Hanabi Mira
"Every rose has it's thorn, but not every thorn has a rose."
Darkaria's Ballerina
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date September 6
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Dark Green
Hair Color Light Blue
Height 5'5
Blood type A
Age 20
Weight {{{weight}}}
Health Healthy
Affiliation Darkaria Kingdom, 15 Darkaria Knights
Weapons None
Species Human/Demon
Base of Operations Darkaria Kingdom
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Previous Occupation(s) None
Current Occupation 15 Darkaria Knights, Darkaria Flower Shop
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Partner None
Team {{{team}}}
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single

History Edit

Hanabira grew up in the slums of a city on Earth. She had to fight and steal to survive which often resulted in her getting beaten up when she got caught, but it never faltered her. One day she found an almost wilted blue rose while she was walking and decided to take care of it which resulted in her stealing more water. Some of the towns people had enough and followed her to her hideout where one of them immediately shot her saying, "You won't have to suffer anymore, and neither will we.". While she's laying on the ground bleeding to death, she hears a voice talking to her. At first she thought she was hearing things but it became apparent that she was being talked to by the blue rose. The rose says that it wants to thank her for saving her life, but she needs to confirm that she doesn't want to die. Hanabira confirms she doesn't want to die to which the rose removes one of her eyes and plants itself in her eye socket. Over the years she starts transforming the slums into a giant garden by using her new demon powers granted by the rose to create a safe sanctuary for herself and other plants. She is confronted by Tsubaki years later in asking her to join him for he needs her powers, though she was reluctant to leave the plants Tsubaki said she can take them with her. She agrees and later becomes No.12 of the Darkaria Knights.

Appearance Edit

Hanabira has light purple hair that's cut short with long bangs that frame her face and have x-shaped clips, and a visible dark green eye with the other only having a large blue rose that's implanted itself in her eye socket. She wears a modified light blue ballerina dress that exposes her back, chest, and her stomach with the end of the dress looking like rose petals as wells as x-shaped designs on her belly and neck. Underneath she wears maroon tights and light blue ballerina shoes with x-shaped designs on her ankles. On her arms are light blue gloves that extend to her shoulders and end in a x-shape design and flare out into rose petal shapes around her hands, and underneath are maroon gloves.

Personality Edit

Hanabira is generally quiet and doesn't speak to anyone. She's very reserved so a lot of people don't know her very well. The only times people will see her are, in her store, or at the Darkaria Knights meetings. The only ones she really socialize with are the plants she finds, have at the store, or the rose on her eye. Despite this she does have good intentions and never means ill will to anyone.

Abilities and Skills Edit

Super Speed Edit

Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability Edit

Enhanced Endurance Edit

Enhanced Senses Edit

Plant Manipulation/Magic Edit

Earth Manipulation/Magic Edit

Weapons Edit

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