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Strength is the only absolute.
The Slayer of Darkness
The Primal Warrior
Godly Breserker
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Nyūsatsu (Wife)
Status Deceased (Allegedly)
Eye Color Black, Grey, Yellow, Red
Hair Color Black, White
Height .
Blood type .
Age Unknown
Weight -
Affiliation Phoenix
Weapons Dark Slayer
Species Shapeshifter, Spirit
Base of Operations None
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Leader of Phoenix
Current Occupation None
Abilities Darkness Manipulation, Absolute Strength
Fighting Style Black Onslaught, Endless Darkness, One Hit, Killing Spree
Partner .
Team Phoenix
Relatives Nyūsatsu, Spiritwood Clan, Dragonclaw Clan
Marital Status Formerly Married

Info Edit

Hadari is one of the most legendary names of all of Echo's history, hailed as the original, True Dark Slayer. His exploits and infamy have endured for many generations.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Hadari was a muscular, powerful shapeshifter, grown up in harsh times and in harsh lands, his training and his early life gave him many battle scars. He never bothered hiding them until he met Nyusatsu. He was known for his dark overall theme, wearing black clothing and early on changed his hair black, to help blend in during the night. Brutishly strong, few shapeshifters in history even come close to even being comparable to his strength.

Hadari in the beginning was a bit of a brute, always charging headlong into battle and never considering his safety. He was a man of no honor, only brutality and victory lead his life. It would not be until the royal forces took him away to the capital where his outlook and behavior would change, becoming gradually adept in all manners of social conduct. Hadari gained a more socially acceptable persona, but it never replaced his mighty breserker instincts.

History Edit

Hadari grew up on a distant colony of the Chinmoku Empire, which during his birth was placed under heavy fighting and bloodshed from the Elemental Army. No older than two was the time he first learned to kill, and for much of his life would do nothing but train to be more powerful than any other. In fact, nothing would change, until his seventy second birthday.

A platoon of Chinmoku Imperials arrived in his region, and upon discovering the way his generation had been raised, were ordered to capture and bring back the trainees to be resocialized as proper members of society. At first defiant, Hadari's life would completely change the moment he laid eyes on the Princess of Chinmoku, Nyusatsu. With love at first sight, Hadari immediately knew what he wanted, and he wanted her. Knowing what he would have to do, he immediately threw everything into improving himself so that he might be considered her level and worthy of her attention.

He would over the course of three long years, completely change himself, until finally he was declared truly capable of being in society, and soon after begged for Nyusatsu's hand. To his, and the entire nation's astonishment, she readily accepted him. Becoming married a year later, they would be together for a number of years.

After some time had passed, the Fantasy Reality War was changed by the arrival of the Elemental Warlords, and with this, the goal of the war with the Elementals changed. Hadari and Nyusatsu would gather a group of eight swordsmen together, and formed the organization Phoenix. Taking the battle to Earth, they would fight and eventually seal away the Eight Kanjo. However, Hadari and his group were betrayed by humanity, and it was only Nyusatsu's insistence that prevented him from turning on them in turn.

He and Nyusatsu would raise a family back on Echo for a long time after, but gradually Phoenix would be torn apart by treachery of his hand, and a final clash between a disillusioned Hadari and Nyusatsu was unleashed, causing the creation of the West Wastelands, and the death of the two greatest figures of Chinmoku, if not Echo's history.

Trivia Edit

Hadari is a nickname form of Hadar, which means Glory, Splendor.