Helios Avant or Heaven is a Transcendent Rakshasas from the realm of Antiva. Until he met a certain doctor he was a rather vicious demon who destroyed all that stirred his ire.

Helios "Light Lord" Avant
Congratulations, you've ticked me off. Accept your reward...
The Transcendent Being
Destined Destroyer
The Rakshasas
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date 12/21
Family Asteria(Wife), Cruxia(Sister-in-Law), Sura, Rakshasas, Yaksha
Status Alive- Awakened
Eye Color Turquoise, Cerulean, Violet
Hair Color Platinum Blonde
Height 198 Cm
Blood type Unclassified
Age Unknown(27 physically)
Weight Unknown
Health Amazing
Affiliation Antagonists
Species Transcendent Rakshasas-Celestial
Base of Operations Volmond's Domain
Weapons Judgment, Trishula, Aura Produced Weapons
Current Occupation Volmond's Second-in-Command
Fighting Style Savage Step, Beast Step, Fatal Step, Killing Whirlwind
Partner Asteria(Wife), Seraph, Cruxia
Relatives Rakshasas, Sura, Yaksha
Marital Status Married



Helios is obstinate and combative by nature, seeking to cause unrest in nearly all areas he visits on an instinctive level. Before his transcendence, he could not control this desire well and would almost constantly be involved in large scale bloodbaths in his home realm, Antiva. After his Transcendence and evolution into a partially angelic being, he gained control over his urge to create strife and instead maintains an aloof if not dark personality when not angered to any extent.

Around Asteria and Seraph, he is more considerate and reigns in his impulses and dark nature because he cares for them and them only, though he sees eye to eye with Cruxia. He dislikes Volmond to a great extent, willing to kill him if given the chance, but he also holds respect for the man who bested him in combat. Around others, he is completely stoic and cares not for them unless they get in his way, often killing the offending parties with no sign of emotion or care should they not heed his warning to leave him be.


Helios has platinum blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes along with handsome features that seem to have been gifted by the heavens. His ears are pointed and he his skin fair, if not pale. He often wears a blue overcoat with a dark vest and shirt underneath it, accompanied by dark pants and boots, giving him the appearance of a dark angel of sorts. By his side he carries a straight sword with a grip shaped like the rounded head of a cane within a blade sheathe. At anytime, he can manifest beautiful angelic wings tinged with blues and violets and his third eye, a complex symbol placed upon his forehead that resembles a vertical eye and increases his awareness while 'closed' and wreaks terrible destruction when 'opened'.



To most people, it appears that Helios hates the doctor vehemently, but in truth he respects the doctor's power and willingness to get things done regardless of the cost. If given the chance, he would go for the doctor's throat, but would also help the doctor to his feet if needed.


Helios fell in love with Asteria after the two got into a battle that resulted in a draw between them. Helios is extremely protective of her and will shed a great deal blood if someone inflicts the tiniest scratch on her. This is not because he is possessive of her, but afraid that he could lose her at any moment.


Helios initially saw Seraph as a waste of space, but that changed after he accidentally fed from her negativity, which actually repulsed him because of the sheer concentration of it. Shortly afterwards he stopped judging her based on her lack of combat ability, but by what he saw within her. Eventually he began to loosely see her as a younger sister.


Helios, contrary to popular belief, likes Alexian as a warrior, but the two get along worse than oil and water. Helios is infuriated by Alexian's attitude, but doesn't do much better towards the younger man in that respect. The two would likely fight on the same side until all of their adversaries were defeated before starting a verbal war that would last nearly as long as the infamous war Alexian started with a certain Yama....

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Marked ImmortalEdit

Helios cannot be completely killed unless the person destined to do so lands the fatal blow. Killing him otherwise will only increase his strength.

One Who TranscendsEdit

Helios is a Transcendent Being, having escaped the limitations of his origins and the systems that once bound him. As such, he is beyond the ken of most beings, with speed that makes light seem slow, reflexes that are nigh instantaneous and defenses that simply reflect attacks that couldn't scratch Major Gods. His strength surpasses reason and his instincts are beyond compare. The elements do nothing to him, while detrimental effects and status abnormalities are turned into power before they can take root. His form is fluid, allowing him to manipulate and control it as he pleases, not just physically but also in terms of what properties he has.

Negativity FeedingEdit

Negativity and dark emotions empower Helios. The stronger the emotion, the stronger he grows. As negativity is a constant, his power is always rising and will not drain in an absence of negativity to draw upon. Killing him or sending him to a realm like Hell or Tartarus is like giving him an an endless buffet to draw upon. Helios can use this energy as is, fueling his curses and hexes infinitely or, via a certain technique, purify this negative energy into a more pure form...

Crippling AuraEdit

Helios' aura, even when in check, can permanently cripple or severely weaken the strongest of adversaries. If one cannot handle the full pressure of his aura upon them, let alone the crippling effect, they will expire within moments. Plants will wither and fields will become barren, wells will dry and the air will stagnate because of his suppressed aura. His full aura would amplify the effects by well over five thousand fold.

Third EyeEdit

Having ascended beyond his original destructive nature, Helios has developed an eye similar to Shiva's which, upon opening, eradicates all within his line of sight with a malice and destruction fueled "flame." Not even ashes are left once he activates this ability. When not open, the eye expands his perception and allows him to maintain peace and calm.


Helios holds dominion over the destructive universal forces and beyond. The extent of this power is unknown, but is theorized to be equal to that or greater than that of Shiva.

Angelic VoiceEdit

Helios' voice is that of a grand celestial. If he were to sing, he could draw many to his side or completely enslave and enthrall them. His voice and appearance are what earned him the nickname Heaven.

Illusion CreationEdit

Helios is able to create illusions at such a level that they can physically interact with the world around them and directly interact with other beings as if they were truly real beings themselves.

Blessing of the DestroyerEdit

Helios' attacks are able to create wounds that will only worsen and never heal, even with Arias and extreme regenerative properties. Most attribute this to his katana, Kira, but fail to comprehend the immutable blessing granted by Shiva, Indra and Asura.

Aspect of TrishulaEdit

Helios is able to harm Spirits, Ghosts, Ethereal Beings, Mortals and Immortals with any of his attacks. If it is required, his attacks can pierce realms to damage targets that abandon their corporeal forms in order to enter another plane of existence. This is greatly amplified when he uses Trishula, being a power granted to him along with the spear by Shiva.

Savage StepEdit

Helios moves with a savage grace that allows him to strike both elegantly and viciously. Since these movements are natural to him, he is especially dangerous when utilizing this Step type.

Beast StepEdit

Helios' movements lose any notion a pattern as he lets his instincts and reflexes take over. His movements become feral as stops thinking and only acts upon his bestial ferocity.

Aerial StepEdit

Helios can move through the air as it were the ground, being able to run, slide and skate through the air as if it were solid. On the ground, he appears to move with divine grace.

Vector StepEdit

An evasive step type that Helios developed to counter Volmond's Trick Step. Effectively, he reads the flow of an attack and flows with it. This gives him the appearance of rippling like water or flowing with the wind.

Triple StepEdit

Helios' is able to rapidly change directions, allowing him to relentlessly pursue opponents or dodge opponents with ease.

Illusion StepEdit

Helios is able to create active afterimages that can actually attack his opponents should they come within range. His most deadly aspect of this technique is the fact that he can swap places with his afterimages which only disappear at his command.

Fatal StepEdit

Helios moves in such a way that getting too close to him results in severe damage to his opponent. This gets its name because he deals death blows without fail when using this technique. How it works is currently unknown. 

Destruction MasteryEdit

Helios is a master of destruction magic to the point where he needs only to think of the spell in order to activate it at its full power. This magic allows him to destroy nearly all things that oppose him and leaks into his aura.

Restorative MagicEdit

Helios has mastered restorative magic up to the extent of Grand Restoration class spells, allowing him to heal from nearly all damage he takes with a quick refrain. He can also use this to bolster his strength via a certain method...


Helios is highly proficient in the evocation of curses, especially ones inflicting pain, death or great misfortune. As curses require malice  or inner darkness to cast, Helios has a near infinite supply of power to draw from and can apply one within seconds or less. This can be amplified to allow for the casting of Stigmas, malefic curses that corrupt the afflicted over time and worsen if not handled within a short amount of time.


Helios can cast Hexes by channeling his dark intent through his Hex Bell. While it may be inferred that the bell is required, Helios can create more powerful Hexes without the Bell serving as a medium, though it takes longer.

Aspect ManipulationEdit

Helios can change or modify the properties of things he comes into contact with, like softening stone or causing dust to become burning embers. While this ability may seem like Alchemy, Helios does not require knowledge of what composes the object and can create properties Alchemy is unable to.

Elemental ManipulationEdit

Helios can utilize all of the elements and their composite and advanced forms with ease. While he does not use magic for the most part, his mastery of the elements would place him at the level of a prodigy or genius.

Evolving BodyEdit

Helios' body evolves and grows as he is harmed, making him particularly deadly in prolonged conflicts as he may develop complete immunity to skills or create newer, more dangerous offensive skills or defensive skills as time passes.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit


An extremely sharp and thin straight sword designed to look more like a cane. It's blade is sharp enough to part the air with a slight wave of the blade and cut to a mono-molecular level when swung with intent. The blade never dulls and grows sharper as more blood is spilled by it. Theoretically, it could slice clean through dimensions if fed enough.

Hex BellEdit

A large round bell hung by a black ribbon. It holds no special traits and is replaced often, but it's purpose is to better channel the casting of Jinxes, Hexes, Curses and Stigmas, becoming corrupted in the process, to the point of shattering and releasing a large amount of concentrated malice. Helios has considered using the fully corrupted bells as deadly projectiles, but hasn't gone through with the idea yet.


A spear granted to Helios by Lord Shiva. It appears to be an ornate trident, having three golden, jeweled pronges and a shaft made from a beautiful azure metal, with a single dagger like blade at the other end. Despite its appearance, the spear can damage beings between realms including, but not limited to, the Spirit Realm, Mortal Realm, Mental Realm and God Realm. To be pierced through by this spear is to be completely destroyed on all levels of existence without fail, the soul of the being pierced being removed from the cycle of reincarnation and destroyed.

Aura BladesEdit

Helios can create blades fro his Aura, generally from his Malice or Crippling Aura. The blades have no set shape or form, able to be modified with the smallest of thoughts.

Destruction BladesEdit

Helios can channel his destructive desires, power and destruction aligned magic into leathal blades of pure destructive force. Similar to his Aura Blades, the Destruction Blades have to set form or shape.


Rakshasas ModeEdit

Asura ModeEdit

Indra ModeEdit

Vritra ModeEdit

Shiva ModeEdit

Avatar of DestructionEdit

Transcendent AvatarEdit

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