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The Earth Slayer
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date  ?
Eye Color
Hair Color
Blood type A
Age 140 (Deceased)
Health Deceased
Affiliation Phoenix
Weapons Earth Slayer, Swords
Species Human, Shapeshifter
Base of Operations Yosai
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Previous Occupation(s) Earth Slayer
Current Occupation None
Abilities Earth Manipulation, Metal Manipulation, Glass Manipulation, Crystal Manipulation
Fighting Style
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Marital Status

Earth Slayer, also known by his real name, Hiroshi, is a major antagonist of Kado. He wields the Earth Slayer, one of the Eight Element Slayers, which houses one of the spirits of the Elemental Lords. He is a member of the organization known as Phoenix. He is a Visual Shapeshifter, like Kado

Species: Shapeshifter-Human

The spirit of his sword is Hyōdo, the Earth Warlord.


Hiroshi was one of the monks who raised Kado as a disciple of the organization, and was Kado's personal combat teacher, as well as his etiquette and manners teacher as well. Of all of the members of Phoenix, Kado closely admired and loved Hiroshi, both as a master and as a father figure.

However, that all changed when White, the leader of Pheonix, ordered Kado's execution. He and the other Phoenix members attacked, and he was even the first one to succesfully land a injury on Kado, and also the last one to lay down a blow, one that almost killed Kado.


Hiroshi is rumored to be hiding somewhere on a planet named Earth, and it is suggestible that Kado is hot on his tracks, their first encounter since many years about is seemingly impending with every hour.

Personality and Appearance

He is a patient man, as patient as the Earth itself. He is calm, collected, and has a high sense of honor, and a moral code to match. He is unrelenting to his enemies, but will accept most requests and conditions in a fight, so long as it does not give an unnecessary advantage to his enemy in a fight. He appears to be a more older middle aged man with dark grey hair, black irises and white pupils. He wears a simple green-brown tunic, with a back pack storing his various weapons, and essential possessions, believing in only owning items you can carry with you on the road. He has a strong sense of pride and family.


Extreme Earth Mastery

Hiroshi is one of the most dangerous of the Phoenix members, being able to wield and destroy pretty much the most abundant element in existence - earth. His range of effect over the terrain stretches 6,000 feet, or 1,800 meters long in any direction, and he can control glass and metal as well, as they were founded from Earth Elements.

Absolute Martial Arts Mastery

One of the elite members of Phoenix, Hiroshi, dispite his age, is incredibly powerful in hand to hand combat. He could break a full grown man in two with one strike, and dispatch a whole squadron of heavily armed men with relative ease. His only weakness in this area is his short stamina. He can only unleash this raw power every so often, his age is slowly begining to weaken the old Shapeshifter.


Hiroshi is a Visual Shapeshifter like Kado. In combat, he can shapeshift five times before being unable to shapeshift again, but can return to his original form regardless, and these transformations do not apply to the times he can change. When he shapeshifts, all of his wounds are regenerated.

Massive Range

Hiroshi can succesfully and accurately hit any target within 6,000 feet, or 1,800 meters away from him in any direction, as long as they are close enough to a source of earth. This also lets him detect incoming enemies with great ease. Only airborne strikes will go unnoticed.


Twin Katanas

Earth Slayer (Primary Weapon)




Toxic Gas


Bare Fists


Earth Knight

In this form, Hiroshi is covered in thick earthen armor. His physical power and endurance is enhanced, but he's quite slow in this form.

Steel Knight

In this form, Hiroshi is surrounded by the toughest metal, and his physical power, endurance all increase, and he is much more mobile in this form.

Earth Phoenix Mode

All earthern things become attracted to his location, forming a churning armored giant that can take an earthern or metallic form. His destructive power can topple skyscrapers with ease.