Hitomara the Hellfury
[[File:Dragons fire volcanoes fantasy art artwork 1600x1200 wallpaper 30]]
All that stands is ash!
The Terror of Fire and Earth
The Eternal Eruption
The Mass Extinction
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Family None
Status Active
Eye Color Red
Hair Color None
Height -
Blood type Magma
Age  ???
Weight -
Health Flawless
Affiliation None
Weapons Earth, Fire
Species Elemental, Dragon (Fire, Earth)
Base of Operations Anywhere
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Previous Occupation(s) Elemental Terror of the Elemental Warlords
Current Occupation Destroyer
Abilities Earth Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Magma Manipulation
Fighting Style The Eternal Eruption, Unstoppable Nature
Partner -
Team The Elemental Terrors
Relatives None
Marital Status None

Hitomara is a powerful Elemental that ravages all that stands in his path. It is said that when he speaks, it is only a murmur of a nearly dead consciousness, and that he possesses no true mind. Hitomara is evaluated to be a SSS Threat by Azure.

History Edit

The most known and feared of the four Elemental Terrors, Hitomara is known to be literally unstoppable. He was created out of the infamous Yellowstone Supervolcano during the Fantasy Reality war, and not even nuclear warheads had an effect on him.

Throughout history since, he has remained a blight to any world he dwells in.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Absolute Elemental Command Edit

Hitomara possesses the ability to ignore any damage sustained by fire or any type of earth, and can even override any other being's control of them, save for his creators. He can also not be manipulated or controlled via Elemental Manipulation. He possesses the ability to command any Earth or Fire elemental.

Primordial Mind Edit

Hitomara cannot be mind controlled, and thinks on an incredibly primitive level, such that he cannot be read, controlled, or even anticipated. It is also incredibly dangerous to access the elemental's mind, as prolonged exposure will not only fail to dominate him, but will infect the invader with uncontrollable outbursts of rage.

Does not include alternate methods of control.

Earth Manipulation Edit

Fire Manipulation Edit

Metal Manipulation Edit

Magma Manipulation Edit

Volcanic Manipulation Edit

Tectonic Manipulation Edit

Molten Core Edit

An ability that causes the temperature to reach the levels of heat found in the core of the Earth itself, setting anything organic on fire, and any solid into a liquid state, easily creating huge rivers of lava and endless wildfires without limit.

Eruption Edit

A powerful blast strong enough to cover the entire world in ash and decimate a whole continent, or merely destroy a whole city.

Earthquake Edit

Can create quakes of any seismic potential.

Hyper Blast Edit

A blast of pure heat that decimates anything targeted, reducing it to mere ash.

Mass Extinction Event Edit

Hitomara's power is so massive, it has the potential to cause mass extinctions, or if not stopped in time, a Total Extinction.

Crystal Manipulation Edit

Soul Crystal Edit

Hitomara is able to control his red Soul Crystal and make it grow, if it attaches to a victim, it can drain their entire life force in mere moments. If he creates a body of this material, it is even harder than his metallic form.

Forms Edit

Earthern Edit

Rock Edit

Metal Edit

Molten Edit

Crystal Edit