the form of a classical witch. While some might mock her for enforcing the stereotype, this is in actuality her base level form and with it she has wrought many calamities, without drawing upon her greater training and skill.

One can tell if Inga is losing patience or has no trust in those around her based on if this form is starting to materialize. Her showing her normal form is an act of faith and should be acknowledged with a greater degree of respect, as losing her trust and respect is a far easier affair than if she should take offense to you.

Ebony Knight

It is rumored that Inga possesses greater, more dangerous forms than the Dread Witch, and that it is a mere front for the true power she wields. When she is properly roused to a fight, but has not the energy or patience to deal with a magic based fight, she may resort to this currently unknown form. Her physical combat form, encouraged by the training she recieved from Hadari himself.


Inga is not restrained by any means to any realm, and can go where she pleases. She prefers to travel in a physical manner, and dons this form to facilitate this transport. It allows her to travel the cosmos without nourishment or the needs of all living things to function.

Calamity Bringer

What the world will face should Inga become truly angered.