Mind getting out of my way?
Lambda of Death
Queen of the Lambdas
Shadow Naki
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Naki (Soul), Nageki (Brother)
Status Active
Eye Color Red, Iridescent, Green
Hair Color Black, Gold
Height -
Blood type Ether
Age 18
Weight -
Health Excellent
Affiliation Eien (Former) Herself
Weapons Shadow Palm, Chain of Fate, Ghoulshard, Nightbane
Species CE/Lambda (Archangel, Endlos, Spirit, Etherite, Aetherborn, Dragon, Endless, Cyanican, Nephelam)
Base of Operations Eien's Realm (Former) Nowhere
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Naki's Original Body, Serving Eien
Current Occupation None
Abilities Lifelink, Death Aspect
Fighting Style Wallow in Fear, Terror and Dominion, Red Shadow, Melting Mind
Partner Eien (Former) No One
Team None
Relatives Naki (Original Soul), Nageki (Brother)
Marital Status Single

A Lambda Class CE previously unknown to the world, a former devout follower of Eien. She was previously the body of Naki, until her reincarnation. What she is up to as of now is not known.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Ikania appears as a young blonde woman with red or green eyes, sometimes iridescent in color. When drawing on her power as a Lambda, she primarily appears with black hair and red eyes. In her Lambda form she has black armor like scales, a mix between the strength of dragon and Endless scale, as well as six large black feathered wings, a cross between dragon and angel. She has a long black tail with a blade capable of reaping the souls of weaker beings. She retains her claws and talons in this form.

Ikania tends to be a collected being, as well as a very serious person. When in favored company, she opens up more, enough to the point an onlooker could confuse her for Naki. When she is angry, one can almost feel a tide of deathly ill descend on them. She has a few personality quirks as a result of her connection to Naki, which can clash with her normal behavior, such as strongly hating idiotic behavior, dislikes being unaware or not in control of the situation around her, and generally has an obsession with reading and learning, which like Naki, severely inflames her already short temper towards being kept in the dark.

History Edit

Zero, as she was originally named, was the original body of Naki, until the invasion of Phoenix, which resulted in an attack on Naki's family, leading to the death of her body. However, Eien removed Naki's soul prior to her death and placed it in a temporary vessel, then reanimated her body as a separate artificial being called Zero.

During the battle at Anira's School, Naki was forcibly reincarnated, severing the bond between them. Ikania has since been working with Eien, though the long term future is uncertain for her without Naki's existence. As of now, she has been abandoned by Eien, leaving her without purpose and no direction.

Relationships Edit

Eien Edit

Ikania respects Eien, and as her creator, almost has a daughterly soft side for him. This has been wounded grievously by being abandoned by him, further damaging her own mental self worth.

Volmond Edit

Ikania, due to her ties with Naki, has residual parts of her emotions toward Volmond, but it is unlikely she herself has much love for the doctor. If anything, she resents him for his interference which resulted in Naki's reincarnation.

Alexian Edit

Ikania loathes the Death God, like Eien, and would rather enjoy dishing out vengeance on him if given an opportunity.

Powers Edit

Archangel Physiology Edit

Endlos Physiology Edit

Spirit Physiology Edit

Etherite Physiology Edit

Aetherborn Physiology Edit

Dragon Physiology Edit

Endless Physiology Edit

Cyanican Physiology Edit

Nephelam Physiology Edit

Mythologic Adaption Edit

Ether Manipulation Edit

Ether Weapon Formation Edit

Exceed Nexus Edit

Aether Manipulation Edit

Nether Manipulation Edit

The Living Underworld Edit

Ikania is an anomaly in the world of Death, especially as to how it is traditionally understood. She appears to embody all aspects of the afterlife, including the administrative positions that operate them, making her both Reaper, Yama, and Lord of the Dead in one. Despite this, her authority does not serve as a competitive force, but a wholly individual force to the traditional force known as Death.

In addition, this unique characteristic appears to have been programmed into her being in a unique way- -all currently understood congitions of Death do not apply to her power, including any and all forms of resistance and immunities. This doubles for outside forces interfering with her authority- -due to its very nature, Ikania's power is self contained and is not and cannot be impacted save for beings of authority within the system already. This would indicate the only hard counters to Ikania's power also lie within her purview of control.

In terms of Application, her powers mechanically function like most death powers, but their fundamental operating measures do not line up with them. It would appear that any being created or born with the genetic code of Phoenix's retrovirus falls under Ikania's sphere of influence.

Perfect of Body Edit

As a Lambda Class Chaos Engine, Ikania falls under the category of beings whose power is more passive than proactive. Its ultimate range and scope are limited to her general area, making the destruction of entire nations a difficult prospect, but the trade off makes a one on one encounter nightmarish to consider, as these destructive qualities are instead refocused into her physical being, allowing her to deal unnaturally powerful offenses and defenses when compared to Perfect of Soul Lambdas.

She takes incredibly low amounts of damage and has incredible physical prowess matched by only some of the stronger races of the worlds.

Advanced Magic Edit

Advanced Science Edit

Half Soul Edit

Ikania suffers from a strange, inexplicable condition that she herself is not likely fully aware of. Due to the nature of this condition, her soul was given a life link to Naki to protect her from degradation or unstable developments of the soul. Without this link, disastrous results may occur in the future. Side effects of Naki's presence include seeing memories that are not her own, feelings towards people she has no connections with, and strange moments where her eyes turn blue, and her black hair blonde.

Eldritch Presence Edit

When Ikania's true Lambda form is exposed, the scales are lifted from mortal eyes, and they see her true, nightmarish form that induces fatal madness and distorts the truth into fantasy, and fantasy into reality.

Shadow Matrix: Incursio Edit

Ikania has yet to reveal her Shadow Matrix's familiar, beyond mere glimpses. One of Ikania's main lines of defense.

Weapons Edit

Shadowpalm Edit

A glove like armament on both hands, allowing Ikania to induce Necrosis in physical objects, essentially causing the object to expire, even if it may last thousands of years in normal time.

Chain of Fate Edit

A chain that can be used as a whip, it induces Misfortune in the target and reduces chance of success in any attack or technique to become less than 20%. For allies it can raise chance of success to 140%.

Ghoulshard Edit

If an entity is slain by Nightbane, its soul can be turned into a Death Knight Familiar using this weapon. Enemies hit with this blade have a chance to devolve into Ghouls. Ikania's secondary weapon. Physically identical to Nightbane in terms of design and glow, but carries the smell of acid.

Nightbane Edit

Has the ability to mark an enemy slain by the blade as a potential Death Knight. The mark must be removed by means of restoration upon the soul, lest the effect remain, even during the afterlife. Most effective at nighttime and induces blindness and lethargy in dark aligned entities. Distinguished by a ghostly dark blue glow. Smells like sakura petals, oddly enough.

Familiar Edit

Incursio Edit

A familiar whose presence is always felt, but rarely reveals itself. Little is known about it save for its murderous desire to protect Ikania, and the ability to ignore banishment with ease. Ikania appears to use him as a last resort, due to its dangerous and often murderous inclinations. The familiar's powers are largely unknown, and can only be speculated.

Imperceptibility Edit

Incursio is always within the immediate area around Ikania, but cannot be seen in any sense. Someone more familiar with Ikania may be able to figure out a way around its invisible nature.

Hyper Sensory Abilities Edit

Incursio has incredibly advanced senses that make getting past it nearly impossible, and allows Ikania to expand her sensory range across entire battlefields, granting 360 vision, incredibly long distance hearing, and unparalleled supernatural sensory abilities. Is able to transmit Ether as well.

Titanic Rampage Edit

Harming Ikania is akin to flipping a 'ON' switch, resulting in a nigh unstoppable rampage that only ends with the offending party's absolute surrender or death. Ikania is barely able to restrain the familiar if it gets into this state, which is why she has it defaulted to 'Inactive Mode'.

Dimensional Ignorance Edit

Incursio is not bothered or even aware of spacial manipulations, seemingly unaware dimensions exist or even apply to other creatures. It is nigh impossible to use spacial techniques on this familiar or to banish or seal it, as it can freely ignore the limits of the dimensions and return immediately.

It does not appear possible to grant Incursio awareness of this topic.