The Highlanders are a race of humanoid beings with mammalian, avian or reptilian traits in the form of ears, tails, wings, etc. They are a rather strong race, holding abilities that match or surpass the powers of mythical creatures despite not being direct descendants or of relation to them. They are small in number and choose to integrate rather than dominate, though some are rather pompous and fixated on class and status. Not to be confused with the Highborn.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Highlanders are born with bodies most beings would be envious of, being the perfect balance between lean and muscular. They are lithe and fairly tall, standing on the upper end of height on the human scale. Their eyes can be any color, but common colors are green, blue, red and brown. The same applies to hair color, where any color is possible, but black, blonde, brunette and grey are the most common.

Highlanders are born with an animalistic trait, one that changes as they mature and grow older. It is not uncommon for one to be born with mammalian traits, but to end up with reptilian or avian features by the time they reach the middle of their growth. Such traits are not vestigial or useless, in fact, the features are often extremely easy for the Highlander to control and utilize such as wings for flight or a tail for balance or mobility.

Personality wise, all Highlanders are prideful to one extent or another, but with this pride generally comes a strong sense of honor. Many are more humble than they are prideful, but if the right buttons are pushed, they can display a great deal of cockiness. Many are also fiery in temper and would rather resolve their own issues even if overwhelming odds are against them. That being said, many are kind and respectful, though younger Highlanders are notoriously mischievous and playful. Elder Highlanders are more reserved and calm, but can show great displays of passion and vitality if required.


Highlanders are born with no abilities other than great physical ability. As they grow, however, they learn skills and abilities based on what they take after. Many Highlanders are skilled with manipulating the elements and Qi, their life essence, but are rather poor with traditional magic. In exchange, the magic that they learn is often exceedingly rare and obscure and can counter traditional magic with ease. Very few individuals are born with rare Qi flows and traits of legendary creatures, holding greater power than most of the regular Highlanders, though few of these special individuals live for very long...

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