Hairos is a young man born on Jairis and is known as the Cloud Eater. He hails from the Dosks region of the planet and is one of the few remaining pure-blooded Jairisians. He is often called a rogue or bandit because of his shady appearance and use of multiple daggers.

Hairos of Dosks
Yama "Life should always be taken slowly until things require a bit of speed."
The Rogue Hero
Cloud Eater
True Shinobi
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Day of Erz
Family Idora(Sister), Maios(Grandmother), Grandana(Mentor)
Status Alive
Eye Color Sterling Silver
Hair Color Seaweed Green
Height 155 Cm
Blood type J+
Age 24
Weight Unknown
Health Spectacular
Affiliation Five Heroes, Dosks
Species Jairisian
Base of Operations None
Weapons Sakuya & Kareru
Current Occupation Hero
Fighting Style Rogue Hero
Partner None
Team Five Heroes
Relatives Idora, Maios
Marital Status Single


Born in year 938 of the Systema Era within the Dosks region of Jairis, Hairos was one of the few male children in an area where the population was comprised primarily of women and Saint Fiends. Due to his birth at the end of an era and his silver eye color, he was considered to be a cursed child and was raised in isolation by his grandmother, elder sister and a Saint Fiend known as Grandana. Due to this bizarre upbringing, Hairos developed many odd traits and skills, one of them being the ability to consume the air and clouds, purifying them of toxins and pollutants. This only came to a forefront when the Dosks Festival, an event that took place once every ten years, came on the year of his twelfth birthday.

The Dosks Festival was a large celebration that attracted many people from across all of Jairis to participate, particularly in the Dance of Blades, a contest of skill and tenacity that rewarded the victor with two sacred arms from Doskian folklore. As a youth, Hairos was to participate in the contest despite the partial stigma towards him and chose to do so with pride rather than fear or irritation. Surprisingly enough, Hairos was the only youth to reach the final round of the competition, a battle of skills and wits against an older opponent. Despite his quick thinking and unpredictable behavior, Hairos was tried and tested against the mature and wise opponent he fought. Only when defeat was at hand did he recognize the true potential of his "Cloud Eater" ability: the ability to  metabolize and convert gasses into breath attacks akin to, if not the exact same as, those of the Arcadiah Dynn, a race of beings loosely related to the fabled Sancturian Wyr.

Using this knowledge to his advantage, Hairos narrowly bested his opponent and won the Dance of Blades contest. In turn, although with some reluctance from the facilitator of the competition, he was gifted with the twin blades of legend, Sakuya and Kareru. Topping this, however, was the reaction of the weapons to the lad- They had chosen him as their rightful owner and heir. Surprised yet empowered and dedicated, Hairos began to train with the two weapons, gradually obtaining a set of mystical short swords known as Asterkval and Kaiserfpol and a pair of ancient broad swords known as Xylara and Zalmina. A total of nine years would pass before he completed his training "completely" and set of on a journey across Hairos, unaware that he was one of the five chosen heroes of Jairis until another four years passed.


Hairos is carefree and gentle natured, always one to try and mediate an issue rather than go in, weapons blazing. Conversely, he is one who never skips out on training because of his belief that his potential pales in comparison to the other heroes- especially Flegair, the Saint Hero. Little does he know that his own talent has yet to fully awaken.


Hairos has naturally dark green, nearly black hair, and silver eyes that appear blind. He has a somewhat girlish face with pointed ears and a tanned complexion. He has a horizontal scar across the bridge of his nose from a rough experience in the past and a twirling black Seal Brand on his right shoulder that trails  to just above his elbow. He is somewhat short, standing at just below average height, but seems especially short compared to Flegair, Eridia and Ayla. He wears a dusty cloak over a leather armor chest plate with a Thish Scale tunic beneath it, long trousers made of six layered elastic steel silk, leather boots and several holsters or cases to hold his various weapons connected to a predecessor of a harness.

Abilities and SkilsEdit

Unprecedented SpeedEdit

Among all of the heroes, Hairos is the fastest, just faster than Flegair. He excels in rush and sudden movements. He has yet to realize that he is constantly growing faster.

Accel BurstEdit

Hairos is able to put on sudden bursts of speed while already moving at extremely high speeds and chaining the bursts together. Until recently, chaining three bursts together would damage his body as he would exceed Mach 40 for several seconds, but he's gradually increased this to five bursts with a max speed of Mach 160(54880 m/s) for exactly three seconds. Using his momentum, he is able to simulate flight and force himself groundward should he need to.

Pinwheel AxleEdit

While most going at extreme speeds would be limited to a single direction of movement, Hairos is able to rapidly shift directions by sacrificing a marginal amount of speed. Thought to be a result of him living with a Saint Fiend.

Cloud EaterEdit

Hairos' signature ability. It allows him to convert gasses(plasma included), lightning, radiation, heat, metabolized vitamins and minerals and direct sunlight into an elemental breath or aura. It gets its name because when he used it for the first time he consumed several clouds before releasing his strongest breath attack: Arcadiah. Cloud Eater also appears to sate Hairos' appetite, making it appear as if he does not eat.


The most basic of abilities after using Cloud Eater. This allows Hairos to fire an elemental breath of his choice, so long as he's been exposed to it. He is currently limited to Fire, Heat, Lightning, Sonic, Light, Ice, Water and Void aligned Breath Attacks, his most powerful breath, Arcadiah, only accessible during dire situations. The Breath can be a cone, beam, burst or sphere. 


A more advanced Cloud Eater technique. This allows Hairos to give himself an aura of the same element as what he consumed via Cloud Eater. While this aura is active, any injuries he may have begin to heal and his physical abilities are greatly amplified. The downside to this is that it rapidly drains his energy to do this for extended periods of time. There is no Void aura.

Full ReleaseEdit

A double-edged Cloud Eater Technique. This combines the effects of Breath and Energize, creating a potent blast wave around Hairos aligned with his Arcadiah Breath. The damage this can cause is extrodinary, as is its range, but it damages Hairos as well. This technique has the effect of nullifying attacks in all directions.

Mirage MovementEdit

Hairos has mastered the bizarre technique of creating a "Second Movement" within his actions, allowing him to trick the eyes of those watching him from any angle. Thought to be an afterimage technique, but in reality it is a spacial displacement technique.

Mist WalkerEdit

Hairos can appear to disappear into mist or suddenly appear from nowhere at all, his presence nonexistent until he reveals himself. Using this technique, he can literally phase through objects or organisms.

Illusion StrikeEdit

Another odd technique mastered by Hairos, which allows him to perform actions in locations different from his current position, creating an after image while doing so. Often used to attack an enemy from in from and behind at once.

Second IllustrationEdit

After creating his first afterimage, Hairos can create a second afterimage  change positions should an enemy try to attack him while he is in the middle of an attack.


Hairos performs an evasive maneuver, creating an afterimage to distract an opponent as he does so.

Trick ArcEdit

An extension of Afterimage in which any attack an opponent performs on the afterimage is instantly reflected on them twofold.

Mirage DanceEdit

Hairos uses afterimages to rapidly assault his target(s) from all directions, often using Second Sword techniques.

Illusory WaltzEdit

Hairos slashes the opponent, creating an afterimage the instant he does so in his position. He then vanishes and attacks the enemy from multiple fronts and positions, trading places with his afterimage multiple times before ending the combination a consecutive series of Judgment Blades in a crisscrossing formation.

ASP: AllEdit

The strength of all of Hairos' senses are greatly magnified, to the point where he is aware of the flow of magic and intentions of others from great distances.

Second SwordsEdit

Due to training in both the mystical and physical arts, Hairos can create lasting trails for any of his attacks with his bladed weapons. This means that areas that he slashed or stabbed in the air will retain the property of being disturbed by a blade passing through them and will cut or pierce anyone who enters such an area. He can also create actual blades from his slashes by energizing such a slash.

Sword WavesEdit

Hairos energies the cut space, creating cutting wavs of energy after each of his slashes. These do not necessarily have to be directly after he slashes as he can cut the air, shift his position, then energize the slashed air and release the wave.

Judgment BladesEdit

Hairos cuts through the air and a distant opponent with this space rending slash. As a secondary effect, the slash can spawn blades of energy that hound and shred through targets.

Blistering SwordsEdit

Hairos materializes blades of energy that ricochet off of surfaces, gaining speed and heat as they move. Eventually they are launched skyward and rain down as burning blades that sink deeply into the earth and melt through metal.

Storm of BladesEdit

Hairos performs dozens of Sword Waves before turning them all into actual blades and directing them towards his target(s) from all directions. 

Ephemeral WaltzEdit

Hairos performs a horizontal Judgment Blade attack before performing hundreds of super sonic slashes on the target. He then draws Sakuya and Kareru and pierces through the target with an ascending thrust as the multitude of slashes take effect.  


Hairos is rather talented when it comes to archery. Though second best when compared with Charle, he is able to fire arriws at distances over 300 Tymun with a short bow, so long as he can track his target, 500 Tymun with a long bow and 450 Tymun with a recurve bow. He can do the same on Qilin back, though with less accuracy.

Seal Brand: NocturneEdit

Night ArkEdit

Lunar ImpulseEdit

Black ThornsEdit

Macabre WaltzEdit

Great LancerEdit

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Sakuya & KareruEdit

Carnation BowEdit

Sakuya & Kareru -Trickster-Edit

Asterkval & KaiserfpolEdit

Xylara & ZalminaEdit

Wreath of EdgesEdit

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