Hell is the origin of all demonic entities.


Class SystemEdit


The First Circle - GluttonyEdit

The First Circle of Hell is a dark, wet and cold circle for the gluttons of reality. There is constant downpour of a slush like vile liquid that covers the entire circle. The tormented here in this circle find themselves eternally hungry, which every meal making them even hungrier. Massive worms burrow through and across the ground, constantly consuming everything in their path. Ruled by the Archfiend Kaiser Beelzebub.

The Second Circle - SlothEdit

The Second Circle of Hell is the most silent of them all, meant for the most slothful of people. The circle is layered in a thick, viscous black mud that is nearly inescapable, where demons and the tormented alike are dragged into by their fellow inhabitants. The mud creeps up and washes over all who enter it, with most lost to it forever. Ruled by the Archfiend Kaiser Belphegor.

The Third Circle - GreedEdit

The Fourth Circle - EnvyEdit

The Fifth Circle - LustEdit

The Sixth Circle - Wrath Edit

The Seventh Circle - PrideEdit

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