The Highborn are a race of beings not unlike the Elves or Vocari, beings that live for ages with a strong connection to nature and the natural magics of the world. Not to be confused with the Highlanders.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Highborn are tall and lithe individuals, their average height being between seven and nine feet tall. They have long pointed ears and eyes of any and all colors. Most appear to be frail or fragily thin, but this belies great strength and durability. A common hair color is blonde, but brunette, auburn and grey hair us fairly common as well. The traits that distinguish the Highborn from Elves and similar races are the slight metallic tint to their skin, ranging from a pale silver to a faint bronze or dusty gold, and the winglike growths on their calves, shoulders, wrists and hips, each capable of sustaining flight.

Personality wise, the Highborn are very reserved and keep to themselves rather than interacting with other species. Most are very quiet and conservative minded individuals, but there are some, as with any group of people, who think differently. These few are outgoing and energetic, caring little for the rules and values that most Highborn value above their lives.


Highborn are born with an innate connection to the Magic Realm, a fantastical plane from which magic can be realized or created as most would call it. This means that they are able to create their own spells and familiars from scratch and to their specifications, the drawback being that they must sufficiently understand what they are trying to create in both a practical and rational sense(i.e. Creating fire with the physical properties of water being possible through observation and sufficient study compared to creating plants with the characteristics of fire, which would require understanding of how it would work out once the effect was applied). Along with this comes an innate control over all metals and metalloids and a strong connection to the earth. Highborn are also gifted with flight thanks to their eight pseudo-wings and a naturally occurring buoyancy that makes them light on their feet and very swift on ground and in the air.

Older Highborn develop a personal connection to the Forge Realm, a standalone dimension in which a legendary forge resides. This forge allows the Highborn to infinitely create, modify and forge with all types of metals, synthetic and natural, so long as the "Fire within their heart" does not die. The more of this metaphorical fire there is and the brighter it burns, the greater the quality of the forged items will be, to the point of being able to create life through forging and more. Elder Highborn, should their fire remain intact, are able to compile their wealth, wisdom, knowledge and fire into a hammer and a tome. The hammers are peerless compared to outside of the Highborn race and anything forged with them shall be imbued with a wealth of power and complexity that cannot be replicated by anyone but the creator, whereas the tomes contain all forging knowledge and creations made by the originator of it, forged and otherwise. Beyond this lies the power of the leaders of the Highborn, the Forgemasters, those holding the power to forge the stars and entire cosmos with singular swings of their hammers, creating legendary weapons and equipment with the slightest of notions as they strive to better perfect their skills as smiths and artisans. Further still lie the mythical Forgelords, six beings who long ago transcended their mortal coils in order to master and advance their craft to the point of being able to forge entire universes and realms with their bare hands and create tools of equal magnitude with their hammers, which long since evolved into more specialized tools fitting their personalities.

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